Editorial Policy

At Basketball Insiders, we are committed to providing NBA enthusiasts with trustworthy, interesting, and insightful content. Whether you are a seasoned basketball aficionado or a curious newcomer, Basketball Insiders is your trusted source for all things NBA and basketball in the USA.

Who Are We

We are a team of basketball fans and sports journalists where we combine our passions and skills to bring you the very best of all things NBA-related. With a combined experience of more than three decades, we believe our love for the sport of basketball reflects clearly in the work we produce for you. Our talented editorial crew is profiled on About Basketball Insiders, where more details are provided.

What Kind of Content Do We Cover

Our thorough coverage of basketball extends to the following areas:

NBA Insights

We keep you informed by tracking player performances, team dynamics and uncovering breaking news and behind-the-scenes stories. Dive into the intensity of division matchups, the drama of playoff performances, and the thrill of championship battles.

Player Profiles and MVPs

Step beyond the court’s boundaries and into the lives of your beloved players. Our coverage brings you up close and personal with their triumphs, struggles, and everything else. Follow their season-long journey through the latest on-court heroics and off-court narratives.

Drafts and Signings

Step on a journey of discovery as we bring you the next generation of rising stars. Witness their transition from college basketball to the grand stage of the NBA draft. Stay in the loop with real-time updates on team acquisitions and roster changes—whether they involve players, coaches, or management.

Basketball 101

Our playing guides cater to both beginners and advanced players, covering everything from the fundamentals to advanced playing strategies. Whether you’re perfecting your layup, chalking out defensive schemes, or looking for coaching strategies to help your kid’s team win in the local game, we’ve got you covered.

Sports Betting and Casinos

Our experienced experts also evaluate online basketball sportsbooks, ensuring fair odds, robust security, and absolute reliability for bettors who want to dribble with sports betting. You will also find detailed reviews of online casinos, where we cover game offerings, payment methods, and essential security features. Whether you’re a seasoned bettor or a beginner, learn about odds, explore diverse markets, and master smart betting strategies tailored specifically for basketball games.

How We Produce the Content

Passion for basketball and journalism form the cornerstone of our website. At BBI, our commitment to quality content involves a meticulous process that ensures accuracy, reliability, and relevance.

Here’s a glimpse into our methodology, followed by a closer look:

  • Product reviews adhere to strict guidelines detailed on our review guidelines pages.
  • All our content is based on data and research, with claims backed up by measurable evidence.
  • We discuss the positive and negative aspects in every product review.
  • Independent experts fact-check everything we publish.
  • We rely on authoritative and reputable sources, referencing multiple sources where available.

Thorough Research & Fact-Checking

Our seasoned writers and editors draw from extensive research, industry expertise, and first-hand experience.

Every piece of content undergoes rigorous, 3-step fact-checking. This allows us to verify stats, quotes, and historical data to maintain accuracy.

It all starts with the writers, who invest significant time in ensuring the content they write is up to the mark. Then, it is reviewed by in-house editors—many of whom have been handpicked for their passion for basketball and journalistic skills. Lastly, it goes through the final check by the editorial heads before going live on the site.

Testing & Reviewing

Whether analyzing game strategies or reviewing sportsbooks, we aim for practical relevance. This includes putting ourselves in the user’s shoes and evaluating their experience with the product. Our editorial team tries and tests the sportsbooks and online casinos we review – as per the established review guidelines –  to provide first-hand knowledge of what you can expect from these products.

Transparency and Accountability

Openness, honesty, and ethical conduct are among our key ethos. Our readers deserve the complete picture, so we diligently disclose any information regarding affiliations, sponsorships, or potential conflicts of interest. If errors do arise, we tackle them head-on. Quickly and transparently, we correct missteps, learn from the experience, and continuously improve. We also take user feedback into account and implement your suggestions to the best of our ability.

Advertising & Affiliate Disclosure

We may earn revenue in certain instances when our readers complete a form through our pages or on our partner’s website. The income generated through these channels supports our mission to deliver insightful basketball journalism.  We take great care to label such pages as featuring affiliate content for utmost transparency. We maintain a strict advertising policy, ensuring that commercial opportunities never compromise the quality or objectivity of our content.

Your Privacy Matters to Us

We treat your personal information with utmost care and respect. Rest assured that any data you share with us remains confidential and is never shared, sold, or disclosed to third parties without your explicit consent. Our commitment to protecting your privacy extends across all our platforms, ensuring a secure and trustworthy experience for every reader. You can also learn about our privacy policy in detail.

Eager to Hear From You

Should you have any questions about our practices, website, collaboration prospects, or anything basketball-related, please reach out to us. We are always happy to hear from our readers.

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