Chicago’s DeMar DeRozan believes many players take the NBA for granted: ‘We do have a lot of sorry mother f**kers’

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Back when Lakers superstar LeBron James said that his son Bronny was better than many players in the NBA, is still creating waves between fans and athletes in the league.

According to Bulls star DeMar De Rozan‘s comments on the “Podcast P” with Paul George, he somewhat agrees. The Clippers foward also concurred.

“We got some sad mother****ers in the league, I’m gonna be honest. I’m the type of guy that keeps my opinions to myself. I chill. I take the backseat,” the Bulls player said, but couldn’t contain his language when referring to these players. “We do have a lot of sorry mother f**kers in the league.”

We can’t go on say that DeRozan is agreeing entirely with LeBron, but we kind of get the idea that he’s saying that some players in the league aren’t as good as many might perceive them to be.

“Being in the league so long, you realize how many mother f**kers don’t love the game of basketball,” the 33-year-old added. “Who take it for granted. Who feel so entitled.

Who just want everything that come with it but don’t want to put the work in. It’s so frustrating. You know what I mean?”

If there was one common denominator in what both players agreed on, was that the younger generations coming into the NBA defintely feel as if they deserve all the attention in the world, instead of earning it day by day.

“We play in an era where you have to earn everything. You got so many guys coming in and thinking they just just be playing because they homeboy told them they nice. It’s like bro, you’re not good,” DeRozan kept at it.

“So I definitely got Bron’s standpoint of that because you’d be surprised.”

The podcast host broke it down into numbers, to have a clearer view on how many of these “types” of players actually are part of the league. According to George, roughly 450 players in the league and 75 to 100 “stink”, as DeMar said.

“Good dudes though,” the Clippers player made sure to add.

DeRozan recalled about how important Kobe Bryant was for his formation

Back when the Bulls star was a teenager, he said that being part of Kobe Bryant’s training camp was a dream come true that changed his life forever.

“I think my first time meeting him was – I was 15-16 years old at the Kobe Camp,” he remembered. “It was the time when everybody had their own little camp. It’s been a picture that has been floating out there when we were at his camp, and I was sitting in the front row. You see Klay, sitting in the second row, but we was literally locked in at everything he was saying.”

Check out the episode of Paul George’s podcast to see the entire interview:

DeRozan said he was like a sponge soaking up every single word that came out of the Lakers legend’s mouth, and especially felt the need to emulate Kobe’s unquenchable thirst for glory.

“From that moment, being at his camp, I didn’t realize he knew who I was,” he added. “It started with little conversations like ‘Do this, do this,’ next thing you know it’s ‘I am hoopin’, I am having this open run come to this,’ it turns into like ‘Yo, I’m in the gym, let’s do this.’ It started to slowly turn into a whole different type of relationship that just came from respect to me being an athlete, and really paying attention to everything he said.

“And by the time I was senior in high school, I’m getting his shoes, personally giving me his shoes.”