Detroit Pistons Salary Archive – 2020/21

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Name 2020-21
Blake Griffin (waived) $32,670,565
Jerami Grant $19,050,000
Cory Joseph $12,600,000
Mason Plumlee $8,000,000
Dennis Smith Jr $5,686,677
Killian Hayes $5,307,120
Rodney McGruder $5,192,307
Josh Jackson $4,767,000
Sekou Doumbouya $3,449,400
Isaiah Stewart II $3,121,080
Dewayne Dedmon (stretched) $2,866,667
Saddiq Bey $2,689,920
Dzanan Musa (waived) $2,002,800
Hamidou Diallo $1,663,861
Jahlil Okafor $1,882,867
Wayne Ellington $1,620,564
Zhaire Smith (stretched) $1,068,200
Deividas Sirvydis $898,310
Tyler Cook $396,081
Tyler Cook (expired 10-day) $99,020
Tyler Cook (expired 10-day) $99,020
Saben Lee (two-way)
Frank Jackson (two-way)
Total $115,131,459

Quick: Over the cap and hard-capped by the Jerami Grant sign and trade.

Salary Cap: $109,140,000

Luxury Tax Threshold: $132,627,000

Hard Cap: $138,928,000

Roster Count: 15 guaranteed, two two-ways

Depth Chart
PG: Dennis Smith Jr, Cory Joseph, Saben Lee (two-way), Frank Jackson (two-way), Killian Hayes (injured)
SG: Wayne Ellington, Josh Jackson, Rodney McGruder, Hamidou Diallo
SF: Jerami Grant, Saddiq Bey, Deividas Sirvydis
PF: Sekou Doumbouya, Tyler Cook
C: Mason Plumlee, Isaiah Stewart II, Jahlil Okafor (injured)

Note: Teams often adjust their depth chart throughout the season, sometimes game by game.


  • Trade Exception (Derrick Rose, expiring 12/20/21*) — $1,996,249
  • Room Exception — $0 (Josh Jackson)

* Exact date TBD

Waived Players: Dewayne Dedmon (stretched), Zhaire Smith (stretched), Louis King (two-way), LiAngelo Ball, Anthony Lamb, Dzanan Musa, Blake Griffin

Traded Players: Tony Snell, Khyri Thomas, Bruce Brown Jr., Tony Bradley, Christian Wood (sign-and-trade), Trevor Ariza, Derrick Rose, Svi Mykhailiuk, Delon Wright

Expired 10-Day Contracts: Tyler Cook (two)

G-League Affiliate: Grand Rapids Drive (Jon Phelps general manager, Bob Werdann coach) through 2020-21; Motor City Cruise as of 2021-22

Two-Way Contracts: Saben Lee, Frank Jackson

Note: Two-Way Contracts pay $449,115 for the full 2020-21 season, pro-rated based on in-season signing date. Once a player reaches 50 games played, his salary will jump to the minimum for his years of service.

Governor: Tom Gores

Basketball Executives

  • Arn Tellem — vice chairman
  • Troy Weaver — general manager
  • Ed Stefanski — senior advisor
  • David Mincberg — assistant general manager
  • Gregg Polinsky — senior director of player personnel
  • Britta Brown — senior director of basketball administration
  • Tony Leotti — senior director of basketball strategy and systems

Coaching Staff

Head Coach: Dwane Casey

Assistants: Sidney Lowe, Micah Nori, Sean Sweeney, Tim Grgurich

Trainer: Bernard Condevaux (senior director of medical and performances), Jim Scholler (head athletic trainer), Trent Salo (performance director), Jordan Sabourin (head strength & conditioning coach)

Pick Swaps

  • 2021 — Owed a second-rounder from the Toronto Raptors (Greg Monroe, Dzanan Musa).
  • 2021 — Owed a second-rounder from the Charlotte Hornets (Willy Hernangomez, Derrick Rose).
  • 2021 — Owed second-rounder from the Los Angeles Lakers (Svi Mykhailiuk, Christian Wood, KJ Martin, Delon Wright).
  • 2021 — Owe a first-rounder (top-16 protected through 2022, top-18 protected through 2024, top-13 protected in 2025, top-11 protected in 2026, top-9 protected in 2027, otherwise conveys as 2027 second-rounder) to the Houston Rockets (Christian Wood). May go to the Brooklyn Nets via Houston (James Harden).
  • 2021 — Owe a second-rounder to the New York Knicks (Khyri Thomas, Tobias Harris, Marcus Morris).
  • 2022 — Chicago Bulls can swap second-rounders (Jameer Nelson), after which, the Memphis Grizzlies can swap second-rounders (James Ennis). May go to the Washington Wizards (TBD).
  • 2023 — Owe a second-rounder to the Los Angeles Clippers (Khyri Thomas, Tobias Harris, Marcus Morris, Daniel Oturu).
  • 2023 — Owed a second-rounder (lower of the Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors) from Cleveland (Andre Drummond).
  • 2024 — Owed a second-rounder from the Sacramento Kings (Delon Wright).

