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Figuring out which channels to hit up for your Telegram betting tips can seem like a bit of a minefield, which is a shame because every bettor wants to cut to the chase and get those wagers placed.

Unfortunately, just locating the right Telegram betting channel can take an age: there are just so many options out there! On top of that, many of these supposed options turn out to be nowhere near as clued up, or as trustworthy and reliable with the ‘surefire picks’ as one might hope.

So, if you are looking to unearth only the very best Telegram betting tips via appropriate channels, or just want to learn more about the process in general, you’ve landed on the right page. Read on to discover everything there is to know about Telegram betting tips.

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Best Telegram Betting Tips Channels 2023 List

As per our research, these are the very best Telegram betting tips channels currently on the market for US sports

  1. USA Sports Bets – provides a constant stream of NBA, NFL, and MLB betting tips and picks – high accuracy with predictions; good for getting value on underdogs for increased profits
  2. Betway Accurate Sports Reports 100% Sure – one of the highest-ranking betting tips telegram channels when it comes to the accuracy of predictions (not profits)

Betting Tips Telegram Channels Explained

First and foremost, Telegram itself is a social media app that users download to their iOS or Android devices.

The app itself works much in the same vein as WhatsApp or Line but, one key difference is that all messages sent using Telegram are encrypted and – thus – protected from prying eyes.

The channels themselves can be found on websites – we suggest looking for your Telegram betting tips channel using your mobile device since this is most likely the device you’ll be using to download the channel. Telegram doesn’t work on laptops/Macs without fiddling with your software, and that requires an effort that we at Basketball Insiders don’t wish to expend – we just want to gamble.

If you’re not totally clued up on your Telegram groups, channels, and bots, read this next segment to develop a complete understanding of the different Telegram options available for betting tips.

What are Betting Tips Telegram Groups?

In essence, Telegram betting groups are online meeting places. Here, regular-professional bettors (virtually) meet up with other skilled gamblers and admin to digest the day/week’s best betting tips, share their own tips and advice, and generally discuss the world of sportsbook gambling – what’s hot and what’s not; who is in and who is out (etc.)? They are geared towards sports and not Telegram casinos.

Admin oversees the content posted to the vast majority of betting tips telegram groups, and these admins are free to add/remove both members and content, depending on whether or not such content falls under the in-house regulations.

What are Betting Tips Telegram Channels?

The sole focus of betting tips telegram channels is to broadcast public messages to bettors by sending updates and notifications directly to members’ phones.

As an example of this, if a bettor was signed up to betting tips Telegram channel X, and this channel found out that Devin Booker suffered a hamstring injury 24 hours before the Phoenix Suns next big game, the betting tips telegram channel would send that information directly to the bettor’s mobile device, enabling him/her to change/hedge bets in preparation.

Or, another example, imagine on the day the betting odds for NBA futures were released, most sportsbooks had the L.A. Lakers at about +500 to win the championship, but Sportsbook X broadcast the Lakers at +900, the betting tips telegram channel (if it were legit) would inform the bettor of such an incidence.

Because Telegram betting channels provide gamblers with rapid access to the latest betting news and tips, countless sportsbook bettors are signed up, and several renowned online sportsbooks now offer telegram betting channels of their when you download the app.

Unlike telegram betting groups, however, telegram betting channels are not interactive: only the admin/writers are able to comment/send out the notifications

What are Betting Tips Telegram Bots?

Operating inside the telegram chat, bots are third-party applications with which users can interact. Utilizing betting tips telegram bots, it’s possible to send commands and requests. It’s also possible to control the bots using HTTPS requests.

It’s all a bit hi-tech, we know. But, in essence, betting tips telegram bots simply enable bettors to

  • Create their own custom tools
  • Receive customized notifications and news
  • Receive payments
  • Create games
  • Build social services

As a user, it’s possible to interact with the betting tips telegram bots by sending direct requests from the input or, once the bot has been added to a group or chat, by sending commands to them.

