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NASCAR Betting Apps – Get $5000+ Free at NASCAR Sport Betting Apps

Few things on Earth can compete with the thrill of watching a NASCAR race and that might be true, but placing a wager on the race winner at one of the best NASCAR betting apps certainly enhances the excitement!

To help our readers navigate their ways to the finest NASCAR betting apps available, we’ll be ranking the apps in terms of functionality, style, and ease of use, as well as on the odds provided. Plus a host more variables, including useful NASCAR betting info and the inclusion of NASCAR betting strategies.

If the thrill of wagering on live motorsport gets your blood pumping but you’re not sure where to begin, read on, as we’ve got all bases covered:

Best NASCAR Betting Apps

Top 10 NASCAR Betting Apps List 2021

Here is our complete list of the top 10 NASCAR betting apps in 2021:

  • BetUS –  Plenty of NASCAR betting markets open, including for the truck competitions. BetUS also specializes in NASCAR betting futures, and NASCAR betting strategies, enabling bettors to wager long in advance of premiere races like Go Bowling at the Glen with plenty of confidence. Plus, there’s a very competitive $2,500 deposit bonus on hand, too. 
  • BetOnline – Markets open for NASCAR Cup Series & X-Finity (trucks, too!); highly competitive odds across the board and a 25% deposit bonus worth up to $1,000
  • Intertops – NASCAR live betting is a feature; futures for outright winners open early for the premier races (NASCAR X-Finity ScrewBall Peanut Butter Whiskey/Bowling at the Glen, etc.) and a $250 deposit bonus
  • Bovada – Easy to install, stylized NASCAR betting app that provides competitive odds and offers live streams of some races. Plus, a host of crypto-related offers and bonuses
  • MyBookie – Broadcasts favorable odds on NASCAR betting futures; tons of NASCAR betting strategies and NASCAR predictions from gambling pros; top odds for all the premiere races throughout the year. Plus, newcomers to the NASCAR betting site are greeted with a $1,000 deposit bonus, too
  • GT Bets – 150% sign-up bonus, including 50% (up to $250) on your second deposit; highly competitive NASCAR futures betting odds
  • – One of the best NASCAR live betting apps currently available. Plus, prop bets on every race and head-to-head wagers for X-Finity Series and detailed stats for all the drivers. This NASCAR betting app also offers 50% accumulator (ACCA) boosts
  • XBet – Competitive odds open for NASCAR betting futures outright championship winner & a first deposit bonus of up to $500
  • BUSR– Competitive NASCAR betting odds and an attractive bonus when you make a deposit
  • – Markets open for all the biggest NASCAR meets & the truck meets; tons of NASCAR betting info contained on-site/app. Plus, a 50% welcome bonus worth up to $1,000

Top 5 NASCAR Betting Apps Reviewed

Each of the 10 NASCAR betting apps listed above is a viable option – they all have their strengths and weaknesses. However, after spending plenty of time on each sportsbook for the purpose of this review, we’ve decided that these were the pick of the bunch and have outlined exactly why in the mini-reviews.

BetUS – One of the Best NASCAR Betting Apps for Futures & Strategy

The BetUS app is simple to download and install, and just as easy to navigate. Thanks to its sharp user interface, wagering on your favorite NASCAR races and drivers couldn’t be more simple, giving you more time to just enjoy the race.

This is also a NASCAR sportsbook betting app that prides itself on having an array of deposit/withdrawal methods, including bitcoin. So, bettors have plenty of optionalities when it comes to how they hand over and receive payments.

Where the racing is concerned, there are plenty of NASCAR betting online markets open at BetUS, including the NASCAR Series Cup, X-Finity, and the trucks; the NASCAR betting odds are among the best available, and the site is crammed full of NASCAR betting strategies and tips, helping you on your quest to make a profit.A quick read through the BetUS blog articles during race-week will also reveal a host of NASCAR predictions written by gambling pros, too.

On top of all that, for the bitcoin lovers amongst you, use this Bet US promo code that’s currently available to claim a 200% crypto deposit bonus.


