Steven Adams: My Play Style is Aggressive Not Dirty

(Oklahoma City Thunder Steven) Adams, perhaps to no one’s surprise, shot down the idea that he had some sort of secret plan to target (Memphis Grizzlies Zach) Randolph, as well as the idea that he’s a dirty player.

“No, not at all,” Adams said Tuesday, hours before facing the Grizzlies in the Thunder’s preseason home opener. “I was just playing hard. I mean, it’s unfortunate that it happened. Honestly, I was just focusing on the game.”

Asked was then asked how he would describe his style of play.

“I probably just say aggressive,” Adams said. “Coach tells me to do one thing then I’ll just go do it. It’s pretty simple. Just go rebound or something simple like that. I just do the best I can. Just hustle.”

via Joe Freeman of The Oregonian