PrizePicks Promo Code & Review – 100% Deposit Match up to $100

PrizePicks is one of the latest additions to the DFS betting sector. They’ve taken a traditional daily fantasy sports site and instead created a twist, allowing players to be on fantasy lines, rather than head-to-head contests.

Within the site is a range of promotions and we’re going to look extensively at the welcome offer, that you can trigger using our exclusive PrizePicks promo code, “SAFE”. The offer allows you to claim up to $100 in bonus money, which works as a 100% match of your opening deposit.

The site isn’t just limited to a welcome offer and with it, you can look to claim a range of promotions, each of which we talk you through within this article.

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100% Deposit Match up to $100

4 Stars Get Offer

PrizePicks Promo Code

We’ve been fortunate enough to work alongside PrizePicks to create a unique promo code that will allow you to claim an excellent $100 deposit bonus. All you need to do is enter the PrizePicks promo code “SAFE” and you’ll be on your way.

One of the downsides to a site like PrizePicks is that they’re still small and still quite niche. This is extenuated when it comes to the range of products and bonuses that they have on offer.

At the time of writing, the only product they offer is their DFS platform. Whilst this is fine when you compare this to the competition such as DraftKings, FanDuel and Monkey Knife Fight, it creates a much smaller package.

However, don’t jump ship just yet, as you’re going to like what is on offer. Below we’ve included the latest welcome bonus and the latest PrizePicks promo code as well.

PrizePicks Offers PrizePicks Bonus Description PrizePicks Promo Code
DFS 100% deposit match up to $100 SAFE

PrizePicks Promo Code & Review - 100% Deposit Match up to $100

How to Claim the PrizePicks Promo Code

Before you register your account, you need to have a couple of things in order. The first is that of the PrizePicks promo code and for this you need to use code “SAFE”. You must use this when you sign up for your account as you can’t add it later.

We will walk you through the whole sign-up process in the next section of this article, but for now, we want to give you a bit of an overview of the promo code and where to enter it.

Creating an account with PrizePicks is going to take a couple of minutes, max. It is one of the simplest sign-ups that we’ve seen, and it should be very straightforward to follow along with.

The one thing that you need to know with PrizePicks is that they are not available in all states. You can only sign up in 29 of the 50 US states. Whilst this is not ideal, we would assume that they are working on getting access to more states as soon as possible.

If you compare this number to the likes of DraftKings and Fanduel, they both allow access in 43 states. They are much bigger brands, but it shows that it is possible to increase the exposure. We outline all the states that have access to PrizePicks later in this article.

Once your account has been set up and you’ve correctly entered your PrizePicks promo code, you’re going to then need to make your first deposit. You’ve got a decent range of banking options available on site and there should be plenty of choice for most players.

Here is a quick step by step guide on how to claim the PrizePicks promo code:

  1. Click here to go to the PrizePicks homepage
  2. Click on the “start playing now” button
  3. Enter your account information, such as name, address, email address and password.
  4. At the bottom of the page, use the PrizePicks promo code “SAFE” and enter this into the promo box. Please note that if you click any of the links on this page, the promo code will usually already be entered for you.
  5. Make your first deposit to claim up to $100 in bonus money

How to Use the PrizePicks Promo Code

When you register a new account with PrizePicks you’re going to be able to claim a welcome bonus worth up to $100. The promotion works as a 100% match for your opening deposit.

To trigger the bonus all you need to do is use our unique PrizePicks bonus code “SAFE” and you’re instantly going to be eligible for the offer. Entry of the code needs to be made as you set up your account. You get one chance to do this, so we’re going to walk you through the process step by step.

Like most DFS sites, PrizePicks is going to need you to verify your account at some point. Usually, they will ask as you make your first withdrawal, but you’re able to verify at any point and we recommend that you do it as soon as your account has been set up.

By verifying immediately, you reduce any delays that may occur when you come to withdraw. Verification is a simple process, and they will ask you for proof of ID and proof of address. A driver’s license or passport is sufficient.

We wanted to point out that this is something that all DFS sites do now. It’s not unique to PrizePicks and it’s designed to prevent fraudulent accounts and prevent players who might be vulnerable from gaining access to the site.

The process of registration, as we’ve mentioned is simple, but make sure you follow our guide below to see exactly how it works and where to enter your PrizePicks promo code.

Step 1: Name and Email

Once you’ve clicked on the link and landed on the PrizePicks page, you’re going to be met with a landing page. On this page, you should be able to see a button that says, “Start Playing Now”. Click this button to proceed.

