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Joseph Yarnold

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Joe Yarnold joined the Basketball Insiders team in October 2021, as a content editor and writer. He obtained his Master’s degree from Framingham State University and has experience writing educational and explanatory articles on all forms of gambling. Although he specializes in casino gaming, NFL, soccer and NBA betting, he has well-rounded knowledge and insight of most sports. His expertise also include researching and analyzing the latest federal and state gambling laws and regulations in the US.

Articles by Joseph Yarnold (5)

How We Rank Betting Sites – Our Sportsbook Ranking Factors

We rank and review the best betting sites in the USA and multiple other countries. Our team of writers and gambling experts spend hours researching and testing out websites to compile the best sportsbooks and, in this article, we explain how we rank betting sites. When determining which websites make it onto our lists we […]

Joseph Yarnold  •  22 Jan 2024
What is a Trixie in Betting? Complete Trixie Betting Guide 2024

A Trixie bet is a multi-bet method similar to a parlay but has some key differences. With a parlay bet, you are betting on multiple outcomes all on a single bet which means if one of your choices loses you win nothing. Trixie betting involves outcomes of three events but there are four bets placed meaning if […]

Joseph Yarnold  •  15 Nov 2023
What is a Rollover in Sports Betting? Ultimate Rollover Guide for 2024

A rollover also known as playthrough in sports betting is the wagering requirements placed on a bonus before it becomes eligible to be withdrawn. All welcome bonuses are almost certainly going to have rollover requirements attached as well as many other bonuses a sportsbook offers. The rollover requirements are shown on a site as a […]

Joseph Yarnold  •  15 Nov 2023
What Does PK Mean in Betting? Guide to the Best Pick’Em Sportsbooks 2024

PK is short for Pick’Em, Pk’Em or pick and relates to spread betting. One of the most popular ways to bet on sports is betting on the spread as it evens the playing field and means even if a team has no chance of winning bettors can still place bets on them as the underdog […]

Joseph Yarnold  •  15 Nov 2023
What Does Plus and Minus Mean in Betting?

Plus and minus are common terms used in sports betting that refer to the American odds format. This format is used primarily in the United States and Canada, and it is based on the concept of betting $100. The plus and minus signs indicate whether a team or player is favored or unfavored to win […]

Joseph Yarnold  •  15 Nov 2023