NBA Chat with Bill Ingram 2/4/14

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Bill covers the entire NBA and is based in Dallas, Texas, where he has been an NBA analyst since 1998.  Bill can be heard on radio stations across the country.

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  1. steppxxxz

    Two things. One, why isnt more being made of just how well the Suns are playing? And in particular, Dragic. I always liked Dragic, thought he was underrated, but this year he is playing at an elite level. Honestly, serious question, who is better right now>? Second…Bynum to Pacers. Surprised me. They give high priority to character etc. A guy who has quit on two teams…though an asterik belong to the Cavs quit….but that aside, he wasnt very good in cleveland. But still i read a lot about how smart this was. I guess Im not seeing it.

    • Bill Ingram

      Good Evening and welcome to the chat, everyone!I think the reason we don’t hear more about the Suns is the same reason we don’t hear more about a lot of team. The national media has very little capacity to actually study the NBA. They can handle the top stars only, so unless there’s a trade rumor – like Gasol to Phoenix – you won’t hear much about them outside of Paul Coro’s excellent coverage and what you read here. … Bynum to Indy surprised me a little, but the more I thought about it the more sense it made. Read my piece on that here!

  2. Peter

    Hey Bill! McHale has done a phenomenal job so far in houston, however i’m not sold that he is the man to lead this franchise to a championship title. At what point do you think the rockets will consider bringing in a new coach? They have several great players, and I believe great players need great coaches in order to excel. I know they may not be considered “great” but I like Lionel Hollins and Nate McMillan. Your thoughts.

    • Bill Ingram

      McHale has done a phenomenal job? Hmmmm. Ok. What I see is a coach who has one gameplan – “MOVE THE BALL! MOVE THE BALL!” … and when that doesn’t work or the opposing team makes a half time adjustment (OKC) the Rockets simply lose. Their roster is much better than their record, and that’s coaching. I’m right there with you – great players need great coaches, and right now the Rockets don’t have one. I have often said I like McMillan or George Karl for Houston. I don’t think Dwight would play well for Hollins . . .they would butt heads.

  3. Jason

    Bill, have you heard any links or info on the rumor below:

    Lin / Turner / Montiejunas to Charlotte
    Young / Hawes / Sessions to Houston
    Gordon / Asik / MKG to Sixers

    There could also be a pick coming to Philly. Any thoughts or reaction?

    • Bill Ingram

      I’ve seen that rumored on foreign country websites, but nothing from the American press or from the usual guys who break those stories. My take on it? Makes a great deal of sense all the way around. Hawes would be great backing up Dwight, Young would give the Rockets the stretch four/three they need and Sessions is a solid locker room guy. Sixers add Asik to the core they’re building around and Turner would be a fabulous addition to the Bobcats. I don’t think Kemba Walker can start for a good playoff team, so Lin would have another chance to show he can be that guy. The way he played last week has people talking about him again, which increased the likelihood that he might get traded despite that balloon payment next year.

  4. Sweet Dee

    When asked about the Eastern Conference all-star reserves during last week’s chat, you had Joe Johnson over both Lance Stephenson and DeMar DeRozan. Seeing that Joe Johnson has worse individual stats as well as plays for a less successful team I am wondering the justification used for this selection. Please elaborate.

    • Bill Ingram

      Purely political . . .Joe Johnson is the bigger name, and that matters when it comes to All-Star votes. I think Stephenson should have been in based on his play and the Pacers’ record, but I didn’t see it as likely.

  5. Jon

    Very early look at the 2015 RFA class as these are the names that will be in trade talk a year from now. Looks to be a loaded group.

    What player do you see as most coveted/available: Leonard, Kanter, Burks, Tobias Harris, Vucevic, Reggie Jackson, Klay Thompson, Jimmy Butler, Kemba

    • Bill Ingram

      I’ll be surprised if very many of those players actually wind up being restricted free agent. Guys like Leonard, Kanter, Harris, Vucevic, Thompson and Butler should be locked up before then. Walker and Jackson, it really depends. The Thunder aren’t going to overpay, as we’ve seen, so Jackson might command more than they want to pay for a backup unless Westbrook just can’t get healthy. Kemba has a lot to prove . . .

  6. Rovyn

    Hey Bill..had a scenario that I would like your take on and see if it’s viable

    GSW- H.Barnes, Speights
    CLE- J.Jack, A. Bennett

    GSW gets jack back and a struggling PF that is not asked to do much and learn from D. Lee

    CLE- with Deng unsure of return, Barnes becomes safe backing also keeps them competitive for playoff spot

    • Bill Ingram

      I think you have drastically overvalued Bennett in that deal . . .and radically undervalued Harrison Barnes. I also wouldn’t qualify the Cavs as “competitive” for a playoff spot. That team is a hot mess . . .

  7. Sammy V

    There arent many SF better than Ariza in this league, are they? Dude has stats better than Deng, killing it on both ends of the court…I just want to give credit to players who are underrated.Whats your take?

    • Bill Ingram

      Let’s not get carried away . . .it’s important to note that Ariza is in a contract year, and guys usually play great during contract years. Buyer beware – over the course of his career Ariza has been little more than an x-factor type of player. There are PLENTY of small forwards who are better and more consistent than Ariza, starting with the obvious: Kevin Durant and LeBron James.

  8. Jervis

    Why didnt spurs go after Andrew Bynum.Isnt a center their main misssing peace?