  • NASCAR betting futures are available for all the big races
  • Broadcasts odds for Series Cup, X-Finity, & Trucks
  • NASCAR betting live and in-play
  • NASCAR betting odds are very competitive
  • Hit up the sportsbook for a plethora of NASCAR betting tips
  • Huge deposit bonus of up to $2,500 & a 200% crypto deposit bonus


  • App user interface is slightly dated

BetOnline – Live NASCAR Betting Specialist

Another of the best NASCAR betting apps, BetOnline provides its customers with a modern feel application that’s easy to download and use; 24/7 customer support; easy deposit options, and quick payouts.

The sportsbook takes NASCAR betting online seriously: there are betting lines open in good time for all the major Cup Series races, plus X-Finity and trucks. The NASCAR betting odds are generally among the best we’ve seen, too. On top of that, BetOnline’s live betting arena is a real gem: odds for races update quickly; the stats and graphics on display look great, and you’ll find interesting prop betting options and live streams for select races, not to mention a host of other sports, including soccer and even major league baseball.

There’s also a 25% deposit bonus worth up to $1,000 for all new sign-ups


  • Some of the best NASCAR betting odds available anywhere
  • Broadcasts odds for NASCAR cup, X-Finity, trucks, and also Indycar
  • $1,000 deposit bonus
  • NASCAR betting live
  • Live streams of certain races are available


  • The app runs perfectly but NASCAR betting site can take a while to load up

Intertops – Among the Best NASCAR Betting Apps for Live Betting & Race Optionality

A NASCAR betting app that’s straightforward to download and install; simple to navigate; offers plenty of payment options for deposits and withdrawals and provides great customer support, Intertops is another of the premier NASCAR betting apps.

Intertops broadcasts futures for race winners in good time; live betting NASCAR is entirely possible for not only the cup trophy, but also X-Finity, and prop betting options for all races do appear in the live arena for such events as the ScrewBall Peanut Butter Whiskey meet and Bowling at the Glen.

The sportsbook offers all new sign-ups a $250 deposit bonus and there are a plethora of Intertops promo codes on offer throughout the race calendar year.


  • NASCAR betting lines open for all the major races
  • Live NASCAR betting is available
  • A simple app to install, use, and navigate
  • Competitive NASCAR betting odds


  • Other apps do offer superior onboarding bonuses/rewards

Bovada – A NASCAR Betting App that Offers Great Promotions & Occasional Live Streaming of the Races

The Bovada NASCAR betting app serves up a smooth user interface and 24-hour customer support. It’s also a sportsbook that’s at the forefront of crypto payments, offering an array of bonuses and crypto-related promotions over the year and that provides an extra layer of security when signing in – all sportsbooks listed are 100% safe and secure but Bovada is atop the pack.

When it comes to NASCAR, Bovada has it all: there’s tons of optionality on the futures markets; the NASCAR betting odds are highly competitive; the prop market rolls deep once races begin, and live betting and even live streaming of specific NASCAR meets is also a feature.

There are several Bovada promo codes and bonuses on offer, too, including a 75% deposit bonus (worth up to $750) the first time you make a Bitcoin deposit at the sportsbook.


  • A slick NASCAR live betting interface
  • Plenty of crypto-related deposit bonuses and promos
  • Highly competitive NASCAR betting odds
  • Live streaming of select NASCAR races


  • The site can be tough to access at all outside of licensed states

MyBookie – One of the Best NASCAR Betting Apps for Odds and Strategy

An app that’s fast to download, easy to install, simple to get to grips with, and that features NASCAR betting lines for all the major races, Mybookie is a great choice for the bettors among you who just want to get down to placing your NASCAR Cup Series bets quickly and at good odds. The interface might not be as pretty as some of the competition but this sportsbook is just as effective as its competition when it comes to raw, old-school betting.

It’s also a fantastic NASCAR betting site/ app to frequent if you’re a fan of strategizing or someone who likes to wager only off the back of reading NASCAR betting picks/ tips since the sportsbook crams in as many NASCAR predictions as possible into its pages.

Besides this, MyBookie is also one of the more lucrative NASCAR betting apps to sign up with when it comes to bonuses and rewards. On top of the current $1,000 deposit bonus gifted to all newcomers, the MyBookie bonus codes tend to be very rewarding in general, so it’s always great to be perched and ready to swoop in on them.


