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Bob Huggins’ WVU Mountaineers Future: Will Buyout Prevent Him Being Fired and Should He Resign?

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West Virginia University (WVU) men’s basketball head coach Bob Huggins is currently under fire for making homophobic remarks during a Cincinnati sports radio show. Although he has issued an apology and WVU has condemned his comments, the question remains whether Huggins’ contract and buyout will deter the university from firing him.

Bob Huggins Contract and Salary

Bob Huggins boasts an impressive coaching record, with over 900 career wins and multiple NCAA Tournament appearances. His coaching prowess has earned him a contract through the end of the 2024 season, with an annual salary of $4.2 million.

In addition to his salary, Huggins can earn up to $650,000 in incentives. These incentives are awarded for the team’s performance in conference and NCAA tournament play. However, all that is in jeopardy after Huggins called Xavier fans an anti-gay slur on radio.

What Did Bob Huggins Do?

Huggins used a homophobic slur, twice, to describe Xavier fans. If you must hear it for yourself, check out the clip below.

Huggins subsequently apologized and WVU are in the midst of conducting their own investigation.

Bob Huggins Buyout

As of April 1st, Bob Huggins’ buyout was only $2,593,750 – a sum on the lower end of the spectrum for Division I head coaches.

The relatively low buyout may not be enough to protect Huggins from being fired. In the world of college sports, buyouts are often used as a financial cushion for both the coach and the university, ensuring a smooth transition if a contract is terminated. Huggins’ buyout, if he were to be fired without cause, might seem affordable for a university of WVU’s stature.

Difference Between “With Cause” and “Without Cause”

To understand the implications of Huggins’ potential firing, it’s essential to clarify the difference between “with cause” and “without cause” terminations. Firing a coach “with cause” typically refers to contract breaches or other violations, such as NCAA infractions. In these cases, a university may avoid paying a buyout altogether.

On the other hand, “without cause” terminations are often related to performance or other factors not explicitly outlined in the contract. In these instances, the buyout comes into play.

In Huggins’ case, it is unclear whether his homophobic remarks would be considered grounds for termination “with cause.” It is possible that the university has a clause which requires Huggins not to bring the university into disrepute, but this would need to be specifically outlined within the contract.

If WVU decides that his comments do not fall under this category, the university would be responsible for paying the $2.5 million buyout. With public opinion increasingly demanding accountability for such offensive behavior, it is not unlikely that WVU may choose to cut ties with Huggins despite the financial implications.

Should Huggins Resign?

Some argue that Huggins should be fired, citing the low cost of his buyout and the need for the university to take a strong stance against bigotry. As a public figure and role model, Huggins’ actions have consequences, and it could be argued that WVU has a responsibility to send a clear message that such behavior will not be tolerated.

On the other hand, Huggins may choose to resign voluntarily, thereby sparing WVU the need to make a decision. This option would allow him to exit (somewhat) gracefully while accepting responsibility for his actions. However, it remains to be seen whether Huggins would consider this route, given his long and successful coaching career.

It would likely be the best option for WVU, as the entire college basketball world awaits the result of the school’s “investigation” into their head coach clearly using a homophobic slur twice on public radio.

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