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High card flush is one of the most exciting poker variants in the industry, and we’re going to look at how the game works. In this article, we’ve included information on the best high card flush casinos, rules, and strategies to allow you to get the most from the game.

Best High Card Flush Sites for Real Money in 2023

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The Best High Card Flush Sites to Play for Real Money

The list below highlights a range of casinos that offer the high card flush game. It’s also worth noting that they are some of the highest quality online casinos we have tested and come with a range of online poker casino game variants.

  1. Wild Casino – The best casino/poker room for playing high card flush poker
  2. Las Atlantis – One of the best-looking online casinos
  3. Bovada – A range of variations of high card flush game
  4. MyBookie – One of the best mobile casino sites in the industry
  5. Ignition  – Great range of casino table games
  6. Lucky Block – Crypto payouts in under 1 hour
  7. BetOnline – Huge welcome bonus worth up to $3,000
  8. Everygame – Dedicated poker site as well as a top casino
  9. – A huge range of slots to choose from
  10. BetUS – Great for welcome and exiting player bonuses

To expand on this, we’ve created a page that concentrates on the best online poker sites. It includes everything you need to know about online poker and the best poker bonuses that are currently running. The deals listed on this page total over $10,000 worth of poker bonus cash.

Comparison of the Best High Card Flush Sites

high card flush

The table below highlights where you’re able to play high card flush and what variations of the game you can expect from each casino. We’ve also added a look at the best casino welcome bonuses and included more info on each of those as well.

Use the table to see what casinos are offering the best deals, but also target those that will have the game types you want to play. The actual variations of the game within each casino are very similar, and some are even identical, so don’t worry too much about the platform of high card flush.


High Card Flush

Free High Card Flush

Live High Card Flush

3 Card Poker

Max Bet Limit

Casino Welcome Bonus

Wild Casino

$100 Up to $5,000 welcome bonus


100% up to $3,000



150% up to $750



100% up to $3,000

BetOnline $200

100% up to $3,000

How to Play High Card Flush Online

High card flush is one of the most exciting casino poker games to play. The concept is very simple, and we’re going to explain in this section how the game works.

The basics of the game are that you are dealt 7 cards, and you need to make a flush with three or more cards. You place an ante bet as an entry to the hand. Then, if you want to play your hand, you place a raise bet. If you don’t want to play, then you fold, and you lose your ante bet.

To win, you need to beat the dealer’s hand, and they pay 1:1 for basic, winning bets. Let’s look at how this works.

1. Bets are Placed

The first part of the game is to place your bets. As a minimum, you need to place an ante bet which signifies to the dealer that you’re in the hand.

Most games have several side bets that you can place. A flush and a straight flush are two of the most common, and these high card flush payouts are based on your hand rankings. Some games will have jackpot bets that you can also choose to play or not.

2. Cards are Dealt

All players at the high card flush table are dealt 7 cards face down. The dealer is also dealt 7 cards face down. You now need to make the best possible flush from your hand. Pairs, full houses, and other poker hand combinations don’t matter; you just need as many cards as possible in the same suit.

3. Place a Raise Bet or Fold

Once you’ve looked through your hand, it’s now time to see if you want to fold or raise. If you fold, you lose your ante bet, but you don’t have to put in any more money. Should you choose to raise, on the other hand, you need to match your ante bet.

If you were playing at a brick-and-mortar casino, then you would place your flush cards on the raise section and then your chips over the top. You then discard the other cards from your deck, and the dealer will remove those from the table.

When you play online, you simply select the cards that you want to play. The casino will automatically muck the remaining cards into the deck.

4. Check for Side Bets

At this point, you need to check to see if you’re eligible for side bets. If so, then the dealer will payout at the end of the hand. However, some scenarios mean you can fold a hand but still be eligible for a side bet.

For example, let’s say that you’ve 3c, 4c, and 5c for a three-card flush. This is not a particularly strong hand, so folding is fine. However, you’ve got a straight flush here, which would payout on the side bet, usually at odds of 7:1.

You need to signify to the dealer that you’re going to fold but place the cards face up to show that you’ve got a winning side bet hand. Again, online this tends to happen automatically, but it’s still worthy of mention.

5. Place Bets

You’re able to now place an additional bet, which is your raise bet. The amount is limited based on your hand strength. Most casinos run the following format:

  • 1 x raise with 2, 3, or 4 card flush
  • 2 x raise with 5 card flush
  • 3 x raise with 7 card flush

6. Hands in Play

Your hand is now in play, and it’s time to go up against the dealer’s hand. The dealer will play any hands that are a 3-card flush or better and 9 high. Any less than that, and they muck, with players winning. If the hands are the same, then it’s a push.

