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Charlotte Hornets Team Salary

2017-18 Team-By-Team Salary Summary

Quick: Over the cap and hard-capped (based on a $5 million estimate for Tony Parker for 2018-19).

Salary Cap: $99,093,000

Luxury Tax Threshold: $119,266,000

Hard Cap: $129,817,000

Roster Count: 14 guaranteed, two two-ways

Depth Chart
PG: Kemba Walker, Tony Parker (estimate), Devonte’ Graham
SG: Nicolas Batum, Jeremy Lamb, Malik Monk, J.P. Macura (two-way)
SF: Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, Miles Bridges, Dwayne Bacon
PF: Marvin Williams, Guillermo Hernangomez
C: Frank Kaminsky, Cody Zeller, Bismack Biyombo, Mangok Mathiang (two-way)

Note: Teams often adjust their depth chart throughout the season, sometimes game by game.

Free Agents (with Cap Holds)

  • Michael Carter Williams ($3,240,000 non-Bird, reportedly leaving for Houston Rockets)
  • Treveon Graham ($1,499,698, early Bird)
  • Brian Roberts* ($1,471,382, non-Bird)
  • Christian Wood* ($1,471,382, non-Bird)
  • Marcus Paige (two-way, non-Bird)

*Did not play in the most recent season, cannot be included in a sign-and-trade.

Non-Guaranteed Salaries

  • None

Unsigned Draft Picks

  • First-rounders: None
  • Second-rounders: Arnoldas Kulboka (2018-55th)


  • Trade Exception (Dwight Howard, expiring 7/6/2019) — $7,819,725
  • Mid-Level Exception — $3,641,000 (estimated $5 million for Tony Parker)
  • Bi-Annual Exception — $3,382,000

Note: If team needs to avoid a hard cap, they lose the standard Mid-Level and Bi-Annual Exceptions and gain the $5,291,918 Taxpayer Mid-Level Exception.

Waived Players: None

Traded Players: Dwight Howard, Timofey Mozgov, Julyan Stone

Trade Kickers

  • None

Note: Players can waive their trade bonuses.

G-League Affiliate: Greensboro Swarm (Cam Twiss general manager, coach TBD)

Two-Way Contracts: Mangok Mathiang, J.P. Macura

Two-Way Daily Rate in NBA/G-League: TBD

Coaching Staff

Head Coach: James Borrego

Assistants: Jay Triano, Chad Iske, Jay Hernandez, Ronald Norad, Dutch Gaitley

Trainer: Steve Stricker, Dennis Williams (assistant), Matt Friia (strength and conditioning)

Basketball Executives

  • Mitch Kupchak — general manager
  • Buzz Peterson — assistant general manager
  • Larry Jordan — director, player personnel
  • Jason Rosenfeld — basketball analytics

Pick Swaps

  • 2019 — Owed second-rounder from Oklahoma City Thunder (Hamidou Diallo).
  • 2019 — Owe second-rounder to Atlanta Hawks (Devonte’ Graham).
  • 2020 — Owe second-rounder to New York Knicks (Guillermo Hernangomez).
  • 2021 — Owe second-rounder to New York Knicks (Guillermo Hernangomez).
  • 2020 — Owed second-rounder from Cleveland Cavaliers (Brendan Haywood, Anderson Varejao, Channing Frye, C.J. Wilcox, Miles Bridges).
  • 2021 — Owed second-rounder from Los Angeles Clippers (Miles Bridges).
  • 2021 — Owed second-rounder from Brooklyn Nets (Dwight Howard).
  • 2023– Owe second-rounder to Atlanta Hawks (Devonte’ Graham).
  • TBD — Two second-rounders from Orlando Magic.

Cash Paid ($5.1 million max): $0

Cash Received ($5.1 million max): $0 — $5 million from Brooklyn Nets (Dwight Howard); $243,000 from Oklahoma City Thunder (Hamidou Diallo)


  • 8/1/18 — No-trade restriction lifts on Miles Bridges.
  • 8/5/18 — No-trade restriction lifts on Devonte’ Graham.
  • 9/7/18 — No-package restriction lifts on Bismack Biyombo.
  • 10/31/18 — Team option for Malik Monk.
  • Before start of 2018 season — Extension deadline for Frank Kaminsky.
  • 12/15/18 — No-trade restriction lifts on Tony Parker.
  • 6/22/19 — Player option for Michael-Kidd Gilchrist.
  • 6/28/19 — Guillermo Hernangomez’s $1,676,735 guarantees for 2019-20.
  • 6/29/19 — Player options for Marvin Williams and Bismack Biyombo.
  • 6/29/19 — Qualifying offer deadline for Frank Kaminsky.
  • 7/6/19 — Dwight Howard trade exception expires.
  • 8/1/19 — Dwayne Bacon’s $1,618,520 guarantees for 2019-20.
  • 10/31/19 — Team options for Malik Monk and Miles Bridges.
  • 6/29/20 — Player option for Nicolas Batum.
  • 6/30/20 — Qualifying offer deadline for Dwayne Bacon.
  • 7/7/20 — Devonte’ Graham’s $1,663,861 guarantees for 2020-21.
  • 10/31/20 — Team option on Miles Bridges.
  • Before start of 2020 season — Extension deadline for Malik Monk.
  • 6/30/21 — Qualifying offer deadline for Malik Monk.
  • Before start of 2021 season — Extension deadline for Miles Bridges.
  • 6/30/22 — Qualifying offer deadline for Miles Bridges.

Teams and players can renegotiate guarantee dates.  The NBA’s general cut-down date is approximately January 10.


  • 4/8/18 — Hired Mitch Kupchak as general manager.
  • 4/13/18 — Fired Coach Steve Clifford.
  • 5/10/18 — Hired Coach James Borrego.
  • 6/21/18 — Drafted Shai Gilgeous-Alexander (11th) and Arnoldas Kulboka (55th).
  • 6/21/18 — Traded the rights to Shai Gilgeous-Alexander (2018-11th) to Los Angeles Clippers for the rights to Miles Bridges (2018-12th), a 2020 second-rounder from Cleveland Cavaliers and 2021 second-rounder.
  • 6/21/18 — Traded two second-rounders (2019 and 2023) to Atlanta Hawks for the rights to Devonte’ Graham (2018-34th).
  • 7/2/18 — Signed Miles Bridges (2018-12th) to a $16,317,853 rookie-scale contract.
  • 7/2/18 — Signed J.P. Macura to a one-year, two-way contract.
  • 7/6/18 — Traded Dwight Howard to Brooklyn Nets for Timofey Mozgov the rights to Hamidou Diallo (2018-45th), a 2021 second-rounder and $5 million.
  • 7/6/18 — Traded the rights to Hamidou Diallo (2018-45th) to Oklahoma City Thunder for a 2019 second-rounder and $243,000.
  • 7/6/18 — Signed Devonte’ Graham (2018-34th) to a partially-guaranteed three-year $4,069,177 contract.
  • 7/7/18 — Traded Timofey Mozgov to Orlando Magic and Julyan Stone to Chicago Bulls for Bismack Biyombo and two second-rounders from the Magic (TBD).
  • TBD — Reportedly signing Tony Parker to a two-year, $10 million contract.

Expired 10-Day Contracts: None

Arena: Spectrum Center


Cap Holds

For notes on some of the rules and an explanation of cap holds, please refer to the following Salary Notes.

Salary and team data change quite often. If you notice a discrepancy, please notify Basketball Insiders Senior Writer Eric Pincus.

(Updated on 7/8/18)



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