  • NASCAR betting futures broadcast early for Cup Series
  • NASCAR betting tips and strategies at your fingertips
  • $1,000 deposit bonus for new users
  • Very competitive NASCAR betting odds


  • The user interface does look  outdated when compared with other NASCAR betting apps
  • Yet to see betting lines for X-Finity or trucks

What are the Best Selling Points of NASCAR Betting Apps?

We assessed and ranked all of our selected NASCAR betting apps based on such necessary criteria as trust, ease of use, visuals, speed, download, and payments.

Any NASCAR betting app wishing to impress our team has to perform well when it comes to the fundamentals. Of course, we’re all on the lookout for the best NASCAR betting odds; unique prop markets, and tasty competitions, et al. But if the app doesn’t rank highly in the following factors, we can’t take it seriously:

  1. Trust – we only recommend safe, verified NASCAR betting apps that are legally entitled to operate in the US; sites that value customer service and that ensure your data and money is protected at all times
  2. Download – we expect the apps to be free to download; to download quickly and to be as easy as 1,2,3 to install and begin using
  3. Ease of Use –  Nobody wants to sign up to a NASCAR betting app only to find that it’s impossible to navigate; the interface is wedged so full of adverts that you can’t make out the lines, or that it’s either disorganized or outdated, making it hard to work out what you’re looking at. As such, NASCAR betting apps that focus on simple navigation, a commitment to betting (not advertising), and that provide a slick user interface will always rank highly with us
  4. Visuals – extra points for the NASCAR betting apps that boast modern, enjoyable live betting graphics, real logos, slick and well-presented stats in the live arena – not only does this help your betting but it also makes the experience more fun
  5. Speed – fast loading speeds; quick payouts; rapid updates to odds in the live arena; instantaneous news bulletins on your mobile device, etc. is a must, particularly for those among you who enjoy live betting – getting the news 10 minutes after X has happened isn’t much use in this industry: the odds will have already been adjusted/ the race started, etc.
  6. Payments – the best NASCAR betting apps offer tons of optionality for payments and withdrawals, including VISA, Paypal, bitcoin, wire transfer, and check. Of course, how you yourself wish to make deposits/withdrawals is your choice completely, but, certainly, the more options available, the better.

We’ve detailed our findings for all these categories in the table below:

Sportsbook Trust Ease of Use Visuals Speed Downloading Payments
MyBookie 100% safe & verified The app works perfectly; odds listed logically An aesthetically appealing app; not the best graphics for live betting though Live betting updates quickly – no issues Simple and fast to download and easy to install Visa, Mastercard, Bitcoin, Ripple, Litecoin, Moneygram
BetUS 100% safe & verified The app is simple to navigate and placing bets is simple An aesthetically appealing app; not the best graphics for live betting though Live betting updates quickly – no issues Simple and fast to download and easy to install Credit, Cash Transfer, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bank Wire Transfer
Bovada 100% safe & verified A highly stylized app that’s simple to navigate and makes betting easy Best-looking app with the slickest graphics on live betting Live betting updates quickly – no issues Simple and fast to download and easy to install Visa, Debit, Bitcoin, Moneygram, Transfer
Intertops 100% safe & verified The newly updated app is laid out much better; easy to use Stylistically, a much-improved app with a friendlier user interface Live betting updates quickly but slow to broadcast odds for some events Simple and fast to download and easy to install Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Skrill, Crypto, Ukash
BetOnline 100% safe & verified The app is easy to use and navigate… site not so much (since the update) Stylistically, a much-improved app with better graphics than the old version Updates quickly – no issues Simple and fast to download and easy to install Credit Card, Money Order, Bitcoin, Skrill, Bank Wire, Check

BetUS: Best NASCAR Betting App for iPhone

The BetUS iPhone betting app is perfect for NASCAR betting. It’s incredibly easy to download and install; the user interface is simple to navigate; the NASCAR betting odds are displayed clearly, and the odds come the big race are very competitive – you can’t ask for much more in these categories.

The graphics featured on the iOS display might not be the very best available when it comes to NASCAR live betting, but the odds update continuously and BetUS featured deeper prop betting markets than its competition, too. Not to mention just the sheer volume of NASCAR betting info available on the site/app that bettors can use to help them place more intelligent wagers.

