Philadelphia 76ers Team Salary


2016-17 Team-By-Team Salary Summary

Quick: Currently under the cap by $9.0 million.

Projected Cap Space for 2017-18 ($101 million cap): Up to $55.4 million


  • Room Exception: $4,328,000

Free Agents (with Cap Holds)

  • Bird: Tiago Splitter ($12,825,000), Robert Covington (TO, $1,471,382)
  • Early Bird: Charles Jenkins* ($1,471,382 cap hold)
  • Non-Bird: Sergio Rodriguez ($9,600,000), Byron Mullens* ($1,471,382 cap hold), Alex Poythress (RFA, $1,512,611)

* Cannot be used in a sign and trade because they were not active players in the NBA last season.

Non-Guaranteed Salaries

  • Gerald Henderson $9,000,000
  • Richaun Holmes $1,471,382
  • T.J. McConnell $1,471,382
  • Shawn Long $1,312,611

2017 Draft Picks: 4th (cap hold $5,090,040, lottery TBD), may have Los Angeles Lakers (4th-6th), 36th (from Sacramento Kings, lottery TBD), 39th (from Dallas Mavericks), 46th (from Miami HEAT), 50th (from Atlanta Hawks); Own 34th to Sacramento Kings

Unsigned Draft Picks

  • First-rounders: Furkan Korkmaz (2016th-26th, cap hold $1,465,920)
  • Second-rounders: Vasilije Micic (2014-52nd)

2016/17 Roster Count: Eight guaranteed, four non-guaranteed, one team option

Depth Chart*:
PG: T.J. McConnell, Jerry Bayless
SG: Nik Stauskas, Gerald Henderson
SF: Justin Anderson, Timothe Luwawu-Cabarrot
PF: Ben Simmons, Dario Saric, Shawn Long
C: Joel Embiid, Jahlil Okafor, Richaun Holmes

*Note: Teams often adjust their depth chart throughout the season, sometimes game by game.


  • 6/16/17 — No-trade restriction lifts on Shawn Long.
  • 6/24/17 — Team option on Robert Covington.
  • 6/29/17 — Qualifying offer deadline for Alex Poythress.
  • 6/30/17 — Gerald Henderson’s $9 million guarantees for 2017-18.
  • 8/9/17 — Robert Covington’s salary guarantees at $53,547 for 2017-18.
  • 9/26/17 — Shawn Long’s salary guarantees at $50,000 for 2017-18.
  • First game of the season — Shawn Long’s salary guarantees for $250,000 for 2017-18.
  • 10/31/17 — Team options for Jahlil Okafor, Justin Anderson, Dario Saric, Timothe Luwawu-Cabarrot and Ben Simmons.
  • 10/31/17 — Extension deadlines for Joel Embiid and Nik Stauskas.
  • 1/10/18 — Robert Covington’s $1,577,230 guarantees for 2017-18.
  • 1/10/18 — T.J. McConnell and Richaun Holmes’ $1,471,382 guarantee for 2017-18.
  • 1/10/18 — Shawn Long’s $1,312,611 guarantees for 2017-18.
  • 6/29/18 — Team options on Richaun Holmes and T.J. McConnell.
  • 6/29/18 — Qualifying offer deadlines for Joel Embiid and Nik Stauskas.
  • 7/15/18 — Shawn Long’s $1,544,951 guarantees for 2018-19.
  • 10/31/18 — Extension deadlines for Jahlil Okafor and Justin Anderson.
  • 10/31/18 — Team options on Dario Saric, Timothe Luwawu-Cabarrot and Ben Simmons.
  • 1/10/19 — T.J. McConnell and Richaun Holmes’ $1,600,520 guarantee for 2018-19.
  • 6/29/19 — Qualifying offer deadlines for Shawn Long, Justin Anderson and Jahlil Okafor.
  • 10/31/19 — Extension deadlines for Dario Saric, Timothe Luwawu-Cabarrot and Ben Simmons.
  • 6/29/20 — Qualifying offer deadlines for Dario Saric, Timothe Luwawu-Cabarrot and Ben Simmons.

Teams and players can renegotiate guarantee dates.  The NBA’s general cut-down date is approximately January 10.


  • None

Waived Players: None

Traded Players: None

Expired 10-Day Contracts: None

Coaching Staff

Head Coach: Brett Brown (four-year deal, starting for 2013-14 season; two-year extension)

Assistants: Jim O’Brien, Kevin Young, John Bryant (player development), Alvin Williams (player development), John Townsend (shooting coach), Chris Babcock (assistant director of player development)

Trainers: Kevin N. Johnson, Jesse Wright (strength and conditioning)

Basketball Executives:

  • Jerry Colangelo — chairman of basketball operations
  • Bryan Colangelo — president of basketball operations
  • Marc Eversley — vice president of player personnel
  • Brandon Williams — vice president of basketball administration
  • Sachin Gupta — vice president of basketball operations
  • Ben Falk — vice president of basketball strategy
  • Ned Cohen — vice president of basketball operations and chief of staff
  • Vince Rozman — senior director of basketball operations

Pick Swaps

  • 2017 — Owed first-rounder (top-three protected, unprotected in 2018) from Los Angeles Lakers (Steve Nash, Brandon Knight).
  • 2017 — Have the right to swap first-rounders with Sacramento Kings (Nik Stauskas), provided the Kings’ pick is in the top-10.
  • 2018 — Owed second-rounder from Los Angeles Clippers (Byron Mullens), which can be swapped with the New York Knicks at Sixers’ discretion (Travis Outlaw).
  • 2018 — Owed second-rounder from Cleveland Cavaliers (Keith Bogans), right to swap with Brooklyn Nets (Andrei Kirilenko).
  • 2019 — Owed first-rounder from Sacramento Kings (Nik Stauskas).
  • 2019 — Owed second-rounder from Milwaukee Bucks (or Sacramento Kings, whichever is the higher pick; Luc Richard Mbah a Moute, Jason Kidd, Marquis Teague).
  • 2019 — Owed second-rounder from New York Knicks (Travis Outlaw).
  • 2020 — Owed first-rounder (top-20 protected and two years following Oklahoma City Thunder’s conveyance of a pick to Utah Jazz, otherwise converts to 2022 and 2023 second-rounders) from Thunder (Jerami Grant).
  • 2020 — Owed second-rounder from Brooklyn Nets (Andrei Kirilenko).
  • 2020 — Owed second-rounder from New York Knicks (Guillermo Hernangomez).
  • 2020 — Owed second-rounder from Dallas Mavericks (Nerlens Noel).
  • 2021 — Owed second-rounder from New York Knicks (Guillermo Hernangomez).

Cash Paid ($3.5 million max): $0

Cash Received ($3.5 million max): $1.8 million from Cleveland Cavaliers (Sasha Kaun); $1.6 million from Utah Jazz (Tibor Pleiss)

Trade Kickers

  • None

Note: Players can waive their trade bonuses, under certain circumstances.

D-League Affiliate: Delaware 87ers (Eugene Burroughs coach)


Cap Holds

For notes on some of the rules and an explanation of cap holds, please refer to the following Salary Notes.

Salary and team data change quite often. If you notice a discrepancy, please notify Basketball Insiders Senior Writer Eric Pincus.

(Updated on 4/30/17)