Brooklyn Nets Team Salary


2016-17 Team-By-Team Salary Summary

Quick: Over the cap.

Projected 2016-17 Cap Space: $41.4-$55.2 million


  • Trade Exception (Steve Blake, expiring 7/13/16) — $2,170,465
  • Room Exception*: $2,898,000

*If team goes under the cap, they will lose all of their exceptions, but gain the room exception.

2016/17 Roster Count: Six guaranteed, one partially-guaranteed, two player options

Draft Picks: 55th (from Los Angeles Clippers)

Unsigned Draft Picks

  • First-rounders: Caris LeVert (2016-20th, cap hold $1,301,900, reportedly in trade from Indiana Pacers in July)
  • Second-rounders: Isiah Whitehead (2016-42nd), Juan Pablo Vaulet (2015-39th), Christian Drejer (2004-51st)

Free Agents

  • Early Bird: Andray Blatche*
  • Limited Bird: Sergey Karasev
  • Non-Bird: Thomas Robinson, Henry Sims, Donald Sloan, Jason Collins (retired)*, Jerry Stackhouse (retired)*

* Cannot be used in a sign and trade because they were not active players in the NBA last season.

Players only restricted if team gives qualifying offers.

Non-Guaranteed Salaries: Jarrett Jack ($6,300,000 — $500,000 guaranteed)

Options: Wayne Ellington ($1,567,500 — player), Shane Larkin ($1,500,000 — player), Thomas Robinson ($1,050,961 — player)

Depth Chart:
PG: Jarrett Jack, Shane Larkin
SG: Bojan Bogdanovic, Wayne Ellington
SF: Rondae Hollis-Jefferson, Sean Kilpatrick
PF: Thaddeus Young, Chris McCullough
C: Brook Lopez

Note: Teams often adjust their depth chart throughout the season, sometimes game by game.

2017/18 Rookie-Scale Options: Rondae Hollis-Jefferson ($1,455,720), Chris McCullough ($1,242,840)

Rookie Scale Extension Eligible: None


  • 6/29/16 – Player options for Wayne Ellington and Shane Larkin.
  • 6/30/16 — Jarrett Jack’s $6.3 million guarantees for 16/17.
  • 6/30/16 — Qualifying offer deadline Willie Reed and Markel Brown.
  • 7/1/16-7/6/16 — NBA annual moratorium.
  • 7/7/16 — Free agent signing period begins.
  • 7/12/16 — Jarret Jacks’ contract eligible for restructuring.
  • 7/13/16 — Steve Blake $2.2 million trade exception expires.
  • 10/31/16 — Team options for Rondae-Hollis Jefferson and Chris McCullough.
  • 2/28/17 — Deadline to restructure Jarrett Jack’s contract.
  • 6/30/17 — Qualifying offer deadline for Bojan Bogdanovic.
  • 6/30/17 — Sean Kilpatrick’s $1,051,245 guarantees for 17/18.
  • 10/31/17 — Team options for Rondae-Hollis Jefferson and Chris McCullough.
  • 6/29/18 — Player option for Thaddeus Young.
  • 10/31/18 — Extension deadlines for Rondae-Hollis Jefferson and Chris McCullough.
  • 6/30/19 — Qualifying offer deadlines for Rondae-Hollis Jefferson and Chris McCullough.

Teams and players can renegotiate guarantee dates.  The NBA’s general cut-down date is January 10.


  • 4/17/16 — Hired Kenny Atkinson as head coach to replace interim coach Tony Brown.
  • 6/23/16 — Traded the rights to Marcus Paige (55th) to Utah Jazz for the rights to Isiah Whitehead (42nd).
  • TBD — Reportedly agreed to trade Thaddeus Young to Indiana Pacers for the rights to Caris LeVert (2016-20th), to be executed in July.

Waived Players: None

Traded Players: Thaddeus Young (unofficially)

Expired 10-Day Contracts: None

Coaching Staff

Head Coach: Kenny Atkinson

Assistants (TBD): Jacque Vaughn, Joe Wolf, Steve Jones, Jay Humphries, Jim Sann (advance scout)

Trainer: Lloyd Becket (head athletic trainer/physical therapist), Zach Weatherford (director of player performance), Dan Meehan (head strength and conditioning coach), Aisling Toolan (director of physical therapy)

Basketball Executives

  • Sean Marks — General Manager
  • Trajan Langdon – Assistant General Manager
  • Gregg Polinsky — Director of Player Personnel
  • Natalie Jay — Cap and Contract Specialist
  • Ryan Grisriel — Director of Basketball Administration
  • Andrew Baker — Strategic Planning Coordinator

Pick Swaps

  • 2017 — Boston Celtics have the right to swap first-rounders (Kevin Garnett).
  • 2017 — Owed second-rounder (46-60 range) from Boston Celtics, only if Boston swaps first-rounders (Kevin Garnett).
  • 2017 — Owe second-rounder to Atlanta Hawks (Joe Johnson).
  • 2018 — Owe first-rounder to the Boston Celtics (Kevin Garnett).
  • 2018 — Philadelphia 76ers have right to swap Cleveland Cavaliers’ second-rounder with Nets’ second-rounder (Bogans, Andrei Kirilenko).
  • 2018 — Owe second-rounder to Charlotte Hornets (Juan Pablo Vaulet), after Philadelphia potential swap.
  • 2019 — Owe second-rounder to Memphis Grizzlies (Juan Pablo Vaulet, Courtney Lee).
  • 2020 — Owe second-rounder to Philadelphia 76ers (Andrei Kirilenko).

Cash Paid ($3.4 million max): $0

Cash Received ($3.4 million max): $0

Trade Kickers

  • Thaddeus Young — 15% (to be triggered in July trade)
  • Bojan Bogdanovic — 15%

Note: Players can waive their trade bonuses, under certain circumstances.

Amnesty:  Used on Travis Outlaw.

D-League Affiliate: Long Island Nets (head coach Ronald Nored)


Cap Holds

  • Andray Blatche — $1,788,285 (Early Bird rights)
  • Jason Collins — $980,431 (Non-Bird rights)
  • Jerry Stackhouse — $980,431 (Non-Bird rights)

For notes on some of the rules and an explanation of cap holds, please refer to the following Salary Notes.

Salary and team data changes quite often. If you notice a discrepancy, please notify Basketball Insiders Senior Writer Eric Pincus.

(Updated on 6/27/16)