Furthermore, and as mentioned in the reviews, BetUS also features race lines for the X-Finity series and trucks to go alongside the more famous and bet upon NASCAR Cup Series, meaning more chances to place wagers for NASCAR betting online enthusiasts.

BetOnline: The Best of the NASCAR Betting Apps for Android

BetOnline is a great choice among the NASCAR betting apps for Android. The app has been upgraded a lot in recent years and now runs perfectly on the Android interface, allowing for simple navigation to your chosen sports and, of course, those all-important NASCAR betting odds. Plus. it’s possible to wager on NASCAR betting futures and the live racing is about as good as it gets: no other application provides such in-depth stats and metrics and only a couple offer the live streams of the races, too.

BetOnline promo codes tend to be lucrative; the site runs several competitions during the NASCAR Cup Season, and payments and withdrawals – even when doing so using cryptocurrency – are quick, efficient, and simple.

The BetOnline Android betting app also boasts an online casino that’s plenty of fun to boot. Honestly, we hadn’t meant to spend so much time on it when traversing the site looking for details on NASCAR betting futures, etc. but it lured us in we enjoyed our time there.

Understanding NASCAR Betting Lines & Odds

If you’re planning on exploiting the NASCAR betting lines and turning a profit as a bettor, a complete understanding of said lines and how the NASCAR betting odds actually work is going to aid your quest immensely.

Read this segment to learn everything you need to know about NASCAR betting lines and how those all-important odds actually work.

Placing a To-Win Bet

The easiest bet to wager by a country mile, placing a to win bet is when you select which driver you believe will win the bet and wager on him on the moneyline.

You may, for example, see K. Larson on the moneyline at +1600 for Go Bowling at the Glen. If you wager on Larson to win at these odds and he actually does come up trumps and win the race, you will win +$1600 for each $100 wagered. It’s rare to see NASCAR drivers given minus (underdog) odds because making NASCAR predictions is so incredibly difficult – who knows who will win? Anything can happen! But, should you ever encounter Chase Elliot at -150 on the moneyline for a particular race, this just means that you bet $150 to win $100 profit – effectively you are having to risk more to win less dough.

Matchup Bets

NASCAR betting online apps offer bettors the ability to wager on which of two specific drivers will finish first in their own personal battle in a market known as NASCAR Matchup Bets. The odds are generally presented on the moneyline and, regarding the NASCAR betting odds, the same math applies as per the previous segment, ‘Placing a To-Win Bet.’ 

It doesn’t matter who the outright winner of the race is; only that your driver finishes ahead of the other driver paired with him as a matchup. Pro tip: drivers that have a history of crashing, or of spinning out on a particular track are well worth betting against on the matchup market.

Group Matchup Bets

This NASCAR betting line is the same as the above market in all ways but one, because here you bet on the winner among a group of racers (usually 4) as opposed to a pair. The odds will also lengthen for group matchup bets since you have a decreased chance of winning on your wager.

Stage Winners

Here, you can wager on which driver you predict to win each or at least one stage of a race.

This line was added by NASCAR betting sportsbooks to account for the fact that sometimes drivers give up on the win and just focus on getting those all-important stage points.

Pole Position Bets

Not every NASCAR race meet involves qualifying. But when a race does involve qualifying (such as Daytona & Phoneix Speedway) it’s possible to wager on the moneyline for which driver will take pole position; driver head to heads on times, and the group head to heads on qualifying times.

Fastest Lap Bet

Here, you’re just betting on which driver will post the fastest lap during the course of the race. The driver need not win the race. He just needs to have one lap on the board that is faster than all the other drivers could manage. It’s also possible to wager on this market as head-to-head or group head-to-head and sportsbooks that offer more variety with their prop betting markets.

These are the main NASCAR betting lines. They’re certainly not rocket science but can be daunting for any newcomer to NASCAR betting sportsbooks. We hope that by reading them through, you now feel more equipped to hit up your sportsbook of choice and place your bets.

But what about the best possible odds?

NASCAR Betting Odds (Table of Comparison)

In the table below, you’ll see the NASCAR betting for the winner as broadcast by our top 5 NASCAR betting apps in July 2021.

