Based on the current structure of the current player contracts, here are the possible free agents.

Player Option / Team Option / Qualifying Offer / Non-Guaranteed / Early Termination / Not With Team

Point Guards

NameTeamPrevious SalaryNext SalaryType
Will BynumFree Agents$53,838
Darius MorrisFree Agents$702,756$1,015,421N
Luke RidnourFree Agents$2,750,000$2,750,000N
John Lucas IIIFree Agents$269,189$947,276N
Sebastian TelfairFree Agents$915,243$0N
Jerel McNealFree Agents$26,919$947,276N
Nemanja NedovicFree Agents$1,104,240$0N
Ray McCallumFree Agents$816,482
Nick CalathesFree Agents$816,482$1,147,276Q
Lester HudsonFree Agents$27,887$1,015,421N
David StocktonFree Agents$11,937$845,059N

Shooting Guards

NameTeamPrevious SalaryNext SalaryType
Ben GordonFree Agents$4,500,000$947,276N
Willie GreenFree Agents$1,448,490$0N
Alexey ShvedFree Agents$3,282,057$0N
Jason RichardsonFree Agents$6,601,125$947,276N
Ricky LedoFree Agents$38,423$947,276N
Jamaal FranklinFree Agents$200,000$947,276N
Chris BabbFree Agents$48,028$947,276N
Vander BlueFree Agents$14,409
Nick JohnsonFree Agents$507,336
Andre DawkinsFree Agents$29,843
Jabari BrownFree Agents$44,765$845,059N

Small Forwards

NameTeamPrevious SalaryNext SalaryType
Reggie WilliamsFree Agents$344,036$1,185,784N
Shawn MarionFree Agents$915,243$0N
Quincy MillerFree Agents$183,049$981,348N
Hedo TurkogluFree Agents$915,243$0N
Landry FieldsFree Agents$6,250,000$0N
Luigi DatomeFree Agents$1,750,000$0N
Robbie HummelFree Agents$880,000
Elijah MillsapFree Agents$241,731$845,059N
Henry WalkerFree Agents$196,217$1,100,602N

Power Forwards

NameTeamPrevious SalaryNext SalaryType
Reggie EvansFree Agents$1,768,653$0N
Carlos BoozerFree Agents$3,251,000$0N
Jason MaxiellFree Agents$915,243$0N
Austin DayeFree Agents$75,062$947,276N
Earl ClarkFree Agents$62,552$1,185,784N
Joel FreelandFree Agents$3,013,512$0N
Shawne WilliamsFree Agents$1,227,985$1,356,146N
Glen DavisFree Agents$915,243
Arinze OnuakuFree Agents$43,226$0N
Kostas PapanikolaouFree Agents$4,797,664$800,321N
Jack CooleyFree Agents$62,671$845,059N
Travis WearFree Agents$507,336


NameTeamPrevious SalaryNext SalaryType
Brendan HaywoodFree Agents$2,213,688$10,522,500N
Bernard JamesFree Agents$236,886$0N
Ekpe UdohFree Agents$915,243
Greg StiemsmaFree Agents$915,243
Chuck HayesFree Agents$5,958,750$919,415N
Earl BarronFree Agents$183,049$947,276N
Pero AnticFree Agents$1,250,000$1,562,500Q
Justin HamiltonFree Agents$816,482$0N
Ognjen KuzmicFree Agents$816,482$1,147,276Q
Jerome JordanFree Agents$816,482$947,276N
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The next evolution of basketball news, information and rumors.

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