The form that pops up starts with asking for your name, an email address and a password to link your account. We mention this a lot in these types of promo articles, but make sure that the email address you enter, you have access to. You’re going to need this to verify your account at some point and you’ll also have access to confirm any account information if you ever needed to contact customer support.

Also, note that you get one shot at your password. We aren’t fans of this at all to be honest as a small mistake can cause you to get locked out of your account. Double-check the password is correct. A quick tip is to write it within a text document and then copy it across, so you know it’s correct.

PrizePicks Promo Code & Review - 100% Deposit Match up to $100

Step 2: Address and DOB

Next, you need to enter both your address and your DOB. In the next section of this article, we will give a full list of states where players are eligible to sign up, so you need to make sure that you’re a resident of one of these states to get a PrizePicks account.

Don’t think that you can enter a random address here and get access, but you will need to verify your address to get your money out. Take a second to make sure DOB is correct as again, this will need to be verified.

PrizePicks Promo Code & Review - 100% Deposit Match up to $100

Step 3: Enter PrizePicks promo code

At the bottom of the form is the section to enter your PrizePicks promo code. If you’ve clicked any of the links on this page then the promo code box will already be filled with the code “SAFE”. This means you’re eligible to claim the $100 bonus.

If the code has not already been prefilled, then you can just type it in and it will work in the same way. This is the only chance that you can tag this promo code onto your account, so don’t miss out.

PrizePicks Promo Code & Review - 100% Deposit Match up to $100

Step 4: Claim Bonus

Once the account has been set up, it’s now time to claim your bonus. You’re likely going to see a welcome message pop up at this point, where you can just click the “Continue” button to keep moving.

Open the accounts section and click “Deposit” at the top of the screen. All you need to do is make your opening deposit of $10 or more and your bonus will be instantly applied to your account.

PrizePicks Promo Code & Review - 100% Deposit Match up to $100

PrizePicks logo

100% Deposit Match up to $100

4 Stars Get Offer

Who Can Use the PrizePicks Promo Code?

Anyone eligible to open an account is going to be able to claim the PrizePicks promo code. All you need to do is make sure that you use the code “SAFE” to trigger the bonus then you can grab a 100% match on your opening deposit worth up to $100.

As with all of these promotions, there are a few terms that you need to meet before creating an account and then claiming this bonus. We’ve outlined the main ones below and then also address full T’s and C’s later in the article.

Who Can Use PrizePicks?
  • Players need to be aged 18+. However, some states will require this age to be 19+ or even 21+
  • A minimum deposit of $10 is needed to trigger the bonus
  • Bonus will be a 100% match of your deposit amount worth up to $100
  • Currently, only 29 states allow players to create an account with PrizePicks
  • Supporting documents will be needed to verify your account

PrizePicks Promo Code & Review - 100% Deposit Match up to $100

How to Use the Bonus at PrizePicks

Your bonus is going to be applied to your account as soon as your first deposit has cleared. You are now able to use the bonus money as you like within the DFS betting site.

There are, however, a few things you need to note about how to use the bonus.

First, you need to wager through the bonus just once to release the money cash into your withdrawable balance. So, if you get $50 worth of bonus money, you need to wager $50 to release the bonus money.

Second, you can enter a contest using the bonus money. But, if you don’t win with that contest, then you lose the bonus money and any winnings. If you win, you get the bonus applied to your balance and your stake, which is usually combined in your payout anyway.

Finally, you have 90 days to use and wager through the bonus before it expires. If you don’t manage to do this within the timeframe, then you forfeit the full bonus.

We have to add that their PrizePicks bonus has to be one of the best on the market right now. To have a bonus worth up to $100 and only need to wager it through once, is insane.

To put this into some context, if you got a similar 100% match up to $100 bonus from a sportsbook, you’d have to wager the bonus (and possibly the deposit amount as well) at least 10 times and sometimes as much as 30. For casinos, these numbers increase again.

You’re able to track the progress of the bonus from within your account section. It will show you how much more you need to wager to release as cash to your account. Don’t forget, once the bonus has been cleared you are free to withdraw it or use it with any games on the PrizePicks DFS site.

How to Make a Profit Using the PrizePicks Promo Code

We’ve established that you’re getting one of the best DFS bonuses in the business here, but the key is to try and make a profit from your time on the site. There are no guarantees with DFS, but there are practices that you can put in place to maximize your chances of making a profit.

There are a couple of ways you can approach this. One would be to use the free money as a bit of a gamble to potentially win big with no fear of losing any money. The other would be to grind out a profit on top of your bonus.