In truth, the odds don’t tend to differ too much on NASCAR betting futures since most oddsmakers are working with similar data; imitating the same Vegas odds broadcast on other sites. But the data below does give a useful indication of which NASCAR betting sportsbook apps most frequently serve up value.

That said, we implore you to shop around for the best NASCAR betting odds on the day of the race/ odds release to ensure you get the most bang for your buck.

NASCAR Cup Series Odds (as of late July 2021)



Kyle Larson

Chase Elliot Kyle Busch

Denny Hamlin



+500 +750




+550 +750




+550 +650




+500 +650




+500 +650


If you’re looking to bet on the winner of the NASCAR Cup as an outright, BetUS and BetOnline are currently offering the best value on the market overall.

A sidenote but worthy of your consideration, do note that NASCAR betting lines often go down the day after a big race whilst the oddsmakers reconfigure for the latest, updated odds. As a result, with races typically scheduled for Sundays, Monday can be a bad time to get involved with NASCAR betting online.

NASCAR Futures Betting

A NASCAR futures wager is most often just going to be a bet on who you think will win the season-long championship. It is possible to bet on the driver, winning team, and winning manufacturer separately though.

A bettor simply selects who, or which team he/she thinks will win on the moneyline and then just sit back and cross your fingers.

The best odds for NASCAR betting futures tend to be found at the very moment said odds are released, usually a few months ahead of the NASCAR racing sup getting underway. It is possible, however, to wager on NASCAR betting futures throughout the calendar year. But just be aware that the odds are subject to change depending on form. For example, if we imagine that Kyle Busch opens up the 2022 season at +400 again (as with the image above) but then crashes out of race one and finishes 12th in race two, you can expect to see his odds drift out to +600 in time for the next meet.

NASCAR Prop Betting Markets

Besides the regular NASCAR betting lines already mentioned, there are numerous other prop wagers for bettors to get in on during the course of the season.

A few prominent examples of NASCAR predictions taking the form of proposition bets include:

  • Will driver X get a podium finish
  • Top 5 finish? (Yes/No bet)
  • How many cautions will a driver receive (over/under)
  • Which driver will lead for the most laps
  • Which manufacturer will win the race
  • Number of cars finishing the race (usually on the over/under market)

Some NASCAR betting sportsbook apps will up the ante on this a bit during Daytona, Phoenix, and the playoffs when the season gets extra interesting and storylines are well-known to viewers and bettors alike. One such sportsbook is BetUS, which always seems to rank near the top of our lists when it comes to prop betting optionality.

NASCAR Live Betting

When it comes to how to go about betting on a grand, old day at Daytona, NASCAR live betting is our preferred choice.

When live-betting, the actual NASCAR betting lines remain much the same as they were pre-race, it’s just that the oddsmakers move quickly to reconfigure the lines as positions shift, meaning a greater opportunity for your average bettor to find value on the aforementioned lines and also on the prop betting market.

So, if for example, M. Truex Jr. headed into the race at +400 to win outright, but then got off to a bad start, slipping down to 7th from 2nd on the grid, you’ll see his odds drift in tandem with his chances, let’s say down to +750. But perhaps you notice he’s driving well; perhaps he posts a race fastest lap on lap nine and edges back into sixth before cars in positions two and three crash out on the very next bend. All of a sudden, those +750 odds look rather inviting!

You get the picture – that’s the joy of live-betting on NASCAR. Just be aware that wagering like this involves quick-thinking and not just a little bit of bravery and self-belief since those great +750 odds aren’t likely to be broadcast for very long – blink and you’ll miss out.

Why is NASCAR Live Betting a Good Option?

Live betting NASCAR has several advantages to wagering on straight futures for the race or season, the most obvious of which is that you get to see the drivers, cars, teams in action right there and then before you put down any money, meaning you can make more educated NASCAR predictions based on the now rather than the past. NASCAR live betting, we feel, gives you a superior chance of finding that winning wager, as a result.

BetOnline is probably our preferred pick for NASCAR live betting due to its near-seamless combination of statistics, live video streams, and great NASCAR live betting odds.

