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Antonio is a life long sports enthusiast and professional journalist, who shares an obssesive urge to find and dig up the most interesting facts to guide gamblers towards more exciting, yet safe bets. In his own words, ''you can never really know enough about the things you love''.

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Anthony Edwards wants everyone to know why Chris Finch is ‘the best coach in the NBA’

After a fierce battle against the reigning champions, the Timberwolves have qualified for the Western Conference Finals for a duel against the Mavericks. They entered Ball Arena this Sunday against Denver’s hostile crowd and were still able to succeed with a Game 7, 98-90 win.  Once the contest was over, the press was all over […]

Antonio Kozlow  •  35S
Coach Rick Carlisle calls Madison Square Garden the toughest arena to play in the NBA

For a moment, the Pacers squad felt like they were entering the lion’s den as they headed into Madison Square Garden’s court to play Game 7 of the semifinal series against the Knicks. However, they not only conquered this iconic venue this past Sunday, but they did it in historic fashion. Their coach Rick Carlisle […]

Antonio Kozlow  •  41M
Pacers set NBA playoff record by shooting 67.1% from the field in Game 7 win over Knicks

This has been a historic campaign for the Pacers already, as the team complied one of the best offensive regular seasons in league history. However, it seemed they were only warming up for the playoffs, as they set a new record in Game 7 of their semifinal series win against the Knicks.  The Indiana club […]

Antonio Kozlow  •  1H
Celtics are the only team this season to qualify for three-consecutive Conference Finals

After wrapping up their semifinal series against Cleveland with last weekend’s 113-98 victory in Game 6, Boston is more confident than ever in their ability to contend for the NBA title, as they’ve qualified for the Eastern Conference Finals for a third year in a row. They are the only team this season who has […]

Antonio Kozlow  •  2H
Shaquille O’Neal named his Mount Rushmore of NBA a**holes he’s played against

Do you see that photo above? Well, you wouldn’t believe if it didn’t come out of Shaq’s mouth, but some of the players there are one of the biggest a**holes that the legendary big man has ever faced in an NBA court. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they are bad people, but mostly that they […]

Antonio Kozlow  •  17 May 2024
J.B. Bickerstaff’s job in ‘serious jeopardy’ after Cleveland’s playoff elimination

Maybe J.B. Bickerstaff hasn’t taken the Cavaliers to the same heights that the franchise enjoyed back when LeBron James was in town, but he’s certainly been the best coach they’ve had ever since. For example, this season Cleveland earned their first ever playoff series win without the NBA’s all-time leading scorer, and has also lead […]

Antonio Kozlow  •  17 May 2024
Denver register franchise’s worst scoring playoff game after 45-point loss to Wolves

Right when the Nuggets were at the doors of eliminating their rivals and heading into the Western Conference Finals, the reigning champions were overpowered by the Timberwolves in historic fashion this Thursday night. Believe it or not, Nikola Jokic and company were beaten by 45 points in Game 6, in a 115-70 defeat that pushes […]

Antonio Kozlow  •  17 May 2024
Former NBA champion advises JJ Redick to reject Lakers’ coaching job: ‘Death sentence’

Even though the Lakers conquered the 2020 NBA championship, some analysts and former basketball athletes believe that coaching the purple and gold franchise is cursed. Ever since LeBron James landed in Los Angeles, the club has discharged three different tacticians, including Luke Walton, Frank Vogel and now of course, Darvin Ham.  Now that the job […]

Antonio Kozlow  •  16 May 2024
Chris Paul sees himself as a future NBA team owner: ‘Charlotte is home, but I’m open’

Chris Paul is a player who is always full of surprises. Even in his final years as a professional, he embraced a trade to Golden State, who had been one of his most fierce rivals during his long career. Today, the 39-year-old is one of the oldest NBA players in the league, and can’t help […]

Antonio Kozlow  •  16 May 2024
TNT’s Charles Barkley admits ‘everybody’s scared to death’ amid rumors of losing NBA rights

Rumours are circling the NBA right now suggesting that TNT has already lost the rights to transmit the basketball league starting next season. However, Charles Barkley took the mic this week to say that he still believes there’s a 50-50 chance that Warner Bros. Discovery will keep the rights and that Inside the NBA will […]

Antonio Kozlow  •  15 May 2024