Jaylen Brown asks for Celtics Nation’s support ahead of Game 2: ‘We need everybody’

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Ever since Jaylen Brown was drafted to Massachusetts, he vowed to defend the city of Boston with all his might. Now that he’s close to conquering his first-ever NBA championship, he’s asking every Celtics fan there is to show their support for the franchise in their Finals clash against the Mavericks

Considered to be the team’s most impactful player in Game 1, alongside big man Kristaps Porzingis, he feels the confidence to address the entire fanbase, as well as his own teammates to rally behind him ahead of the series’ second match.

Even though the crowd felt thunderous last Thursday, he still thinks they can step it up another level. “Sunday, we are going to need our fans to be hyped,” he said on Saturday. “It’s not just team versus team. It’s crowd versus crowd. It’s gas station versus gas station. Supermarket versus supermarket. It’s the whole city versus the whole city. We need everybody.”

According to the point guard, to have a roaring audience is part of what makes a home-court advantage so crucial to overcoming your rivals, and the team knows Boston is one of the noisiest around.

His Latvian co-star, who was out for six weeks due to a knee injury, revealed how the crowd gave him an extra motivation during his Game 1 return, boosting his adrenaline to perform at his best.

“It was insane, I’m not going to lie,” the center said as he dropped 11 points in his first six minutes. “Just walking in the tunnel was like a WWE-style walk-in. I didn’t even know it was for me at first walking out, hearing that crowd roar and getting real excitement to start the game and giving everything to these fans that came.”

Despite this surge of energy given by the stands, Jaylen insisted that it can still be even louder. “I thought the [Game 1] crowd was good,” Brown expressed. “But I think we can be a little bit better. I expect us to be even louder.”

Rival coach Jason Kidd stirred up some drama ahead of Game 2 when he said that Jayson Tatum isn’t Boston’s best player

After Dallas’ Game 1 loss against Boston, Jason Kidd was convinced that Jayson Tatum is not his rival’s best player. Even though some believe he was trying to stir up some trouble inside the Celtics‘ locker room, he decided to tell the press that he believes JB is their top star.

A short time later, when Brown and Tatum were separately attending the media ahead of the second clash of this best-of-seven series, they were asked about it. However, both of them made it clear that they weren’t interested in opening the door to any mind games from the Mavericks tactician.

“I don’t have no reaction,” Jaylen said, while his co-star added: “This is a team sport. We wouldn’t be here if we didn’t have JB on our team, and we can say that for a lot of guys, right. We have all played a part in getting to where we’re at, and we understand that people try to drive a wedge between us. I guess it’s a smart thing to do or try to do.”

According to the Boston forward, opponents have been trying to get in between them for a long time now. “We’ve been in this position for many years of guys trying to divide us and say that one of us should be traded or one is better than the other. So it’s not our first time at the rodeo,” Tatum explained.