NASCAR Betting Promotions

Each NASCAR sportsbook betting app wants your business and to ensure they at least feature in your consideration, all offer an array of promo codes, referral bonuses, competitions throughout the year. It’s a highly competitive market these days too, meaning long gone are the days of a $20 deposit bonus – these new bonuses are substantially more lucrative, often totaling well upwards of $1,000s for new bettors.

We implore all our readers to open up accounts on multiple sportsbooks and to make small deposits simply because you get more bonus offers as a result, and wagering with house money as opposed to your own is just a lot more fun.

Some of the best promos, bonuses, and regular competitions have been detailed below for each of our top 5 NASCAR betting apps. Just find one that you like the look of, visit the NASCAR betting site to sign up and make a deposit, and enjoy the free dollars when you place your first several bets.

  • BetUS –  a NASCAR sportsbook betting app that offers a 250% deposit bonus worth up to $2,500 and, on top that, BetUS also dishes out a 150% crypto bonus, a potentially lucrative referral bonus, a deposit reload bonuses, and offers VIP rewards
  • BetOnline – this NASCAR betting app entices new bettors by offering a 25% welcome bonus; a 25% sport reload bonus and a 100% crypto deposit bonus; plus, there’s a further 35% crypto reload bonus the next time you make a deposit. BetOnline regularly runs a $20,000 NASCAR trifecta competition during the main season, too.
  • MyBookie – a NASCAR sports betting app that will dish out a 25% welcome bonus (up to $1,000); a 25% sport reload bonus, and a 250% referral bonus each time you get a friend to sign up are usually tons of competitions running throughout the NASCAR season, too
  • Bovada –  – a NASCAR betting app that’s potentially very lucrative with regards to cryptocurrency, Bovada offers up to $750 as a crypto deposit bonus and a second 250% bitcoin bonus worth up to $1,250. On top of that, there’s the regular deposit bonus of $250, meaning it’s possible to squeeze this NASCAR sportsbook betting site for up to $2,250 in total!
  • Intertops – this app serves up a useful $250 deposit bonus to all newcomers to the NASCAR betting site. Plus, there’s a deal for 20 free $50 bets, and, at present, a Rookie100 bonus code can be used to claim a 100% bonus worth up to $100 on your first deposit

Each of the listed sportsbooks does its utmost to satisfy the modern gambler’s demands for free bets and bonuses – there’s no doubting that looking at some of the hefty giveaways! But we, personally, think BetUS is ahead of the pack when it comes to NASCAR. In total value, the BetUS promo codes and promotions are about the same as those offered out by Bovada. But, in our experience of both sites, BetUS offers slightly more optionality throughout the year – it’s a site that’s constantly dishing out the promo codes; the VIP program is immense, and there’s more value to be had at this NASCAR betting site overall.

Extra Features of the Best NASCAR Betting Apps

Besides the aforementioned NASCAR betting lines, markets, and odds, elite NASCAR betting sportsbooks will also feature several other features which bettors can use to their advantage.

A few common examples include:

  • Blogs & NASCAR betting picks – the best NASCAR betting apps provide fast access to detailed, up-to-the-minute news articles, betting strategies, and NASCAR betting picks and tips. MyBookie and BetUS are two such sportsbooks. Both feature a plethora of blogs and the sportsbooks’ own teams of gambling professionals do a great job of breaking down the upcoming races and offering NASCAR predictions to help bettors make the right moves with their money.
  • Stats – When wagering live and in play – and even just for ease of use and to save time when casting an outright bet on a NASCAR future – the best NASCAR betting sportsbooks feature stats galore. NASCAR betting sites like BetUS and BetOnline are very good when it comes to analytics, making it possible to quickly check the latest standings, recent results, head-to-head history of drivers/teams directly from the NASCAR betting app.
  • Competitions – The best NASCAR betting apps generally run competitions and promotions during the calendar year, too. Most of the promos have already been listed under the subheading ‘promotions’ further up the page. It might just be the time of year, but, at present, the only direct NASCAR related competition we could find was BetOnline’s $20,000 Trifecta, which we urge you to check out – it’s usually broadcast during the final stages of the regular NASCAR Cup season and the playoffs and may be available again later in 2021 and beyond.

In terms of NASCAR betting strategy, NASCAR betting picks, stats, and related competitions, BetOnline does come out narrowly ahead of BetUS in our opinion. But either would be a solid choice if these aforementioned categories are something you value highly in a sportsbook.