How To Choose The Best Tips Telegram Channel For You

After putting in the hard yards and trying out a plethora of betting tips telegram channels, we’re confident in recommending each of the selections to appear in our top 5 at the beginning of the article.

That said, such selections can (and should) be subjective depending on the needs of each bettor as an individual. A few things to weigh up and deliberate on before you commit include:

  • The success rates of the betting tips and odds
  • Customer support and how it’s rated by other users
  • Does the telegram betting channel offer any training and/or educational resources?
  • Are there any monthly fees
  • Does the betting tips telegram channel offer a free trial?
  • Overall reputation among bettors

Fortunately, we’ve already looked into much of the above list when making our top 5, saving you time in the process. But feel free to double down on the research for your own peace of mind – we certainly would!

Ultimately, the best betting tips telegram channel is the one that suits your needs. If you have money to burn, a subscription can be a wise idea since, as with everything, you tend to get premium access and better customer service. But, if you’re uncomfortable with forking out on a subscription fee, we totally understand; plenty of our employees feel the same and refuse to stump up the cash – they (or we, I should type) prefer keeping our wallets closed and look for the best reputations/track record among the free telegram betting tips. It’s up to the individual.

Pick the telegram betting channel that you most like the sound of; use our list to shorten your search; investigate the bullet points above, and go from there.

Why Join One of the Best Telegram Betting Tips Channels?

The obvious reason to join any of the aforementioned telegram betting tips channels is that, as a sportsbook bettor, you want instant, reliable access to the best betting tips and picks for all the major sporting events.

And this is what you get with telegram betting channels:

  • Reliable Betting Tips: while nobody can ever guarantee anything in the world of sports gambling, joining the best telegram betting tips channels gives you access to reliable and experienced bettors and even ex-pros and former oddsmakers, all of whom are well perched to provide you with the kind of betting tips that – more often than not – payout. That’s the key here – you won’t win every time; get that idea out of your head immediately. But these pros can help you win with more regularity and, thus, turn a profit. As mentioned in the previous section, though, for the very best betting tips, you may need to cough up for a subscription fee to the VIP program/area.
  • Regular, Instant Telegram Notifications: a regular stream of telegram notifications ensures that bettors never miss out on the latest, surefire betting tips. The best telegram betting tips channels keep you in the thick of the action, pinging your mobile the moment the latest betting news (or odds) is made available.

How To Get Started With A Tips Telegram Channel

If you’ve made it this far and decided you are interested in signing up with a betting tips telegram channel, this next section will guide you through the signup process:

Step One: Select your preferred channel; don’t skimp on the research!

Check out a list either here at Basketball Insiders or at another site and select a telegram betting tips channel that scores high in the criteria outlined earlier and, as mentioned, the one that best suits your needs.

There are thousands to select from, so a piece of advice from us is to be sure to check how well your chosen channel is performing not only historically, but recently, too.

As an example, when we compared the betting tips telegram channels seen in the image below, we were impressed with TipsReapers: it specialized in soccer (which most of the office bets on), was well-reviewed by other users, and had a high overall success rate.

However, once we investigated it further, we found the channel took a bit of a swan dive during June and July of 2021 and, at this point, it no longer felt so attractive a proposition – form is everything when betting online (note: the channel has since totally disbanded)!

telegram betting tipsters

In the end, we (fortunately) decided we liked the look of Betway Accurate Sports Reports 100% Sure. This betting tips telegram channel was consistent and just ticked the most boxes for us.

Step Two: Join Your Channel + Download Telegram (if you haven’t already)

The next part of the process is to sign up for your chosen betting telegram channel. To do this, simply join by clicking the link provided

Telegram betting tips channels

If you haven’t already installed it, Telegram Messenger is available to download easily via your iPhone or Android store. The installation process is easy and it’s the 6th most downloaded social media app in the world, so it’s totally trustworthy.

telegram messenger app in app store

Step 3: Turn on Notification Alerts And Enjoy Access to All the Best Betting Tips

telegram betting tip for baseball

Once you’ve downloaded Telegram Messenger to use in conjunction with your preferred betting telegram channel, make sure you enable notifications, and then just sit back and wait for the tips to roll in.