    • Bill Ingram

      You’re kidding, right? Gregg Popovich and Andrew Bynum in the same locker room? You’ll never see a player who gives radically inconsistent effort in San Antonio. Not for long, anyway.

  9. Jason

    With the obvious rumors of the Sixers looking to move Turner, what to you think Hinkie can get back from either Charlotte, PHX, OKC or CLE? The Sixers are also in a unique position to absorb more salary then they send away due to their current salary cap position so perhaps he can extract some extra value for that. Something like Gordon and a 2014 or 2015 First Rounder for Turner. I think it comes down to protection on the picks.

    • Bill Ingram

      As of today the offers for Turner have been little more than efforts to see if Hinkie is holding a fire sale, which he is not. The Sixers are looking for real value for Turner, like valuable lottery picks in this summer’s draft. Ben Gordon isn’t getting it done, for example. I also don’t believe the Thunder have reached out . . .that was fans talking about how amazing Turner would be in OKC, and he would be. I think the Sixers will wait and see if any “real” offers come along right before the deadline. Turner could sure help a playoff team inch closer to contention.

  10. Jason

    I understand the Sixers prefer to trade Turner and Hawes, but I would imagine Young is still on the block and has the most value. What do you think the Sixers can get back for him from a team like PHX or HOU?

    • Bill Ingram

      I’ve heard that Philly is turning away from teams calling about Young . . .

  11. Aristotle

    Hey Bill

    Washington’s recent knock off of OKC and Portland.

    Good team that’s finally getting there, or caught both teams at the end of their hot streaks?

    • Bill Ingram

      Great question! My take on both games is that yes, the Wizards played well and took out top teams, but in both cases you have teams that were probably looking past what they saw as a lesser opponent. We see it at least once a week in the NBA . . .how the heck did ATLANTA beat Miami??? Because the HEAT were’t thinking about Atlanta and they fell flat. Doesn’t mean Atlanta is better. The Wizards deserve credit, though. They came out ready to play and got two big wins. Might give them confidence going forward.

  12. Aristotle

    Hey Bill

    Regarding the Cavs, is it a case of a too cocky “I can be the best SG” Dion against an “I’m Uncle Drew” Kyrie?

    My feeling is Irving shoots for Hollywood first chance he gets, whether by trade or waiting until a free agent, but I also can’t see Dion being kept on that roster.

    • Bill Ingram

      I wasn’t a fan of Waiters when they drafted him and that hasn’t changed. Many nights he looks like MVP of the D-League. I don’t think Kyrie is itching to leave, but the Cavs had better start making smart moves and clean up the culture of that team or he will, indeed, leave them to watch another player become a champion somewhere else.

  13. Chris

    Hi Bill,

    Do you see the Wizards making a trade by the deadline? If so, who on the Wizards roster (excluding untouchable Wall and Beal) has the most trade value?

    • Bill Ingram

      Ironically, Young may have the most value, though the Sixers are hoping to move Turner and Hawes instead. Won’t be hard to find a taker, but a taker that doesn’t want to send bloated contracts back? Might be tougher . . .

  14. Bill

    Hey Bill,

    What can you tell me about the Magic at the dead line. Are there currently any deals they are discussing? Please give me a real world example of what Affair could return?

    • Bill Ingram

      Hey! I haven’t heard any credible trade rumors involving the Magic . . .not for Afflalo or anyone else. The losing just means they are more likely to land a franchise player this summer in the draft.

  15. Mavs, spurs jazz hater

    Do you see morey making a deal by the deadline? he has always being one of the most active GM’s at the deadline.

    • Bill Ingram

      He’s definitely active . . .and it’s no secret who he’s looking to move. He’d love to turn Asik and Lin into a backup center and a long scorer who can defend. If the Rockets don’t make a move it won’t be for lack of trying, it will be for lack of good assets to move.

  16. Tony

    Do you think the heat made a mistake not picking up Bynum (Yes we all know he has issues)? Hibbert and Bynum seems a lot more formidable in the paint than Bosh and Chris Andersen.

    • Bill Ingram

      Ask me again in a month . . .LOL. Nothing about Bynum looked formidable in Cleveland.

  17. Danny

    Only play 2 of your 4 most highly paid players can play at 1 time because of chemistry and redundancy; as it stands $30 m will be paid to 2 bench players next year; your team made the playoffs less than half of the time you have taken the helms; your coach is considered woefully inadequate to lead the team while the previous coach becomes just 1 of 8 coach to have accumulated > than 1000 victories.

    Why is Daryl Morey still highly regarded around the league despite being as astute and successful as David Kahn and Isaiah Thomas?

    • Bill Ingram

      Good question to end on. I have been more than critical of Morey over the years, mostly because I’m tired of my home town team sucking year after year after year. He made a terrible coaching hire, spent years trying to build his team in the image of a baseball team that has never won a title, and when he finally figured out that you have to have two superstars to be a postseason success, he had to scrap the team in order to sign the second one. What he hasn’t realized yet is that Dwight Howard is not a champion, and that fielding a team that won’t defend is only going to get you bounced in the first round. If you can figure out why people think Morey is so smart let me know. I’m completely stymied by it. He drafts well, especially in the second round, and the Harden move was outstanding. Otherwise, I’m not impressed. Thanks, as always, for spending some of your Tuesday with us here at HOOPSWORLD.