New York Knicks Team Salary


Projected 2015/16 Cap Space: Cap space spent.


  • Room: $0 (Kevin Seraphin)

Roster Count: 13 guaranteed, two partially-guaranteed

Depth Chart*:
PG: Jose Calderon, Jerian Grant
SG: Arron Afflalo, Langston Galloway, Sasha Vujacic, Thanasis Antetokounmpo
SF: Carmelo Anthony, Cleanthony Early, Lance Thomas
PF: Derrick Williams, Kristaps Porzingis, Lou Amundson
C: Robin Lopez, Kyle O’Quinn, Kevin Seraphin

*Note: Teams often adjust their depth chart throughout the season, sometimes game by game.


  • 8/27/15 — The no-trade restriction lifts on Kristaps Porzingis and Jerian Grant.
  • 9/4/15 — The no-trade restriction lifts on Thanasis Antetokounmpo.
  • 9/15/15 — Langston Galloway’s salary guarantees at $440k.
  • 12/15/15 — The no-trade restriction lifts on Arron Afflalo, Robin Lopez, Kyle O’Quinn, Derrick Williams, Lance Thomas, Kevin Seraphin, Lou Amundson and Sasha Vujacic.
  • 1/10/16 — Langston Galloway’s $845k guarantees for 15/16.
  • 1/10/16 — Thanasis Antetokounmpo’s $525k guarantees for 15/16.
  • 1/10/17 — Thanasis Antetokounmpo’s $875k guarantees for 16/17.

Teams and players can renegotiate guarantee dates.  The NBA’s general cut-down date is approximately January 10.


  • 6/25/15 — Selected Kristaps Porzingis with the 4th pick in the draft.
  • 6/25/15 — Traded Tim Hardaway Jr. to Atlanta Hawks for Jerian Grant (2015-19th).
  • 6/25/15 — Traded a 2020 second-rounder, a 2021 second-rounder and $1.5 million in cash to Philadelphia 76ers for Guillermo Hernangomez (2015-35th)
  • 7/9/15 — Renounced the rights to Travis Wear, Alexey Shved, Shane Larkin, Andrea Bargnani, Quincy Acy, Baron Davis, Jason Smith and Mike Bibby.
  • 7/9/15 — Signed Robin Lopez to a four-year, $54 million contract.
  • 7/9/15 — Signed Derrick Williams to a two-year, $9 million contract, player option on second season.
  • 7/9/15 — Signed Arron Afflalo to a two-year, $16 million contract, player option on second season.
  • 7/9/15 — Traded $100k and gave Orlando Magic the rights to swap second-rounders in 2019 for Kyle O’Quinn, via sign and trade on a four-year, $16 million contract.
  • 7/10/15 — Re-signed Lance Thomas to a one-year, $1.6 million contract.
  • 7/28/15 — Re-signed Lou Amundson to a one-year, $1.6 million contract.
  • 7/28/15 — Signed Kristaps Porzingis (2015-4th) to an $18.7 million rookie-scale contract.
  • 7/28/15 — Signed Jerian Grant (19th) to a $7.6 million rookie-scale contract.
  • 8/5/15 — Signed Thanasis Antetokounmpo (2014-51st) to a two-year, partially-guaranteed ($75k) $1.4 million contract.
  • 8/6/15 — Signed Kevin Seraphin to a $2.8 million contract.
  • 8/7/15 — Signed Sasha Vujacic to a $1.4 million minimum contract.

No-Trade: Carmelo Anthony, Lou Amundson, Lance Thomas

Waived Players: Ricky Ledo

Unsigned Draft Picks

  • First-rounders: None
  • Second-rounders: Guillermo Hernangomez (2015-35th), Louis Labeyrie (2014-57th), Ahmad Nivins (2009-56th)

Coaching Staff

Head Coach: Derek Fisher (signed in 2014 to a five-year deal for up to $25 million)

Assistants: Kurt Rambis (Associate Head Coach), Jim Cleamons, Brian Keefe, Rasheed Hazzard, Joshua Longstaff (player development)

Trainer: Roger Hinds, Anthony Goenaga (assistant)

Basketball Executives

  • Phil Jackson- President
  • Steve Mills — Executive Vice President and General Manager
  • Allan Houston — Assistant General Manager
  • Jamie Matthews — Vice President, Basketball Operations
  • Mark Warkentien — Director, Player Personnel
  • Glen Grunwald — Basketball Advisor
  • John Gabriel — Director, Basketball Operations

Pick Swaps

  • 2016 — Denver Nuggets have right to swap first-rounders (Carmelo Anthony).
  • 2016 — Owe first-rounder (after Denver swap) to Toronto Raptors (Andrea Bargnani).
  • 2016 — Owe second-rounder to Houston Rockets (Raymond Felton, Jrue Holiday, Wayne Ellington, Jason Terry).
  • 2017 — Owed second-rounder from Houston Rockets (Pablo Prigioni).
  • 2017 — Owe second-rounder to Utah Jazz (Andrea Bargnani, Steve Novak).
  • 2018 — Philadelphia 76ers have right to swap the Los Angeles Clippers’ second-rounder with the Knicks second-rounder (Byron Mullens, Travis Outlaw).
  • 2019 — Owed second-rounder from Cleveland Cavaliers (Dion Waiters).
  • 2019 — Owed second-rounder from Houston Rockets (Pablo Prigioni).
  • 2019 — Owe second-rounder to Philadelphia 76ers (Travis Outlaw).
  • 2019 — Orlando Magic have right to swap second-rounders (Kyle O’Quinn).
  • 2020 — Owe second-rounder to Philadelphia 76ers (Guillermo Hernangomez).
  • 2021 — Owe second-rounder to Philadelphia 76ers (Guillermo Hernangomez).

Cash Paid ($3.4 million max): $100k to Orlando Magic (Kyle O’Quinn),

Cash Received ($3.4 million max): $0

Free Agents

  • None

Trade Kickers

  • Carmelo Anthony — 15%

Note: Players can waive their trade bonuses, under certain circumstances.

Amnesty: Used on Chauncey Billups.

D-League Affiliate: Westchester Knicks


Cap Holds

For notes on some of the rules and an explanation of cap holds, please refer to the following Salary Notes.

Salary and team data changes quite often. If you notice a discrepancy, please notify Basketball Insiders Senior Writer Eric Pincus.

(Updated on 8/17/15)