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Best Table Tennis Betting Apps 2021 – Get Over $5,000 in Free Bets on Table Tennis Apps

The speed of ping pong makes it exciting to wager on and, for interested bettors, there are tons of brilliant table tennis betting apps to choose from. Hence, we’ve created an article to highlight which we think are the pick of the bunch.

Throughout our guide, we wanted to look at how these betting apps perform both in terms of coverage of the sport and promotions that are linked to table tennis. To be honest, there aren’t all that many dedicated promotions linked to table tennis, but all of the welcome offers and most existing player offers that we mention within this article can be claimed betting on the sport.

Top 10 Table Tennis Betting Apps

Lots of people simply aren’t aware that so many sportsbooks cover table tennis in the depth that they do. Many include leagues and tournaments from all over the world and it’s one of the biggest global evens that these US-facing betting apps cover.

The betting apps need to be dynamic with the sport and like so many, it’s not necessarily a case of one app being the best for all players. You’re never going to get somewhere that is simply “the best” for that sport as each has its flaws.

We’ve provided you with as much information as possible related to table tennis betting so you can choose the table tennis betting app that is right for you. We will tell you which we think is the best, but as mentioned, it’s not a one-size-fits-all job here.

Here are our top ten table tennis betting apps. In the next section we talk more about the top five and how they line up:

  • Bovada – Bovada is only beaten in terms of the market coverage. The design is one of the best that you can get and is the only app with dedicated table tennis offers.
  • GTBets – The best for new and existing player promotions. Covers leagues from all over the world, but a $500 welcome bonus plus reload bonus is why most use this app over others.
  • BetUS – Another table tennis betting app that looks like a million dollars. Coverage of the sport is good but lacks a little when it comes to the range of bets you can place.
  • Intertops – All about the betting here and with it you get a simple-looking app, with great usability. Includes a look at top bets that others have placed, giving the ability to track where other players are betting.
  • – Among the best functioning table tennis betting apps, plus a great range of markets and leagues to bet on.
  • XBet – One of the best welcome bonuses that you can claim (up to $500) and comes with a solid reload bonus when this has been completed. Lacks a little in terms of table tennis coverage, but solid enough.
  • BetOnline – Strong when it comes to pricing and one of the best for moneyline bets. Lacks in terms of depth of both markets and game coverage compared to most above.
  • MyBookie – Huge range of games covered from all over the world. Lacks in terms of market coverage and can struggle with pricing when compared to those at the top.
  • – A strong welcome bonus & lines open for Czech and Russian Leagues
  • BUSR – One of the more well-rounded table tennis betting apps

Best Table Tennis Betting App Reviews

Using our top ten list above, we’ve taken the top 5 table tennis betting apps on the market right now to see how they perform in a little more detail.

1. Bovada – Best Table Tennis Betting App Overall

Table Tennis Betting App Bovada

Bovada is one of those brands that seemingly always appears within the top few for betting on any sport. They are by far and away the most consistent sports betting app on our list and their work within table tennis just about reflects this.

If it’s diverse game coverage that you’re after, then Bovada is going to be able to tick a lot of boxes for you. They cover more matches and leagues than any of the apps that we’ve tested and they’re able to create a strong package as a result.

Whilst they aren’t the best that we’ve seen in terms of pricing, they are very close and they’re a brand where you’re always going to be confident that you’re getting a more than reasonable price. Market coverage is great, and they can provide spread, moneyline and total bets for all matches.

The highlight for us is that they were one of the few sportsbooks that turn all their markets live. Live betting is somewhat rare for table tennis in the US, so being able to access it with Bovada is very cool. You can even see an overview of the games and the prices change for all games, highlighted by the red and green text for prices increasing and decreasing accordingly.

It feels like we say this a lot with Bovada, but they do everything exceptionally well. This is the most rounded table tennis betting app that you’re going to find.


  • Fantastic allrounder
  • Covers a huge range of games from all over the world
  • Great looking app and one of the best when it comes to usability
  • One of few that offer live betting on all table tennis matches


  • Lack a little when it comes to pricing

2. GTBets – Best for Pricing

Table tennis betting app GTBets

GTBets is another betting app that is incredibly consistent in just about all sports that they offer. They’re a little like Bovada in this regard, but they lack in terms of the final product which admittedly, is not as polished.

