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Out Of Bounds: Acrobatics And Theatrics

We’ve got video montages, singing performances, cheerleader makeovers, and plenty more in tonight’s Out of Bounds.



Hilarious Video of the Night


Barkley continues his tongue-in-cheek relationship with the city of San Antonio, but is rendered about as close to “speechless” as possible when Tim Duncan’s girlfriend sends him a message.

EuroLeague Dunk of the Night

Get used to hearing this name, as Bojan Bogdanovic may be providing dunks like this in the NBA if drafted next month.

Instagrams of the Night


We see you, DeMarcus.

No, this is not a joke. Yes, Landry Fields really is going to be on this show…because that doesn’t have the potential to be a train wreck at all. Can. Not. Wait.

Video of the Night

No need to wait, as we actually found the footage.

Swag of the Night

We Dem Boyz!!!! #jeepkings #ridintuff #topmissin' #cheezin #boozcrew #cliq #holdat ???

A post shared by Carlos Boozer (@mrcbooz) on

Even though we can’t see the full ride, the personalized headrests and family moment were enough to share this photo from Carlos Boozer’s IG account.

Dunk Cam of the Night


At a certain point, it really is just better to get out of the way. THIS would have been one of them.

Throwback of the Night

The Utah Jazz want to be sure their fans remember some of the incredible players that have been selected with the 5th pick in years past. With a class presumed to be as deep as this one may be, they could very well find themselves another gem at that position.

Video Mix of the Night

If these guys ever get tired of performing for street crowds, we’re pretty sure they could find some work doing halftime shows at NBA games. No offense, Red Panda.

Cheerleader of the Night

The Sixers just wanted to remind potentially aspiring cheerleaders for their 2014-15 squad there are certainly levels to this game.


Jabari Davis is a senior NBA Writer and Columnist for Basketball Insiders, covering the Pacific Division and NBA Social Media activity.

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