Sacramento Kings Salary Archive – 2012/13

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Name 2012-13
John Salmons $8,083,000
Marcus Thornton $7,525,000
Charles Hayes $5,486,000
Tyreke Evans $5,251,825
Jason Thompson $5,250,000
DeMarcus Cousins $3,880,800
Travis Outlaw $3,000,000
James Johnson $2,812,006
Cole Aldrich $2,445,480
Aaron Brooks – X $2,575,106
Jimmer Fredette $2,339,040
Patrick Patterson $2,096,760
Toney Douglas $2,067,880
Isaiah Thomas $762,195
Total $53,575,092


Quick: About $4.5 million under the cap. Room Exception available. 7th and 36th picks in the 2013 NBA Draft. Maximum space without trades in July ($60 million cap) = ~$14,586,488.

Exceptions: Room $2.575 million

Acquisitions: Jason Thompson signed for five years at $30.2 million although the final year isn’t fully guaranteed. Agreed to terms with Aaron Brooks on a two-year deal for $6.6 million. Traded for James Johnson. Picked up the third-year option on Jimmer Fredette and the fourth-year option on DeMarcus Cousins. Traded Thomas Robinson, Francisco Garcia, Tyler Honeycutt and a second-rounder draft pick (TBD) to the Houston Rockets for Patrick Patterson, Cole Aldrich, Toney Douglas and cash considerations.

Waived Players: Shawne Williams, Ryan Gomes, Adam Morrison, Demonte Harper, Dallas Lauderdale, Coby Karl, Justin Holiday, Aaron Brooks

Roster Count: 13 guaranteed

Depth Chart*: PG: Isaiah Thomas, Toney Douglas, Jimmer Fredette SG: Tyreke Evans, Marcus Thornton SF: John Salmons, James Johnson, Travis Outlaw PF: Jason Thompson, Patrick Patterson C: DeMarcus Cousins, Chuck Hayes, Cole Aldrich
*Note: Teams often adjust their depth chart throughout the season, sometimes game by game.

Free Agents: All free agents renounced to maximize cap space.

Head Coach: Keith Smart

Unsigned Second-Round Picks: Dejean Bodrioga

Amnesty: Available. Eligible players include John Salmons, DeMarcus Cousins and Francisco Garcia (T).

Pick Swaps:
2013 – Owe first-rounder (top-13 protected, top-12 protected in 2014, top-10 protected through 2017 otherwise it converts to a 2017 second-rounder, provided it’s higher than 56) to Cleveland Cavaliers (J.J. Hickson).
2014 – Owe second-rounder (provided it’s higher than 56) to Toronto Raptors (James Johnson).
2014 – Owed second-rounder (top-55 protected) to New York Knicks (Patrick O’Bryant, Nate Robinson).
2015 – Owe second-rounder (top-55 protected) to Boston Celtics (Sam Cassell).
2016 – Owe second-rounder (top-55 protected) to New Orleans Hornets (Hilton Armstrong).
2017 – Owe second-rounder (top-55 protected) to Boston Celtics (Marquis Daniels).

Cash Paid ($3.1 million max): $0

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