Given that the bonus is so accessible and so easy to clear, it makes us want to lean into going all out for the big win. However, this is entirely your call and if you want to play it safe, then this makes sense as well.

To kick things off, you still need to wager your deposit once to release the bonus. With this, we’re looking for low variance bets that aren’t going to win huge sums of money and allow us to meet the turnover requirements without too much fuss.

The lowest variance bets at PrizePicks are where you take the least number of selections possible and in this case, that would be two. You can pick up to 5 players for most bets, but all you’re doing there is increasing variance and reducing the chances of winning.

You don’t have to target basketball games, but it’s likely given you’re on a basketball-related site that this is your go-to sport, it’s probably a good place to start. You can choose between the points spread, assist and rebound spread. You can also move away from single stat pick and choose fantasy score lines, but these are a little more unpredictable.

Keep picks low and stick to picks that you feel have the best chance of winning from the field you can choose from.

Once the bonus is released and you’re looking to grind out a profit, you can continue with this method for your bonus money. It’s about as low variance as you will get on the DFS betting site and is a popular choice.

If you’re looking for that bigger win and want to take risks, then it’s time to up the number of picks. 5 correct picks will pay 10x your money and you don’t have to stick to a single sport or event either. You can mix and match till your heart is content.

If you decide to use 4 or fewer picks, then you can choose between Flex Play and Power Play. Flex Play is where you get paid for all picks being correct, but also get paid if you get just one selection wrong. Power Play is where you put all your eggs in one basket, only getting paid if all picks come in.

The odds for the two bet types will differ as a result. For example, 4 picks on Power Play will pay 10x, where are 4 picks on Flex Play will pay 5x for 4 correct picks and 1.5x for 3 correct picks.

PrizePicks has been set up to offer a spin on DFS betting. This is their only product, so you can’t access any casino or sportsbooks promos. Below we’ve included more info on this product and the welcome bonus you can expect to claim, along with turnover requirements.

PrizePicks Offers PrizePicks Bonus Description PrizePicks Turnover Requirements
DFS Up to $100 in bonus money, 100% match 1x Turnover within 90 days

PrizePicks Promo Code Terms and Conditions

We’ve spoken previously about how good this bonus is, but one of the highlights is the lack of terms and conditions that are applied. Usually, we must break down several pages to find basic answers, but that isn’t the case here.

The downside is that this is the only product that you can claim on the site and even though the PrizePicks promo code is highly lucrative, it makes up what is otherwise a pretty baron bonus section for the site.

Nonetheless, we’ve included a full rundown of the T’s and C’s below, also looking at how to insert the PrizePicks promo code as you create your account.

DFS – 100% Deposit Match up to $100

The only offer that you can claim on the site is that of the 100% deposit match, which is worth up to $100. The bonus is one of the best you will find and the T’s and C’s that come with it are minimal.

If you are looking to claim the full bonus, then you need to deposit at least $100. You can deposit more than this with your opening transaction, but this is the limit for the bonus.

Here is a full look at the T’s and C’s for this offer:

  • Use PrizePicks Promo Code “SAFE” to trigger welcome offer
  • Max bonus $100
  • Bonuses start from $10
  • You need to wager the bonus once before its released as cash
  • Bonus will expire after 90 days
  • Only eligible for new accounts making their first deposit

Top Current Offers Available for New and Existing Customers

We’ve talked a lot about the welcome offer and how good that is, but we must be honest when we say that the rest of the promotions section leaves a lot to be desired. It’s not that what is it isn’t good, it’s more that there is a distinct lack of options outside of the welcome offer.

This isn’t uncommon in smaller sites. We see it a lot in sports betting sites, especially those that have only recently opened their virtual doors. If you’re looking for a range of exciting player promos, then we’re afraid that PrizePicks just does not have them in abundance.

They do have some offers though, but most are short-term. Another frustrating feature of the site is that there is no dedicated promotions section. It’s hard to find out what is running and when which means it’s easy to miss these sorts of things.

On the desktop site, you generally get some sort of pop-up box if there is something new. You can click on this, and it will tell you the information that you need. They also have boxes at the top of the page once logged in which again highlight current offers.

But one of the best ways to go about this is to check out their Twitter account. They are incredibly active on there and they tell you all the offers that are currently running and about to start. This is a nice feature, so kudos to PrizePicks for embracing social media like this.

Below we’ve compiled a list of offers that are ever in-running or have been running. Whilst we don’t usually include old promotions, we wanted to give you an idea of what has already run, so that you can see what potentially might pop up.