Again, some of the Telegram betting channels will ask/advertise better sports betting picks & tips if you agree to sign up to their VIP service for a monthly fee – you can’t blame them: we live in a capitalist society after all.

But, whether or not you choose to go down this route is entirely up to you. There are more than enough free picks to fill your cleats. So, if you can cope with the idea of missing out on a few juicy bets here and there, no harm done – it’s your call.

Are Telegram Betting Channels Legal?

The overwhelming majority of the best betting tips telegram channels are completely legal – they should be offering advice; nothing more. There’s no law against offering advice.

That said, some betting tips telegram channels have fallen foul of the law over the years. These channels tended to be doing a little more than offering betting advice, however. These now-banned channels claimed to offer odds/tips on fixed sporting events; games in which the outcome is unfairly, annoyingly, pre-determined.

There isn’t much match-fixing in the major leagues (not to say it doesn’t happen; occasionally it does) but our research indicates that the overwhelming majority of these betting tips telegram channels claiming to offer users insight into the next fixed sporting contest tended to be lying anyways, and often got the pick wrong.

Just don’t sign up to any Telegram betting tips channels that claim to know when a game is fixed – it almost definitely does not know this. It’s a con.

Are Telegram Betting Tips Channels Free?

Most telegram channels offer a free service but will also advertise a slightly better service if you’re willing to stump up an extra $10 or so per month to join its VIP program – a bit of trend in the current commercial landscape.

These VIP programs exist to provide only the absolute best betting tips; surefire winners.

If you’d like our two cents worth, most of the betting picks telegram channels out there provide decent value for money. Typically it’s just $10 per month or so to sign up. Because of that, it doesn’t hurt to give it a go and find out. If you win money, great. If you lose money, well, you lost an extra $10 – not the end of the world. Plus, you can always just cancel.

Carpe Diem.

Best Betting Site for Using Telegram Tips

Naturally, you can use your Telegram betting tips on any and all sportsbooks out there. That said, some bookies are better than others, and – for our money – the very best you can use right now is BetOnline.

A screenshot of the BetOnline sportsbook

Quite simply, this is a fantastic all-round sportsbook. For starters, it has an enormous range of betting markets, from the likes of the NBA and NFL through to far more niche sports. Basically, whatever Telegram tips you’ve been given, you’ll be able to put them into action here. Not only that, but you’ll benefit from highly competitive odds while you do so, as well as an extremely user-friendly interface to help you find the correct market and get your bet down in no time.

These are just a couple of the many areas in which BetOnline shines. Elsewhere you’ll also get access to fantastic live betting tools, for in-play Telegram betting tips, plus outstanding customer service, plenty of payment options, some highly appealing special offers, and more.

Telegram Betting Tips Conclusion

We all want the best bettors in the world to give us their honest tips and predictions – of course, we do. And, it IS possible to find great betting tips on Telegram messenger channels.

However, for the sake of your own time and money, we suggest that you select one from either our list or another (verified) recommended list. The internet is awash with terribly rated Telegram betting tips channels, and – with reference to channels claiming to know a game is fixed in advance – even a fair few channels that are illegal!

Always research the channel you’re thinking of signing up to; have a read of the customer reviews to get a feel for it. If you can, see if you’re able to find out the channel’s recent ROI or profits too, especially if you’re planning on handing over cash to join a VIP program.

With that said, the team at Basketball insiders feel confident that we’re leaving our readers in safe hands with the top 5 Telegram betting tips channels reviewed at the top of the page. Of course, we can’t guarantee success with every bet, but stick to them and you won’t go too far wrong either – they’ve all turned a proven ROI over the course of the last 12 months.


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