Cash Paid ($5,617,000 max): $250,000 to the Utah Jazz (Tony Bradley), $110,000 to the Denver Nuggets (Jerami Grant) — $5,257,000 remaining

Cash Received ($5,617,000 max): $4.6 million from the Houston Rockets (Christian Wood) — $1,017,000 remaining


  • 11/16/20 — Tony Snell opted into the final year of his contract.
  • 11/17/20 — Opted Svi Mykhailiuk into the final year of his contract.
  • 11/18/20 — Drafted Killian Hayes (2020-7th).
  • 11/19/20 — Renounced the rights to Zaza Pachulia, Jameer Nelson, Jose Calderon, Isaiah Whitehead and Kalin Lucas.
  • 11/19/20 — Declined to make a qualifying offer to Thon Maker.
  • 11/19/20 — Traded Bruce Brown Jr. to the Brooklyn Nets, and Luke Kennard, Justin Patton, a Portland Trail Blazers 2023 second-rounder, a 2024 second-rounder, a 2025 second-rounder and a 2026 second-rounder to the Los Angeles Clippers for Rodney McGruder and $1 million, and from the Brooklyn Nets, Dzanan Musa, the rights to Saddiq Bey (2020-19th) and Jaylen Hands (2019-56th) and a Toronto Raptors 2021 second-rounder.
  • 11/20/20 — Traded Tony Snell and Khyri Thomas to the Atlanta Hawks for Dewayne Dedmon.
  • 11/21/20 — Svi Mykhailiuk’s $1,663,861 guaranteed for 2020-21
  • 11/22/20 — Renounced the rights to Brandon Knight, Langston Galloway, John Henson and Thon Maker.
  • 11/22/20 — Traded $110,000 to the Denver Nuggets for Jerami Grant via sign-and-trade and the rights to Nikola Radicevic (2015-57th). Grant signed a three-year $60,007,500 contract.
  • 11/22/20 — Traded $250,000 to the Utah Jazz for Tony Bradley and the rights to Saben Lee (2020-38th).
  • 11/23/20 — Traded Tony Bradley to the Philadelphia 76ers for Zhaire Smith.
  • 11/24/20 — Renounced the rights to Jordan McRae, Jordan Bone and Louis King.
  • 11/24/20 — Waived and stretched the contract of Dewayne Dedmon.
  • 11/24/20 — Traded Christian Wood (via sign and trade), a 2021 first-rounder (top-16 protected through 2022, top-18 protected through 2024, top-13 protected in 2025, top-11 protected in 2026, top-9 protected in 2027, otherwise conveys as 2027 second-rounder) and a 2021 Los Angeles Lakers second-rounder for Trevor Ariza, the rights to Isaiah Stewart II (2020-16th), a 2027 second-rounder and $4.6 million.
  • 11/27/20 — Traded Trevor Ariza to the Oklahoma City Thunder for Delon Wright from the Denver Nuggets.
  • 11/30/20 — Waived and stretched Zhaire Smith.
  • 11/30/20 — Signed Saben Lee (2020-38th) to a two-way contract ($50,000 guaranteed).
  • 11/30/20 — Signed Saddiq Bey (2020-19th) to a 13,030,303 rookie-scale contract.
  • 11/30/20 — Signed Killian Hayes (2020-7th) to a $24,131,515 rookie-scale contract.
  • 11/30/20 — Signed Isaiah Stewart II (2020-16th) to a $15,098,193 rookie-scale contract.
  • 12/1//20 — Signed Mason Plumlee to a partially-guaranteed three-year $24,662,500 contract.
  • 12/1/20 — Signed Deividas Sirvydis (2019-37th) to a partially-guaranteed three-year $4,198,912 contract.
  • 12/1/20 — Signed Josh Jackson to a two-year $9,772,350 contract.
  • 12/1/20 — Signed Jahlil Okafor to a two-year $4,012,890 minimum contract.
  • 12/1/20 — Signed Wayne Ellington to a $2,564,753 minimum contract.
  • 12/2/20 — Re-signed Louis King to a two-way contract ($50,000 guaranteed).
  • 12/2/20 — Signed LiAngelo Ball to a non-guaranteed $898,310 summer contract (Exhibits 9 and 10).
  • 12/2/20 — Signed Anthony Lamb to a non-guaranteed $898,310 summer contract (Exhibits 9 and 10).
  • 12/14/20 — Waived Louis King, LiAngelo Ball and Anthony Lamb.
  • 12/20/20 — Waived Dzanan Musa.
  • 12/21/20 — Picked up the third-year rookie-scale option on Sekou Doumbouya.
  • 12/27/20 — Signed Frank Jackson to a two-way contract ($48,288 guaranteed).
  • 2/8/21 — Traded Derrick Rose to the New York Knicks for Dennis Smith Jr and a 2021 Charlotte Hornets second-rounder.
  • 3/5/21 — Waived Blake Griffin.
  • 3/13/21 — Traded Svi Mykhailiuk and a 2027 Houston Rockets’ second-rounder to the Oklahoma City Thunder for Hamidou Diallo.
  • 3/18/21 — Signed Tyler Cook to a 10-day $99,020 contract.
  • 3/25/21 — Traded Delon Wright to the Sacramento Kings for Cory Joseph, a Los Angeles Lakers’ 2021 second-rounder and a 2024 second-rounder.
  • 3/28/21 — Tyler Cook’s 10-day contract expired.
  • 3/28/21 — Signed Tyler Cook to a second 10-day $99,020 contract.
  • 4/7/21/21 — Tyler Cook’s 10-day contract expired.
  • 4/7/21 — Re-signed Tyler Cook to a partially-guaranteed two-year $2,097,674 contract.
  • 5/12/21 — Re-signed Coach Dwane Casey to a contract extension through the 2023-24 season.

Trade Kickers

  • Mason Plumlee — 10 percent

Note: Players can waive their trade bonuses.

No-Trade: Dennis Smith Jr (aggregation restriction only), Hamidou Diallo (aggregation restriction only)

Qualifying Offers

  • None

Free Agents (with Cap Holds)

  • None

Unsigned Draft Picks

  • First-rounders: None
  • Second-rounders: Jaylen Hands (2019-56th), Nikola Radicevic (2015-57th)

Non-Guaranteed Salaries — Next Cut-Down Date*

  • None

* Players and teams can agree to push back cut-down dates but not past January 7 each year.

Rookie-Scale Options

  • None

Arena: Little Caesars Arena


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