Philadelphia 76ers Salary Archive – 2018/19

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Name 2018-19
Joel Embiid $25,467,250
Jimmy Butler $20,445,779
Tobias Harris $14,800,000
J.J. Redick $12,250,000
Boban Marjanovic $7,000,000
Ben Simmons $6,434,520
Johnathon Simmons $6,000,000
Mike Scott $4,320,500
Justin Patton (waived) 2,667,600
Zhaire Smith $2,611,800
Furkan Korkmaz $1,740,000
Jonah Bolden $1,690,000
James Ennis $1,621,415
T.J. McConnell $1,600,520
Malachi Richardson (waived) $1,569,360
Amir Johnson $1,512,601
Corey Brewer (expired 10-day) $85,458
Corey Brewer (expired 10-day) $85,458
Greg Monroe $59,820
Shake Milton (two-way)
Haywood Highsmith (two-way)
Total $111,962,081

Quick: Spent over the cap.

Salary Cap: $101,869,000

Luxury Tax Threshold: $123,733,000

Roster Count: 15 guaranteed, two two-ways

Depth Chart*:
PG: Ben Simmons, T.J. McConnell
SG: J.J. Redick, Jonathan Simmons, Furkan Korkmaz, Shake Milton (two-way),
SF: Jimmy Butler, James Ennis, Haywood Highsmith (two-way), Zhaire Smith (injured)
PF: Tobias Harris, Mike Scott, Jonah Bolden
C: Joel Embiid, Boban Marjanovic, Amir Johnson, Greg Monroe

*Note: Teams often adjust their depth chart throughout the season, sometimes game by game.


  • Trade Exception (Dario Saric, expiring 11/12/19) — $957,480
  • Trade Exception (Markelle Fultz, expiring 2/7/20) — $2,339,880
  • Room Exception — $4,449,000

Waived Players: Anthony Brown, Norvel Pelle, D.J. Hogg, Matt Farrell, Darin Johnson, Cory Jefferson, Emeka Okafor, Demetrius Jackson (two-way), Malachi Richardson, Justin Patton

Expired 10-Day Contracts: Corey Brewer (two)

Traded Players: Richaun Holmes, Justin Anderson, Timothe Luwawu-Cabarrot, Wilson Chandler, Mike Muscala, Landry Shamet, Markelle Fultz

G-League Affiliate: Delaware Blue Coats (Matt Lilly interim general manager, Connor Johnson coach)

Two-Way Contracts: Shake Milton (two-year), Haywood Highsmith (two-year)

Two-Way Daily Rate in NBA/G-League: $4,608/$528

Coaching Staff

Head Coach: Brett Brown

Assistants: Monty Williams, Kevin Young, John Bryant (player development), Alvin Williams (player development), John Townsend (shooting coach), Chris Babcock (assistant director of player development), Jim O’Brien (senior advisor)

Trainers: Kevin N. Johnson, Jesse Wright (strength and conditioning)

Basketball Executives:

  • Elton Brand — general manager
  • Ned Cohen — assistant general manager
  • Alex Rucker — executive vice president of basketball operations
  • Marc Eversley — senior vice president of player personnel
  • Ben Falk — vice president of basketball strategy
  • Vince Rozman — senior director of basketball operations
  • Elton Brand — vice president of basketball operations

Pick Swaps

  • 2019 — Boston Celtics receive higher of the Sacramento Kings and Sixers first-rounders (top pick protected, Markelle Fultz).
  • 2019 — Owed second-rounder from Milwaukee Bucks (or Sacramento Kings, whichever is the higher pick; Luc Richard Mbah a Moute, Jason Kidd, Marquis Teague).
  • 2019 — Owed second-rounder from Chicago Bulls (Jose Calderon, Isaac Bonga).
  • 2019 — Owed second-rounder from the Cleveland Cavaliers (TBD, Markelle Fultz).
  • 2020 — Owed first-rounder (top-20 protected otherwise converts to 2022 and 2023 second-rounders) from Thunder (Jerami Grant, Anzejs Pasecniks, Markelle Fultz).
  • 2020 — Owed second-rounder from Brooklyn Nets (Andrei Kirilenko).
  • 2020 — Owed second-rounder from New York Knicks (Guillermo Hernangomez). Lower of Brooklyn/Nets pick to Orlando Magic (Anzejs Pasecniks).
  • 2020 — Owed second-rounder from Dallas Mavericks (Nerlens Noel).
  • 2020 — Owe a first-rounder (top-14 protected through 2022, otherwise converts to 2023 and 2024 second-rounders) to the Los Angeles Clippers (Tobias Harris).
  • 2021 — Owed second-rounder from New York Knicks (Guillermo Hernangomez).
  • 2021 — Owed second-rounder from Denver Nuggets (Wilson Chandler).
  • 2022 — Owed a second-rounder from the Toronto Raptors (Malachi Richardson).
  • 2021 — The Houston Rockets can second-rounders (James Ennis).
  • 2022 — Philadelphia 76ers can swap second-rounders with the Denver Nuggets, the higher pick going to the Minnesota Timberwolves (Wilson Chandler, Jimmy Butler).