Where they excel is when it comes to pricing and from the testing that we’ve been able to do, they’ve regularly performed. The market coverage for games is lacking compared to some, but you do get both moneyline and total bets.

The pricing can range in terms of how much better it is than the field, but we’ve seen as high as 15% for some bets, which is incredibly high for markets that include just two possible winners. If you’re into your parlay bets, then there is no one better than GTBets in this sector right now.

Game converge is good throughout the app and we were very impressed with the range of leagues that they cover. Again, the majority are based across Europe, with Ukraine, Russia and the Czech Republic having a big following within the app.


  • The best when it comes to pricing, with odds as much as 15% higher than second best
  • A solid looking app that you can download for iOS and Android devices
  • Great coverage of European table tennis leagues, such as TT Cup, Liga Pro and Setka Cup.
  • Ability to switch between American, decimal, and fractional odds.


  • Lacks in terms of bets that can be placed (moneyline and total only)

3. BetUS – Best Design of all Reviewed Table Tennis Betting Apps

Table tennis betting betUS

BetUS is another very solid addition to the table tennis betting apps list and one of the best-looking apps that we’ve tested. They’ve not only been able to create an app that is clean in terms of design but it’s packed with features and one of the best when it comes to mobile banking.

Table tennis coverage is something that they’ve improved over the years and whilst they aren’t quite up there with the likes of Bovada or just yet, they would certainly give GTBets a run for their money.

Their coverage is decent, with moneyline and totals bets available, but the lack of points spread is a little disappointing, given that this is such an exciting bet to place for table tennis.

They are great with promotions, however, and their range of offers for both new and existing players is about as good as you will find. There are no dedicated table tennis offers, but all of the promos linked to sports betting can be used with the sports, which makes up for it.


  • Great looking app that makes you want to keep using it
  • A decent range of games to choose from that take place across the world
  • Strong pricing system in place, making them very consistent when it comes to odds
  • Good promotions for new and existing players


  • Lacks bet coverage that competitors have
  • Pricing is a little hit and miss

4. Intertops – Best of the Rest

Intertops Casino Promo

Intertops have come with their betting app that we would class as the “best of the rest”. For us, they can’t compete on the scale of any of the four above, but they are still a good option for table tennis betting apps.

For one, they offer good game coverage and we liked that they include a feature of “top picks”, highlighting where the money is heading for each game. If you are into following betting trends like this, then it will be a strong addition for you.

They lack in terms of bets that can be placed, with only moneyline options. However, pricing is surprisingly strong and they can give most of the other betting apps a good run for their money.


  • Good range of games to choose from
  • Addition of the “Top Best” feature is nice to track where the money goes
  • Strong pricing throughout the table tennis section


  • Lacks depth compared to others
  • Misses not having extra markets to bet on

5. – A Table Tennis Betting App for Lovers of Stats & Metrics

Table Tennis Betting App

If you’re looking for the best table tennis betting app, then we think that this award must go to that of They’ve been able to claim the top spot on several “top” lists that we’ve created for other sports, so it’s come as little surprise to us that they land here once again.

Before we jump into table tennis specifics, we want to point out how good the app is generally. It’s not just one of the best looking, but the design is going to allow you to keep coming back for more. Sometimes the design of the app is an area that lets down all the good that a betting app can do in terms of coverage, but thankfully, this is not the case here.

The coverage that you get from is second to none. It’s an international sport, which means that leagues and matches happen all over the world. has been able to not only insert games from these leagues but excel in terms of coverage as well.

The range of bets you can place is also another excellent addition. All games come with moneyline bets, handicaps and points spread as standard. You generally get anywhere from 5 to 20 additional markets for each game, which can include game betting, points races, correct score bets and exact points bets.


  • One of the best-looking table tennis betting apps
  • Great coverage of leagues and tournaments from all over the world
  • Great market coverage for each game
  • The biggest range of single bets for a single game you can find from any table tennis betting app


  • Limited in terms of welcome and existing player offers
  • Can feel cluttered as there are lots going on

What Makes a Great Table Tennis Betting App?

There are several aspects that the best table tennis apps have that most others do not. Below we’ve highlighted key areas that you need to consider before you make your final choice.


Trust is something that comes with the brand. It’s usually about how long they’ve been in operation, but many good brands are new to the industry who don’t have the history of some.

