Los Angeles Lakers Team Salary


2016-17 Team-By-Team Salary Summary

Quick: Up to $13.6 million in cap space (includes possibility of stretching Nick Young’s salary)

Estimated Contracts: Tarik Black, Marcelo Huertas

Note: Estimated contracts are based on reports, with a standard, increasing schedule — they are ONLY estimates.

NBA Salary Cap: $94,143,000

Luxury Tax Threshold: $113,287,000

Projected Cap Space for 2017/18 ($102 million cap): Up to $31.7 million


  • Room Exception: $1,273,000 (estimate of $1,625,000 for Marcelo Huertas)

Roster Count: 13 guaranteed

Unsigned Draft Picks

  • First-rounders: Brandon Ingram (2016-2nd, cap hold $4,401,400)
  • Second-rounders: Ater Majok (2011-58th), Chinemelu Elonu (2009-59th)

Free Agents

  • Bird: Ryan Kelly ($4,095,095 cap hold), Robert Sacre ($980,431 cap hold)
  • Early Bird: Tarik Black (restricted, $1,180,431 cap hold, re-signing)
  • Non-Bird: Brandon Bass ($3,600,000 cap hold, leaving for Los Angeles Clippers), Metta World Peace ($980,431 cap hold), Marcelo Huertas (restricted, $1,074,636 cap hold, re-signing)

Non-Guaranteed Salaries: None

Qualifying Offers: Tarik Black ($1,180,431), Marcelo Huertas ($1,074,636)

Depth Chart

PG: D’Angelo Russell, Jose Calderon, Marcelo Huertas
SG: Jordan Clarkson, Lou Williams
SF: Luol Deng, Anthony Brown, Nick Young
PF: Julius Randle, Larry Nance Jr.
C: Timofey Mozgov, Tarik Black, Ivica Zubac

Note: Teams often adjust their depth chart throughout the season, sometimes game by game.

2017/18 Rookie-Scale Options: D’Angelo Russell ($5,562,360), Julius Randle ($4,149,242), Larry Nance Jr. ($1,259,640)

Rookie Scale Extension Eligible: None

Eligible for Restructuring: Jose Calderon


  • 8/7/16 — No-trade restriction lifts on Ivica Zubac.
  • 10/31/16 — Team options on Julius Randle, D’Angelo Russell and Larry Nance Jr.
  • 12/15/16 — No-trade restrictions lift on Jordan Clarkson, Luol Deng, Timofey Mozgov and Marcelo Huertas.
  • 2/28/17 — Deadline to restructure Jose Calderon’s contract.
  • 1/15/17 — No-trade restriction lifts on Tarik Black.
  • One day before 2017 NBA Draft, no later than 6/29/17 — Player option on Nick Young.
  • 8/1/17 — Anthony Brown’s $1.0 million guarantees for 2017/18.
  • 10/31/17 — Team options on D’Angelo Russell and Larry Nance Jr.
  • 10/31/17 — Extension deadline on Julius Randle.
  • 6/30/18 — Qualifying offer deadlines on Julius Randle, Marcelo Huertas and Anthony Brown.
  • 6/30/18 — Ivica Zubac’s $1.2 million guarantees for 2018/19.
  • 10/31/18 — Extension deadlines for D’Angelo Russell and Larry Nance Jr.
  • 6/30/19 — Qualifying offer deadline for Ivica Zubac, D’Angelo Russell and Larry Nance Jr.

Teams and players can renegotiate guarantee dates.  The NBA’s general cut-down date is approximately January 10.


  • 4/24/16 — Fired Byron Scott.
  • 5/6/16 — Hired Luke Walton as head coach.
  • 6/23/16 — Drafted Brandon Ingram (2nd) and Ivica Zubac (32nd).
  • 6/29/16 — Issued qualifying offers to Jordan Clarkson, Tarik Black and Marcelo Huertas.
  • 7/7/16 — Renounced the rights to Kobe Bryant.
  •  7/7/16 — Traded the rights to Ater Majok (2011-58th) to Chicago Bulls for Jose Calderon, a Denver Nuggets 2018 second-rounder and a 2019 second-rounder.
  • 7/7/16 — Signed Jordan Clarkson to a four-year, $50 million contract.
  • 7/7/16 — Signed Luol Deng to a four-year, $72 million contract.
  • 7/7/16 — Signed Ivica Zubac (2016-32nd) to a partially-guaranteed $3.2 million contract.
  • 7/8/16 — Signed Timofey Mozgov to a four-year, $64 million contract. partially-guaranteed $12.9 million contract.
  • TBD — Reportedly agreed to re-sign Tarik Black to a two-year, partially-guaranteed $12.8 million contract.
  • TBD — Reportedly agreed to re-sign Marcelo Huertas to a two-year, partially-guaranteed $3.3 million contract.

Waived Players: None

Traded Players: None

Expired 10-Day Contracts: None

No-Trade: Kobe Bryant

Coaching Staff

Head Coach: Luke Walton (hired before 2016/17 season on estimated five-year deal, $5-6 million per season)

Assistants: Brian Shaw (associate head coach), Jesse Mermuys, Mark Madsen, Jud Buechler, Theo Robertson

Trainer: Marco Nunez, Nina Hsieh (assistant athletic trainer), Tim DiFrancesco (strength and conditioning coach)

Basketball Executives

  • Jim Buss — Owner and Vice President of Player Personnel
  • Mitch Kupchak — General Manager
  • Glenn Carraro — Assistant General Manager
  • Jesse Buss — Owner and Assistant General Manager/Director of Scouting
  • Ryan West — Director of Player Personnel

Pick Swaps

  • 2017 — Owe first-rounder (top-three protected, unprotected in 2018) to Philadelphia 76ers (Steve Nash, Brandon Knight).
  • 2018 — Owed second-rounder from Denver Nuggets (Randy Foye, Kirk Hinrich, Jose Calderon).
  • 2019 — Owed second-rounder from Chicago Bulls (Jose Calderon).
  • 2019 — Owe first-rounder (unprotected) to Orlando Magic (Dwight Howard).  If a first-rounder not sent to Philadelphia in 2017, pick to Orlando converts to 2017 and 2018 second-rounders.
  • 2019 — Owe second-rounder to Cleveland Cavaliers (Roy Hibbert, Rakeem Christmas), may go to Portland Trail Blazers (Anderson Varejao).

Cash Paid ($3.5 million max): $0

Cash Received ($3.5 million max): $0

Trade Kickers

  • None

Note: Players can waive their trade bonuses, under certain circumstances.

Amnesty: Used on Metta World Peace.

D-League Affiliate: D-Fenders (General Manager Nick Mazzella, Coach Casey Owens)


Cap Holds

For notes on some of the rules and an explanation of cap holds, please refer to the following Salary Notes.

Salary and team data changes quite often. If you notice a discrepancy, please notify Basketball Insiders Senior Writer Eric Pincus.

(Updated on 7/18/16)