  • Risk-Free Entry – Take a risk-free entry into the competition on the advert and you get to keep any winnings from that entry. Usually targets less popular sports and events.
  • Refer a Friend – Get $25 for every friend that you get to sign up using your unique promo code. You will need your friend to wager through their opening deposit once before the $25 is released into your account as cash.
  • Power Payout Boost – Get a boost on all payouts for a specific day and contest. Boosts can be up to 4x the standard payout and there is no need to opt-in. Usually lasts no longer than 24 hours, but is highly lucrative nonetheless.

Compare Other Promo Codes

PrizePicks might lack the depth of some of the main coemption when it comes to promotions, but few offer a better welcome bonus. Even though their $100 bonus might not be the biggest in terms of monetary value, it’s the most user-friendly, thanks to its low turnover requirements.

DFS Site Welcome Offer Promo Code
PrizePicks $100 bonus 100% match SAFE
Monkey Knife Fight $100 bonus, 4% contribution SAFE
DraftKings $500 Bonus, 20% match SAFE
FanDuel $500 bonus, 20% match SAFE

Why You Should Sign Up with PrizePicks – Pros and Cons

It’s tough to compare PrizePicks to the likes of DraftKings and FanDuel. The pair are regarded as the biggest and the best, plus they’ve been around for a lot longer as well.

However, they’re all in the same space and essentially do the same job. This means that we’ve likely got to be a little more critical on PrizePicks than we may otherwise.

There are lots to like on the site, so let’s start with that. It’s a good-looking DFS site and it’s incredibly simple to use. There’s no clutter and you can jump between sports and markets without a bother.

They’ve included a good range of sports and contests as well. The lack of contests outside of playing lines for certain games is an issue and they lack depth as a result. The DFS site is offering something that most other sites do not in going down this road, so that’s OK with us.

Of course, the welcome offer is a brilliant addition. It’s worth signing up to the site for this alone. Just make sure you use our PrizePicks promo code “SAFE” to trigger the full 100% match up to $100.

The negatives are that it lacks depth. The number of contests that you can make isn’t that big and you’re also limited as to the sums of money you can win.

Given that there are no jackpot games at all, the lure of being able to win life-changing sums of money for very small buy-ins is not there. This might not bother many people, but we think it’s an important factor that they miss out on.


  • Brilliant welcome offer – potentially best in the business
  • Simple to use site that looks great
  • Great mobile app downloaded from both app stores
  • Good coverage of eSports and several markets outside of that you would call “mainstream”
  • Customer service is always prompt to respond and make you feel very welcome for new players
  • Different style of contests compared to most of the competition
  • Interaction with social media accounts


  • Lack of promotions outside of the welcome offer
  • Limited in terms of content types that you can play
  • Hard to find information on upcoming offers

PrizePicks Mobile Apps Available

The mobile app is one of the highlights and you’re able to access this on both the App Store for iOS and Google Play Store for Android Devices.

PrizePicks have spent a lot of time and effort making sure that it’s up to the standard of the desktop site in terms of looks and usability. It’s a hard push to choose between the two to be honest, but we agree that they are both brilliantly done.

You’re going to be able to register your account from the app. You can also use the PrizePicks promo code upon registering to trigger the 100% deposit match as part of the welcome bonus.

What’s interesting to see is just how highly others rate this app as well. Both app stores have average ratings of over 4.5 stars, which is incredible for a DFS betting site.

PrizePicks Promo Code & Review - 100% Deposit Match up to $100

Payment Options

Banking with PrizePicks has been faultless throughout our testing. They have all the options that we would expect to see from many of the bigger DFS sites and with that, comes a great range for players to choose from.

Deposits on-site start from as little as $10. It’s worth noting that withdrawals start from $30. There are no fees charged by PrizePicks at all, however, they do state that some payment processes may charge if you need to convert currency, so bear that in mind.

Banking Method Deposit Time Minimum Deposit Withdrawal Time
Visa Instant $10 3-5 Banking Days
Mastercard Instant $10 3-5 Banking Days
Discover Instant $10 3-5 Banking Days
American Express Instant $10 3-5 Banking Days
Bank Transfer N/A N/A 3-5 Banking Days
PayPal Instant $10 3-5 Banking Days
Wire Transfer N/A N/A 7-10 Banking Days
Check N/A N/A 7-10 Banking Days

Customer Service

The customer service team has been exemplary throughout testing with PrizePicks. These guys can get back to you quickly and they know what they are talking about as well.

It’s a bit of a shame to only see a contact form on site and not a live chat function. However, you can contact them via social media channels as well, which sometimes will prompt a quicker response.

PrizePicks logo

100% Deposit Match up to $100

4 Stars Get Offer

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