Celtics posted third-largest win in a NBA Finals Game 1 in the last 30 years

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Boston started their NBA Finals matchup on the right foot, as they beat Dallas 107 to 89 at the TD Garden this Thursday evening. Their victory by 18 points ranks as the third-largest win in a Game 1 of a final series in the last 30 years, as the Lakers and Warriors hold the two first records. 

It is also interesting to point out that both Golden State and the Los Angeles squads went on to win the championships in five games. Last night’s triumph was also a testament of Boston’s infectious teamwork, as each player is a star in their own right. 

For example, Jaylen Brown led the squad with 22 points, followed by Kristaps Porzingis’ 20-point contribution from the bench, then Jayson Tatum dropped in 16 and Derrick White posted 15. In total, six Celtics players scored in double figures last night.

The truth is, the Celtics always seemed deserving of winning the opening match of the series, as they were already 29 points up in the first half. However, Tatum is well aware that two seasons ago they lost the championship despite conquering the first game.

“Getting back to this point and being here is really a big deal,” said the All-Star forward. “But two years ago we won the first game and we know the outcome of that series. We still have a lot of work to do.”

His Latvian teammate, on the other hand, is surging with confidence after returning to the NBA courts. The seven-foot big man has been sidelined due to a knee injury since April 29, and had missed out on most of his team’s playoff run. 

“Tonight was affirmation to myself that I’m pretty good,” the center expressed after producing 3 blocks last night. “I’m not perfect but I can play like this and I can add to this team. The adrenaline was pumping through my veins.”

Rival Luka Doncic doesn’t believe this 18-point loss will diminish the spirit of the Mavericks team in the NBA Finals 

Despite falling to Boston by the third-largest margin of an NBA Finals’ Game 1, Luka Doncic doesn’t believe this will affect his team’s spirit. Dallas has already lost the opening game on three of the four series they’ve played this postseason. 

“Either you lose or you win,” the Slovenian said. “First to four, we’ve got to focus on the next game.” The Mavs superstar contributed with a 30-point and 10-rebound performance, but was only able to record one assist all night. 

His co-star Kyrie Irving did struggle throughout the contest, as he was only able to hit 12 points. Ever since the prematch celebrations, he was being booed by the TD Garden crowd, and continued every time he touched the ball. 

“I thought it was going to be a little louder in here. I’m expecting the same thing (in Game 2). The crowd’s trying to get me out of my element,” said the former Boston guard. “It’s not the first time I’ve lost in Boston. I don’t want to make it a habit.”