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Warriors’ Green: This Year About ‘A Ton of Experimenting’



(Question) Q: So last year was a circus – just an absolute show every single night. I feel like this year is a whole lot more learning and tinkering…

(Draymond Green) A: “Last year we were trying to win every single game every night. This year we’re trying more things out, we’re trying different combinations, we’re playing more guys trying to figure out what works, and I think it’s good. I think it’s been good for us. And yet, we’ve still been able to win at a really high rate. We’re definitely trying things out, trying to figure out what works.

“It’s been experimenting with lineups, experimenting with substitutions patterns. It’s been experimenting with plays – down the stretch, experimenting with plays, seeing what works. It’s been a ton of experimenting.

Source: Sam Amick of USA TODAY Sports

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