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About Basketball Insiders

Basketball Insiders was founded in 2013 and has, since the first few days of existence, been a huge supporter of the online betting industry. While the site is relatively new and the online gambling industry is constantly moving, the people behind the site are not. The Basketball Insiders team consists of several professionals from the online sportsbook and casino industry who have assisted in all aspects of the business as a whole.

The Mission

Our aim for the site is to provide every day news and information about sports and sports betting, along with the best and most accurate online gambling information possible. We do this by having our team of experts play at the same sites that we recommend, claiming bonuses, getting payouts, trying out table games, and of course, checking wagering requirements.

“We aim to have the most accurate gambling information possible, so our users can make informed decisions.”

It’s not as simple as picking a favorite though as some online gambling sites are better than others at certain things. This is the reason we rank the world’s best online gambling and sports betting sites in a variety of categories. We would like to make Basketball Insiders the home for all gambling-related topics, to give our users the knowledge they need to make informed decisions.

Responsible Gambling

Gambling is an incredibly popular pastime throughout the world and billions of people are doing it in some form or another. This is why we feel it’s important to play our part in helping users make the best choices by promoting responsible gambling. If you’re wagering more than you can afford to lose, chasing losses, or giving yourself abnormal stress and anxiety, you may need help and advice from qualified professionals.


Gambling Legislation

While Responsible Gambling should be the hallmark of any online casino, we feel it’s equally important to ensure that the sites that we rank and review are licensed by the appropriate authoritative bodies. All casinos should be held to a high standard in terms of compliance and should be from reputable and applicable jurisdictions. Every site that we review will have at least one of the following online casino licenses.

Editorial Policy

All of our pages are written and edited by highly experienced and qualified writers and analysts who have long histories in the online gambling world. Our information is highly accurate and factual, as well as being current and reliable too. The editorial team also ensures that content is completely fair and balanced.

If you believe you have what it takes to write for Basketball Insiders, send us an email.

Company Information

Finixio Ltd. is an online media company that is based in London, UK. It is also the parent company of BasketBall Insiders and

Finixio Ltd.

Company Registration Number: 11705811
Address: St Magnus House, 3 Lower Thames Street, London, ECR3 6HE


A small portion of the content that is written and published on Basketball Insiders may be sponsored. While these sponsorships may influence their visibility on the site, they do not compromise the integrity of our writers and editors, who shall always remain impartial.

Our commercial team is always happy to discuss potential partnerships going forward. Should you wish to contact the team about advertising and sponsorship activities on Basketball Insiders, please send us an email at:

A Note from the Editor

Alan Draper is the main editor of Basketball Insiders. Alan has years of experience betting on sports and playing at casinos both online and in person. Here’s a quick note from our fearless leader:

“I’ve been a lover of sports for my entire adult life, and for me, the best thing about watching sports is the betting that you can make on your favorite teams. Not only does this add more excitement, but it also has the opportunity to make you some money if you do it right. I started Basketball Insiders because I found that I was winning more and more bets every week, and thought it would be great to share my knowledge and experience with everyone else who is a sports-lover, just like me!

I hope that you, our readers, find that the site is helpful and informative. After all, the only thing I want is for someone to come to the site and benefit from it in some way or another. As time goes on, we’ll be adding more content to the site to be a one-stop-shop for everything sports betting and gambling related”.

Our Contributors

Our Team

Alex Kennedy

Member of the Professional Basketball Writers Association.

Steve Kyler

Editor and Publisher covering NBA and basketball for over 20 seasons.

Yannis Koutroupis

Site Editor and Senior Writer covering the NBA and NCAA.

Joel Brigham

Covers the Central Division and fantasy basketball.

Lang Greene

Senior NBA writer

Moke Hamilton

Deputy Editor and Columnist

Jesse Blancarte

Deputy Editor, Attorney and a member of the Professional Basketball Writers Association.

Cody Taylor

Covers the NBA and NCAA out of Orlando and Miami

Jabari Davis

Senior NBA Writer and Columnist covering the Pacific Division and NBA Social Media activity.

Spencer Davies

Senior NBA Writer who has also writtern for Bleacher Report, FOX Sports and HoopsHype

Matt John

Staff writer for Basketball Insiders

Jessica Camerato

Member of the Professional Basketball Writers Association and the Association for Women in Sports Media.

Ben Dowsett

Deputy Editor and in-depth basketball analyst based in Salt Lake City

James Foglio

Basketball Insiders contributor

Ben Nadeau

Seattle-based writer who covered the Brooklyn Nets for The Brooklyn Game.

Drew Maresca

Basketball Insiders contributor residing in the Bronx, New York.

Dennis Chambers

NBA writer based out of Philadelphia he has previously covered NCAA basketball and high school recruiting.

Eric Pincus

Senior Writer with a focus on the business side of the game.

Tommy Beer

Senior NBA Analyst and the Fantasy Sports Editor. Also reporter on

Buddy Grizzard

Written for and BBallBreakdown and served as an editor for ESPN TrueHoop Network.

James Blancarte

Editor and writer for basketball, also an Attorney based in Los Angeles, California

Chad Smith

Basketball Insiders contributor based in Indianapolis

Michael Scotto

Senior NBA Writer, who has also writter for The Athletic, Bleacher Report & HoopsHype

Nate Duncan

NBA analyst and salary cap expert who has written for Sports Illustrated & ESPN, and a host on #NBACast

Jordan Hicks

An NBA writer based out of Salt Lake City

Jake Rauchbach

Founder of The MindRight Pro® Program and consults on the Olympic, collegiate and professional levels.

John Zitzler

Covers the NBA with a focus on the Milwaukee Bucks and the Central Division.

Quinn Davis

Contributor for Basketball Insiders residing in Philadelphia.

Tristan Tucker

Assistant sports editor and have written for SB Nation and Fansided.

Douglas Farmer

Contributing writer based in Minneapolis.

Jack Winter

A Portland-based NBA writer & reported with Basketball Insiders. He has prior experience with DIME Magazine, ESPN, Bleacher Report, and Sports Illustrated.

Bill Ingram

Senior NBA Analyst covering the NBA since 1998.

Susan Bible

Senior Newslines Editor and contributes to fantasy basketball coverage.

Oliver Maroney

Sports Editor at BookCameo and former writer on BIG3, Dime Magazine,

David Pick

Covered European basketball at and

Ross Bennellick

Sports content writer whoes mad about NFL, NBA, UFC, WWE, EPL, CL & F1.

EJ Ayala

Covers the NBA, NCAA, and international basketball.

Nick Raffoul

Business Granduate contributed to Pistons Powered, SafeBettingSites and Winners And Whiners

Mary Stevens

Covers the NFL, NCAA and MLS.

Mike Yaffe

Contributor writer.

Ryan Pannone

Associate Head Coach in Pro A Germany for the Hanau White Wings and the NBA director.

Cody Toppert

Contributor and former college and profressional basketball player.

Kane Pepi

Researcged and writer that specialized on multiple fields including sports, finance, and blockchain.

David Baumann

Senior Copywriter & Media Host, The Oxford Club.

Alan is an experienced writer of online betting and casino guides. He is one of the main editors of Basketballinsiders.