If you win, the dealer will payout on all the necessary bets. A straight head-to-head win pays out on your raise bet, but you will need either a flush or a straight flush to qualify for your side bets.

Play Free High Card Flush at Online Casinos

free game high card flush

There’s a range of casinos that will allow you to play high card flush for free, and we highly recommend that you utilize this feature. When we talk about high card flush online for free, we mean “demo modes,” which are games that the casino allows you to play for free money.

These games play out in the same way that the real money version would, but instead of playing for cash, you play with a gifted balance that you can reset by leaving and rejoining the game.

One of the main reasons we recommend that you use this feature is to get a feel for how the game works. Unlike most casino games, high card flush has a lot of moving parts, and there are plenty of bets and processes that you can take with each hand.

It works similarly to blackjack in that there is an optimal high card flush winning poker strategy you can use to reduce the house edge to an absolute minimum. We talk more about this later in the article.

By using the free-play version of high card flush, it means you can make mistakes and learn without it costing you money. It allows you to lock down your strategy and, in turn, give yourself the best chance to make more money from the game.

High Card Flush Hand Ranking

high card flush hand ranking

As the name would suggest, the only hand that matters in a high card flush is, of course, a flush. This is where the game defers from a lot of other poker games and, with it, makes it relatively easy to play.

However, as we’ve pointed out, the game isn’t as simple as just making a flush, and it is higher than the dealers to win. There are lots of variations of a flush that you can play with, and there are lots of side bets that pay out more than a standard 1:1 bet would.

The table below highlights what hands will be paid out and how much you get for each. We’ve not included the information on the amount you can initially raise, which we’ve outlined in the “how to play” section above.

Player’s Hand Payout Odds
7 Card Flush 300 to 1
6 Card Flush 100 to  1
5 Card Flush 10 to 1
4 Card Flush Even Money
7 Card Straight Flush 8,000 to 1
6 Card Straight Flush 1,000 to 1
5 Card Straight Flush 100 to 1
4 Card Straight Flush 60 to 1
3 Card Straight Flush 7 to 1

What are the High Card Flush Odds?

The house edge for high card flush odds differs based on the game rules. Like with games such as blackjack, each casino can include every so slightly different rule about things such as payouts and how the dealer plays their hand. We’re going to use this section to detail the high card flush rules and the table odds that we’ve mentioned so far in this article.

The house edge that is most common for high card flush is around 2.64%. This is in reference to the primary bet, or the raise bet as it’s known.

Side bets are where the game starts to spiral, and the flush side bet comes in at 4.05%, with the straight flush side bet a staggering 6.35%.

Primary bets and house edge remain very close to the same for almost all game rules for high card flush. But the side bets can jump massively. For example, some games offer a fixed monetary payout for a straight flush and then for 6 or 7 card straight flushes, 10% and 100% of the jackpot, respectively. This bumps the house edge for these bets to an incredible 23.39%.

If you encounter a paytable like this, then walk away. The online casinos that we list on this page have odds and gameplay just as we’ve outlined throughout this article.

Comparing the High Card Flush House Edge to other Poker Games

The table below highlights how the house edge of high card flush compares to other poker and casino games.

Casino Game House Edge
High Card Flush 2.64%
Three Card Poker 1.5%
Ultimate Texas Hold’em 2.19%
Pai Gow Poker 2.5%
Caribbean Stud Poker 5.22%

As you can see, the game sits right in the middle of some of the most popular online casino poker games when it comes to the house edge. With each of these variants, you need to make sure that you perfect your strategy because if you’re not fully aware of what you’re going for, then the house edge will soar.

Also, it’s worth noting that subtle differences in house edge, for most players, will have little effect on how much they win. To get a balance on the house edge, you need to play huge amounts of hands, and for most players, they won’t get anywhere near what is needed to avoid variance.

All casino games are weighted in favor of the casino. Do what you can to limit the house edge, but don’t worry too much about it in the short term.

The Best High Card Flush Strategy

When talking about the high card flush strategy, we’re not able to create a strategy that is going to beat the house over a sustained period. But some strategies allow you to reduce the house edge, which we will discuss.

high card flush poker tips

The main strategy for the game comes from Gordon Michaels. His method allows you to hit just under the 2.64% house edge that comes with the game. It’s a minor advantage but massive if you think that most players won’t have any strategy at all, so are likely playing nearer a 10% house edge.