Cash Paid ($5,243,000 max): $110,000 to Denver Nuggets (Wilson Chandler); $110,00 to the Toronto Raptors (Malachi Richardson) — $5,023,000 remaining

Cash Received ($5,243,000 max): $1.5 million from Los Angeles Lakers (Isaac Bonga); $1 million from Phoenix Suns (Richaun Holmes) — $2,743,000 remaining


  • 5/31/18 — Signed Coach Brett Brown to a contract extension.
  • 6/7/18 — Bryan Colangelo resigned as president of basketball operations.
  • 6/12/18 — Picked up team options and guaranteed T.J. McConnell and Richaun Holmes.
  • 6/21/18 — Drafted Mikal Bridges (10th), Landry Shamet (26th), Khyri Thomas (38th), Isaac Bonga (39th), Ray Spalding (56th), Kostas Antetokounmpo (60th)
  • 6/21/18 — Traded the rights to Mikal Bridges (2018-10th) to Phoenix Suns for the rights to Zhaire Smith (2018-16th) and a 2021 first-rounder.
  • 6/21/18 — Traded the rights to Khyri Thomas (2018-38th) to Detroit Pistons for two second-rounders (2021 and 2023).
  • 6/21/18 — Traded the rights to Ray Spalding (2018-56th) and Kostas Antetokounmpo (2018-60th) to Dallas Mavericks for Shake Milton (54th).
  • 7/1/18 — Removed Anzejs Pasecniks (2017-25th) from the Sixers’ 208-19 salary cap, he is ineligible to sign with the team until 8/1/19.
  • 7/2/18 — Signed Zhaire Smith (2018-16th) to a $13,791,056 rookie-scale contract.
  • 7/4/18 — Signed Landry Shamet (2018-26th) to a $11,305,026 rookie-scale contract.
  • 7/6/18 — Renounced the rights to J.J. Redick, Ersan Ilyasova, Marco Belinelli, Amir Johnson and Demetrius Jackson.
  • 7/6/18 — Traded the rights to Isaac Bonga (2018-39th) to Los Angeles Lakers for a 2019 Chicago Bulls second-rounder and $1.5 million.
  • 7/6/18 — Traded $110,000 to Denver Nuggets for Wilson Chandler, a 2021 second-rounder and the right to swap second-rounders in 2022.
  • 7/6/18 — Signed J.J. Redick to a one-year, $12,250,000 contract.
  • 7/16/18 — Re-signed Amir Johnson to a $2,393,887 minimum contract.
  • 7/20/18 — Traded Richaun Holmes to Phoenix Suns for $1 million.
  • 7/25/18 — Traded Justin Anderson to Atlanta Hawks and Timothe Luwawu-Cabarrot to Oklahoma City Thunder for Mike Muscala from the Hawks.
  • 7/26/18 — Signed Shake Milton (2018-54th) to a two-year two-way contract.
  • 7/27/18 — Signed Demetrius Jackson to a two-way contract.
  • 7/24/18 — Signed Jonah Bolden (2017-36th) to a partially-guaranteed four-year $7 million contract.
  • 8/3/18 — Signed Norvel Pelle to a non-guaranteed one-year $838,464 minimum summer contract.
  • 8/29/18 — Signed Anthony Brown to a non-guaranteed one-year $1,567,007 minimum summer contract.
  • 9/20/18 — Promoted Elton Brand to general manager.
  • 9/21/18 — Signed Emeka Okafor to a non-guaranteed one-year $2,383,887 minimum summer contract.
  • 10/10/18 — Signed D.J. Hogg to a non-guaranteed one-year $838,464 minimum summer contract.
  • 10/10/18 — Signed Matt Farrell to a non-guaranteed one-year $838,464 minimum summer contract.
  • 10/12/18 — Signed Cory Jefferson to a non-guaranteed one-year $1,512,601 minimum summer contract.
  • 10/12/18 — Signed Darin Johnson to a non-guaranteed one-year $838,464 minimum summer contract.
  • 10/29/18 — Picked up the team options on Ben Simmons, Markelle Fultz and Dario Saric.
  • 10/31/18 — Declined the team option on Furkan Korkmaz.
  • 11/12/18 — Traded Dario Saric, Robert Covington, Jerryd Bayless and a 2022 second-rounder to the Minnesota Timberwolves for Jimmy Butler and Justin Patton.
  • 1/8/19 — Signed Haywood Highsmith to a two-year two-way contract.
  • 1/10/19 — T.J. McConnell’s $1,600,520 guaranteed for 2018-19.
  • 1/15/19 — Signed Corey Brewer to a $135,248 10-day contract.
  • 1/25/19 — Signed Corey Brewer to a second $135,248 10-day contract.
  • 2/3/19 — Corey Brewer’s 10-day contract expired.
  • 2/6/19 — Traded Wilson Chandler, Mike Muscala, Landry Shamet, a protected 2020 first-rounder, Miami HEAT’s 2021 first-rounder and two second-rounders from the Detroit Pistons (2021 and 2023) to the Los Angeles Clippers for Tobias Harris, Boban Marjanovic and Mike Scott
  • 2/6/19 — Traded cash $110,00 to the Toronto Raptors for Malachi Richardson, the rights to Emir Preldzic (2009-57th) and a 2022 second-rounder.
  • 2/7/19 — Traded Markelle Fultz to the Orlando Magic for Jonathon Simmons, a 2019 second-rounder and a protected Oklahoma City Thunder 2020 first-rounder.
  • 2/7/19 — Traded 2021 second-round swap rights to the Houston Rockets for James Ennis.
  • 4/4/19 — Signed Greg Monroe for the rest of the season at $85,640.

2018-19 Free Agents (with Cap Holds)

  • None

Unsigned Draft Picks

  • First-rounders: Anzejs Pasecniks (2017-25th)
  • Second-rounders: Mathias Lessort (2017-50th), Vasilije Micic (2014-52nd), Emir Preldzic (2009-57th)

Non-Guaranteed Salaries

  • None

Trade Kickers

  • J.J. Redick — 7.5 percent

Note: Players can waive their trade bonuses.

No-Trade: None

Arena: Wells Fargo Center Philadelphia


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(Updated on 4/18/19)

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