NASCAR Betting Tips

If you’re a newcomer to NASCAR betting, our first pro tip is to have some kind of vague strategy in place (at the very least) before yous start putting money down – wagering based on ‘a feeling,’ those great odds on driver X, or just leaving up to your lucky stars is unlikely to turn much of a profit in the long run.

Though the responsibility of sourcing the best NASCAR betting tips and the development and implementation of a NASCAR betting strategy does ultimately lie with the individual bettor, our expert team has listed out three excellent tips to get you started below.

If you follow these tips and double down with strong research and a decent level of knowledge and interest in the sport, you stand a much better chance of turning a profit when visiting the best NASCAR betting sportsbooks.

NASCAR Betting Tips: 1. Try Betting on Multiple Drivers

  • Because more drivers are competing to win one race than you’d get in other traditional sports, like basketball or football where you always have a 50% chance of picking the right team, NASCAR tends to serve up some impressive and outlandish odds at each event. It’s not uncommon to see odds of +500-+700 for even some of the best racers simply because it’s so difficult to win at NASCAR events – literally, anything can happen, and it’s not only true when wagering on the race winner either; it’s the same for pole position bets, wagering on the fastest lap bets, the prop market bets like most laps led, etc. Because of the uncertainty surrounding all the aforementioned, it’s better to wager on multiple drivers to boost your chances of winning. Chase Elliot might well be the favorite heading into Daytona, but perhaps you notice Brad Keselowski at great odds down page after a subpar previous meet, or perhaps there’s another driver who always performs at this circuit. So long as the math works and you turn enough profit to cover your two losers, bet on multiple drivers.

NASCAR Betting Tips: 2. It’s not only about the Driver…

  • Pay attention to the teams before making your NASCAR predictions: it might be that only one driver can win a race, but NASCAR constructors enter two racers into each event, and these teammates help each other – they share information on their favored tracks, they push each other to greater heights, they’ll even cut off, block, and hold back competitors at key moments in the race to ensure the team takes a podium finish. In short, teammates are a crucial facet of the sport and should be factored into your NASCAR betting strategy. How about the pit team? How fast are they at getting the car readjusted? What about the actual car manufacturer? Does it win regularly? When did this manufacturer last win a race? When did it most recently win this particular race? Before placing a bet, take your time to swat up on the team, the pit team, and the car manufacturer: your racer has a much better chance of winning if all these elements are clicking into gear around him.

NASCAR Betting Tips: 3. Research the Track History & Conditions

  • Probably the most vital tip of all: pay close attention to the track history! Some drivers are absolute experts at certain tracks, while some are absolutely out of luck on others. Some drivers are better at the shorter tracks; may have grown up close to a specific track and know it like the back of their driving hand; some may be experiencing a track for the very first time. Whatever it is, take some time to sift through the historical data on the tracks and see how drivers have performed on that track in recent years. If a driver is coming into the race in good form, near the top of the standings, and historically performs well at the NASCAR Cup Series at Watkins Glen, things are looking up! Bet on that driver. Don’t just bet solely off of the standings; look at the history of each driver on the track and bet on the ones that perform. Finally, factor the track conditions into your NASCAR betting strategies to gain an even better insight: you might uncover that a certain driver is very good on a specific track and also drives great in windy conditions, and that wind is forecast for the meet – if so, that’s your guy.

NASCAR Betting Apps: Key Dates 2021/22.

It’s going to be tough to make any money betting on NASCAR races if you don’t know when the next meet is. So, we’ve taken the liberty of listing out all the biggest NASCAR events in 2021 for you below.

Each new season follows a similar schedule, but we’ll update in time for the 2022 season and so on.

