Jabari Parker moved to tears when asked what playing in Europe means to him

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Once thought to have the potential of becoming a generational talent, today Jabari Parker has found himself playing in Europe at the age of 29. Recently, a clip of him went viral as he broke into tears when asked about what it meant to be playing in Barcelona after several years, trying to find his best version in the NBA. 

While everyone thought he was sad about playing overseas, the athlete came out and explained why he was moved to tears during this locker room interview. The player was coming out of the game that meant his first season abroad had finally come to an end.

This emotional exchange occurred exactly a decade after he had been drafted as the second overall pick by Milwaukee in the 2014 NBA Draft. Following a series of knee injuries that affected his promising career, he was simply asked what iy meant to finally find his feet in Spain.

Jabari struggled to get any words out, while his eyes began to tear up. He then put his head in his hands and released a quiet sob. Parker expressed that “it was all happiness” and “tears of gratitude”.

“So, in response to the video of me being emotional. Basically it was all happiness,” the player assured. “It was gratitude for this organization giving me an opportunity, for my teammates for making me happy about this experience. I have nothing but great things to say about the Barcelona experience that I’ve had, especially being on the team of FC Barcelona.”

He then guaranteed that he only has love for his new home. “It’s been nothing but a dream of mine and because of this place I’ve found my love for the game again. I wasn’t sure I’d be able to play again but because of FC Barcelona, the fans, my teammates, my coaches, my friends here I’ve found that love again and that passion,” Jabari expressed.

Back in April, he even agreed to a two-year contract extension and called it a very easy decision. “From the first moment I came to Barcelona, I had good feelings, good games, and good experiences. I just want to keep these good times with more years here in Barcelona,” Parker shared. “It was very easy to make this decision.”

As the video surfaced the internet, many basketball fans dedicated words of encouragement and support for the former NBA star

The rising star from Duke University had quickly gained a reputation as a player with the potential to dominate the NBA in the future, but after his 20.1 points per game average in the 2016/17 season, his career began to fall down a slope due to a series of knee injuries.

NBA fans were quick to show their sympathy for the former Bucks player after witnessing him in tears after Barcelona’s last game of the campaign. “He was dubbed the next LeBron in high school. To be overseas at age 29 due to injuries destroying his potential. It’s gotta be tough emotionally,” one account commented.

“Number 2 overall pick in 2014 to playing overseas. Man that’s got to be tough,” another wrote, noting that the star once played for the Chicago Bulls, Washington Wizards, Atlanta Hawks, Sacramento Kings, and Boston Celtics before moving to Spain.

Finally, one last person admitted it was hard to see him cry. “Damn, this actually hurts to see. Whatever’s going on in his head I hope he finds a place where he’s happy at the least. He was supposed to be so great man, and might’ve been if not for bad luck,” he wrote.