We won’t swamp you with the math related to how this works, but instead, tell you what you need to do. The following hands are based on a three-card flush, which is the lowest possible scoring hand in the game.

  • J, 3, 2 – Always raise
  • T, 3, 2 to T, 9, 8 – Depends on the off-suite cards
  • 4, 3, 2 to 9, 8, 7 – Always fold

The first and the last process are both simple to follow. The only thing you need to note is when you have a ten-high flush, you then need to consider the other cards in your hand to decide whether to raise or fold.

You need to consider the strength of your off-suit cards based on their value. The higher the cards, the stronger your hand. The lower the cards, the weaker your hands.

This is all then linked to possible hands the dealer could have. If you have more higher-value cards, then they are likely to have lower-value cards, as there are fewer in the deck due to you holding more. If they are holding lower-value cards, the chance of them having to fold as per table rules increases.

Michaels goes on to say that you should be calling with any ten high three-card flush where all four non-flush cards are in the range of T-A. He also includes a table, which we’ve added below, to allow you to see suit distribution and card combinations where you should call.

Minimum Three-Card Flush to Make a CALL Bet

0 J32 J32 J32
1 T87 T93 T94
2 T75 T82 N/A
3 T54 T62 N/A

What you will find from this strategy is that the process of knowing when to call, raise or fold will eventually become second nature. The goal is to play a perfect game, and this is all about keeping the house edge as low as possible.

You can’t beat the house edge for the game, but you can make sure you don’t increase it, and this is what casino strategy is all about.

Top 5 Tips on How to Win at High Card Flush

High card flush is a game that allows you to win huge sums of money for a relatively small outlay. Because of its links to poker and, in particular, Texas Hold ’em, the game is increasing in popularity, and we’re starting to see it pop up at more and more casinos.

We’ve included our top 5 tips on how to maximize your chance of winning at high card flush.

1. Use the Gordon Michael’s Strategy

We’ve outlined how this works in the section above, but we can’t stress how important it is to use this strategy to limit house edge. It may seem a little confusing at first, but it’s actually very simple to use, and like a perfect blackjack strategy, it will become second nature very quickly.

The main reason we recommend that you use this is to lower the house edge for the game. Studies have been done with games like blackjack that show when people aren’t playing “perfect” blackjack, they can give up another 5% to the house edge.

2. Don’t Play the Side Bets

The side bets on most casino games are usually terrible in terms of the house edge. This tip could be applied to most games, but it’s incredibly important when playing high card flush.

One of the big issues that people have is that the side bets are the big winners. This is your chance for a big payday from a monster hand. However, this comes at a significant cost.

In a standard game of high card flush, the flush side bet increases the house edge from 2.64% for a primary bet to a whopping 4.05%. If you were to bet on the straight flush bet, then this jumps again to 6.35%. Depending on the table rules, we’ve seen side bets as big as 23.39% for a straight flush bet – an astonishing number.

3. Use High Card Flush Free Play

Most casinos allow you to access demo games. These are the real games, but they come with a play money account, so you’re not using your own bankroll.

If you’re new to high card flush or implementing the strategy outlined above, play the demo games first to get a feel for how this works and lock down your strategy before playing for real money. As we stated, the games are the same, and it’s the cheapest way to get better at any casino game.

4. Play Low Limits

Following on from the demo play above, once you do move into real money casino games, play lower limits to get started. Make it so the money doesn’t matter all that much, and you can get a feel for how the games differ in terms of your decision-making. The goal is that your demo play, which should be perfect, will be the same as your real money play.

5. Bankroll Management

Probably the biggest key for any casino strategy is managing your bankroll. If things are going well, feel free to increase your stakes, but if things regress, move down in stakes to protect your bankroll. Only ever gamble what you can afford to lose.

Playing High Card Flush on Mobile

Most casinos will allow access to a high card flush app or a high card flush mobile site. For the most part, the game will work the same as it does on a desktop, but you need to be aware that the game allows for several different bets, and the limited screen real estate will play a role in how easy it is to place bets.

Most casino apps won’t allow a pinch and zoom either so things can feel a little cramped. Try to target games that are single-player options, as this will give you the most space to see your game. Multiplayer casino games, while fun, clutter the screen, especially on smaller handsets.

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Best High Card Flush Site in the US

Wild Casino is the best site to play high-card flush casino games. Not only does it have one of the biggest selections of high card games, but it’s one of few that allow you to access them from within the Wild Casino app.

Newcomers to the online casino are going to be able to grab a massive welcome bonus worth up to $1,000 using Wild Casino promo codes, and the bonus is clearable playing high card flush. Click the link below to create your account today.

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