Grizzlies’ Ja Morant commences his defense and files countersuit against teenager who accused him of aggresion

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Memphis star Ja Morant decided to file a countersuit against the teenager that accused him months ago of punching him. The point guard’s case charges the teen with slander, battery and assault during a basketball match at his house last year.

The name of the accused is Joshua Holloway, whose lawsuit was amended on March 28 when he finally turned 18. The two-time All-Star’s legal action was filed this past Wednesday night in the Shelby County Circuit Court over damaging the player’s reputation and putting him in risk of losing million dollar deals.

The athlete’s countersuits was reported nationally even though it was under seal until the amended version was finally filed, as it potentially puts Morant’s personal and business relationships at risk as he has many “unconsummated deals in progress”.

The Grizzlies player accuses the young man of lying to the police, especially as there are some important holes between his original story, and the amended version of his lawsuit. Morant recalls that he did punch Holloway after he was hit in the face with a basketball, and the teen approached him wanting to fight.

The amended version now accuses “one of both” him and his friend Davonte Pack of assaulting the teen even when he went to the ground. Holloway later said that Morant threatened him with a gun as he was leaving the house, and his mother called the police as soon as he got home.

“These statements were false, and Counter-Defendant had actual knowledge of their falsehood or had reckless disregard for the truth,” Morant’s countersuit states.

The Memphis guard has recieved many threats ever since the incident

The first threat that Morant received was from the same Holloway, as he was being escorted out of his house by the player’s father. While the basketball star and his friends remained on court, the teen allegedly started to shout that he would return to “light [Mr Morant’s] house up like a firework show.”

The All-Star then said that he recieved another threat on Snapchat by someone who appeared to be Holloway (or in representation of him), terrorizing to hurt him and his family.

Check out how the press has attended Morant’s recent legal issues:

After Morant filed the countersuit, he has declined to speak to the press on the matter as they attended the Grizzlies’ practice on Thursday. The team ended regular season as the Western Conference’s No. 2 seed, and now prepare to host the Los Angeles Lakers in the first round of playoffs this Sunday.

The point guard is currently signed to Memphis with a five-year, $193 million contract since July 2022, which includes a $38 million bonus if he made it to the All-NBA this campaign.

The player had been suspended for eight matches in March after he displayed a firearm on social media and the NBA considered it “conduct detrimental to the league.”