A key area for trust must be that of licensing. You need to make sure that the betting app you use is fully licensed and therefore, makes them safe to use should anything go wrong. Any apps that are not fully licensed should be avoided.

Ease of Use

Being able to download the app from respected app stores or being able to get access via a mobile browser is the minimum requirement that we look for when it comes to ease of use. You should be able to get access within a matter of minutes and anything outside of this is simply unacceptable.

Once the app has been downloaded you should be able to navigate throughout the app quickly and efficiently. We look at things like crash frequency and layout as two key areas for this.


Any betting app needs to look the part. If you don’t enjoy your time on the app, then what’s the point of using it?

Aesthetics are subjective and what works for one, might not be another. We like to use any layout that is clean and has striking colours. Generally, white background and dark text will look the best on mobile, but other colour combinations do work well with some brands, such as’s dark background and light text.


Speed within the app is key and it needs to be able to run smoothly when connections aren’t optimal. By this, we mean times where you don’t have WIFI or 4/5G at your disposal. Can the ap still run on 3G or even the lowest form of cellular data?


Moving money in and out of the app is another feature that is only improving. As more banking options start to infiltrate the US market, more apps are opening their doors to allow them to be used within their brand.

For mobile, you need to look at Apple and Google Pay as two key elements. Outside of this Cryptocurrency is another increasingly popular banking method and more sites are now accepting this to fund your betting account than ever before.

Table Tennis Betting App Trust Ease of Use Visuals Speed Payments 9 9 10 8 8
BetOnline 9 8 6 8 8
Bovada 10 9 9 8 8
BetUS 8 8 8 8 7
GTBets 8 7 7 7 7

Best iPhone App for Table Tennis Betting – is our top pick for the best iPhone app for table tennis betting. The app excels on the iPhone, and it doesn’t just look good, but it always works flawlessly.

We were most impressed with the range of features that you can access. The best is that of live betting, which is available through the iPhone app. They are one of the very few sportsbooks that offer any sort of live betting on table tennis, so this is a massive plus for us.

Best Android App for Table Tennis Betting – Bovada

Android users are going to be best off taking advantage of the brilliant Bovada betting app. The app is another that is great on both platforms, but we found that accessibility on Android was a little easier than it is on iPhone.

What you’re getting from Bovada is one of the best ranges of competitions and sports coverage in the business. Few get near them for table tennis betting and it’s great to access their brilliant betting app to bet on the sport.

Table Tennis Betting App Features

It’s never the case that one single feature is going to make a betting app. It’s almost always an accumulation of things that make the best, the best.

Below we have highlighted areas that are integral to make the best table tennis betting apps. Not all apps will excel in each area, so you need to decide which is most important and then pick the apps that fit this criterion.

Don’t forget, you don’t necessarily need to choose just one app. It’s possible (and advisable) to use multiple table tennis betting apps to access different features with each.

Table Tennis Betting Odds

We have to kick things off with odds as this is where you need to start your search. The best apps are priced consistently well. They don’t always need to be best priced for each bet as this is going to happen, but they are usually not too far away.

Most of the apps from our “top 5” list above offer strong pricing sections, but the winner was that of GTBets. They were by far the most consistent and were best priced more times than any of the other apps that we tested.

Table Tennis Betting App

Table Tennis Betting Lines

There are three key betting lines that the best betting apps need to have for table tennis. These are moneyline, spread bets and points totals. The best will have things like handicap and even game/set betting as well.

The standout from the pack here is that of They were ranked number one overall and one of the key areas for this was to do with betting lines.

Table Tennis Futures Betting

Future betting in table tennis is quite rare and there aren’t that many betting apps that cover this in a great deal. The best tend to offer markets for upcoming events around 7 days before the start, but to be honest, a lot of them only go live the day before, which is a little disappointing.

Bovada and GTBets both performed well when it comes to features. However, none are what we would call excellent in this area, which is a little disappointing.

Table Tennis Betting Specials/Props

Betting specials and props are markets that separate the best apps from the rest of the field. Again, table tennis doesn’t have big enough coverage to have a huge range for these bet types, but they are out there if you’re able to look hard enough. and Bovada are the only two that offered betting specials or props that were worth any note. Most bets were things like player bets and different points spread. Given that these are the only two that offer live betting, they take advantage of this feature by introducing new bets as games play out.

