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Out Of Bounds

Out of Bounds: WWE Invades Indianapolis

Out of Bounds sees WWE come to Indianapolis and throws Lance Stephenson under the bus… Best Jordan highlights in the Finals mix… 2014 Mary Kline Classic Dunk Contest features freakish high school athleticism.



The Funny, Stupid Thing of the Day

Yesterday, WWE Raw came to Indianapolis with Damian Sandow doing his best impersonation of Pacers guard and upcoming free agent, Lance Stephenson. Sandow took to throwing Lance under the bus for the Indiana crowd, only to get beat down by Big Show. The most hilarious part? Pacers forward Chris Copeland was ring-side and wasn’t digging the show at all.

Top Jordan Finals Highlights

With the Finals inching closer, we know you’re needing a basketball fix to get through these off days. Here’s an awesome mix of Michael Jordan’s best Finals moments in his career. Nothing like some great plays by “His Airness” on the biggest stage to bring goosebumps.

Tweet of the Day

Somebody in San Antonio is already throwing down some cash to throw some shots at the Miami HEAT.

Dunks of the Day

Yesterday featured the 2014 Mary Kline Classic Dunk Contest between athletic high school freaks Abdul-Malik Abu, Wade Baldwin, Derrick Jones and Unique McLean. All these dunks were impressive for these young kids, but Jones jumping clean over two people has to take the cake in our opinion.

Kicks of the Day

And we're off… #FinalsBound #wayofwade #flavors #Lows #Imcomfortablebeingdifferent #liningusa

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Yet another example of the crazy kicks HEAT guard Dwyane Wade gets to toy with. D-Wade’s kicking up his feet after knocking off the Pacers, but you can bet he’ll be laced up and ready for action come Thursday.

Chris Webber Highlight Mix

Before he was dropping insight on TV, Chris Webber was absolutely unstoppable in his prime. Kings fans can only watch this mix and hope their organization will return to the glory days where Webber was leading the way.

Swag of the Day

It's about that time! Wonder where ill end up???

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Who’s going to grab this young stud come June 26th? Not only is forward Aaron Gordon already rocking a pro-level suit game, his game on the court is going to have his future team’s fans jumping out of their seats.

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Kyle Cape-Lindelin is based out of Portland, OR covering the NBA while being one of the newsline editors and contributor to "Out of Bounds."

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