Tue, Feb 9
7:00 PM ET
The Clash at Daytona
Daytona International Speedway
Thu, Feb 11
7:00 PM ET
Duel #1
Daytona International Speedway
Thu, Feb 11
11:15 PM ET
Duel #2
Daytona International Speedway
Sun, Feb 14
2:30 PM ET
Daytona International Speedway
Sun, Feb 21
3:00 PM ET
NASCAR Cup Series at Daytona RC
Daytona International Speedway Road Course
Sun, Feb 28
3:30 PM ET
NASCAR Cup Series at Miami
Homestead-Miami Speedway
Sun, Mar 7
3:30 PM ET
NASCAR Cup Series at Las Vegas
Las Vegas Motor Speedway
Sun, Mar 14
3:30 PM ET
NASCAR Cup Series at Phoenix
Phoenix Raceway
Sun, Mar 21
3:00 PM ET
NASCAR Cup Series at Atlanta
Atlanta Motor Speedway
Sun, Mar 28
3:30 PM ET
NASCAR Cup Series at Bristol (Dirt)
Bristol Motor Speedway
**Race postponed to March 29 at 4:00 PM
Sat, Apr 10
7:30 PM ET
NASCAR Cup Series at Martinsville
Martinsville Speedway
**Race postponed to April 11 at 4:00 PM
Sun, Apr 18
3:00 PM ET
NASCAR Cup Series at Richmond
Richmond Raceway
Sun, Apr 25
2:00 PM ET
NASCAR Cup Series at Talladega
Talladega Superspeedway
Sun, May 2
3:00 PM ET
NASCAR Cup Series at Kansas
Kansas Speedway
Sun, May 9
3:30 PM ET
NASCAR Cup Series at Darlington
Darlington Raceway
Sun, May 16
2:00 PM ET
NASCAR Cup Series at Dover
Dover International Speedway
Sun, May 23
2:30 PM ET
NASCAR Cup Series at Circuit of the Americas
Circuit Of The Americas
Sun, May 30
6:00 PM ET
NASCAR Cup Series at Charlotte
Charlotte Motor Speedway
Sun, Jun 6
4:00 PM ET
NASCAR Cup Series at Sonoma
Sonoma Raceway
Sun, Jun 13
6:00 PM ET
Texas Motor Speedway
Sun, Jun 13
8:00 PM ET
Texas Motor Speedway
Sun, Jun 20
4:00 PM ET
NASCAR Cup Series at Nashville
Nashville Superspeedway
Sat, Jun 26
3:00 PM ET
NASCAR Cup Series at Pocono 325
Pocono Raceway
Sun, Jun 27
3:30 PM ET
NASCAR Cup Series at Pocono 350
Pocono Raceway
Sun, Jul 4
2:30 PM ET
NASCAR Cup Series at Road America
Road America
Sun, Jul 11
3:30 PM ET
NASCAR Cup Series at Atlanta
Atlanta Motor Speedway
Sun, Jul 18
3:00 PM ET
NASCAR Cup Series at New Hampshire
New Hampshire Motor Speedway
Sun, Aug 8
3:00 PM ET
NASCAR Cup Series at Watkins Glen
Watkins Glen International
Sun, Aug 15
1:00 PM ET
NASCAR Cup Series at Indianapolis RC
Indianapolis Motor Speedway Road Course
Sun, Aug 22
3:00 PM ET
NASCAR Cup Series at Michigan
Michigan International Speedway
Sat, Aug 28
7:00 PM ET
Daytona International Speedway
Sun, Sep 5
6:00 PM ET
NASCAR Cup Series at Darlington
Darlington Raceway
Sat, Sep 11
7:30 PM ET
NASCAR Cup Series at Richmond
Richmond Raceway
Sat, Sep 18
7:30 PM ET
NASCAR Cup Series at Bristol
Bristol Motor Speedway
Sun, Sep 26
7:00 PM ET
NASCAR Cup Series at Las Vegas
Las Vegas Motor Speedway
Sun, Oct 3
2:00 PM ET
NASCAR Cup Series at Talladega
Talladega Superspeedway
Sun, Oct 10
2:00 PM ET
NASCAR Cup Series at Charlotte RC
Charlotte Motor Speedway Roval
Sun, Oct 17
2:00 PM ET
NASCAR Cup Series at Texas
Texas Motor Speedway
Sun, Oct 24
3:00 PM ET
NASCAR Cup Series at Kansas
Kansas Speedway
Sun, Oct 31
2:00 PM ET
NASCAR Cup Series at Martinsville
Martinsville Speedway
Sun, Nov 7
3:00 PM ET
NASCAR Cup Series at Phoenix
Phoenix Raceway

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