Live Betting on Table Tennis

Live betting on table tennis is where the action is at and given that the sport is incredibly fast-moving, it’s a hotbed of excitement. Live betting is another area that is rare to see though and there are only two apps where you can access this.

As mentioned previously, only Bovada and can offer live betting, so it’s a head-to-head between these two. There’s not an awful lot to differentiate each and they both do a good job of keeping games moving and keeping markets refreshed as games develop.

Table Tennis Betting Promotions

Before you sign up to any site you need to access a good welcome offer. Below we have listed the two best welcome offers on the market for table tennis betting.

Bovada – 50% Deposit Match up to $250

Bovada has one of the easiest welcome offers to claim. It’s not the biggest at $250 but is still a 50% match of your opening deposit of $10 or more.

One of the reasons why this is so popular is that you only need to wager through the bonus 5 times before you’re able to withdraw it. You can clear the bonus at the casino as well, but any bets placed here are subject to 30x the clearing rate.

BetOnline – 50% Deposit Match up to $1,000

BetOnline is about as big as you’re going to find in terms of the bonus amount. You get a massive $1000 in bonus money which is another 50% matched offer. However, you will need to deposit a minimum of $50 to trigger the offer, which may put some people off, depending on the bankroll.

The clearance rate comes in at 15x the bonus and you have 30 days in which to clear the full amount before the bonus will expire.

Sportsbook Promotion Terms Claim Offer
Bovada 50% Deposit Match up to $250 Bonus needs to be wagered 5x Claim Bovada Offer
BetOnline 50% Deposit Match up to $1,000 Bonus needs to be wagered 10x in 30 days Claim BetOnline Offer
GTBets First two deposits, up to $500 then $250 ($750 total) Bonus wagered 12x before withdrawing Claim GTBets Offer

Table Tennis Betting Apps Comparison

We’ve spoken several times in this article about how the apps differ and what you need to look out for so you can choose the right app for you. Whilst we do our best to give our advice, there is no right or wrong answer here as each app is going to suit different players.

You can use the table below to see how each compare in terms of the features on offer. If you’re new to it and don’t know where to start, then either Bovada or is going to be the best for table tennis betting. If you’re looking for something else, enjoy the table, with ratings out of 10 (being the best) for each category.

Betting App Odds Betting Lines Futures Specials/Prop Live Betting 9 9 9 9 10
Bovada 9 9 8 9 9
GTBets 10 7 9 7 N/A
BetUS 7 7 7 7 N/A
Intertops 7 6 7 7 N/A

Extra Features of the Best Table Tennis Apps

We’re always looking for betting apps that can go above and beyond when it comes to features. We’ve included some areas that we like to see betting apps feature for table tennis and things you can keep an eye out for as well.


Blogs are some of the best resources when it comes to betting on any sport and trying to get some tips for potential bets. Usually, people with blogs or who write for apps are those in the know, be it former players or just enthusiast fans.

The best blogs are those that are kept up to date and track events and tournaments held around the world. In the US we can be guilty at times of simply looking at games within our country and only our country, but the table tennis elite play most games in Europe and Asia.


Data is the number one feature for making betting picks on just about any sport and table tennis is no different. Even looking at simple stats such as form can be a great platform to create some exciting bets.

You need to be a little cautious on how you interpret data however and it’s generally assumed that following form is about as good as it’s going to get online.

Competitions (Fantasy/Survivor)

You’re going to be able to get access to come competitions with major table tennis events. A lot of betting apps get on board with The Olympics and allow players to pick the winners from games throughout that, whilst accumulating points.

Most table tennis competitions are free to enter and the prizes are reflective of this. However, there are some paid entry events, which are well worth winning, if you can find them.

How Table Tennis Betting Works

Betting on table tennis is a very simple process and therefore it’s a sport that a lot of people who are new to betting can see success with relatively little knowledge.

Most table tennis matches are played as knockouts within a tournament. They are usually made up of the first 11 points in the game and the best of 3 or 5 games per set.

Before the match, you’re going to be able to bet on three key markets. These are the moneyline, points spread and points totals. Some table tennis betting apps will include handicap markets as well, which is great.

You need to make your pick on the market of choice and just like you would a normal bet, choose your stake at the odds offered by the sportsbook. You may get live betting access as well here, meaning that you can bet as the game takes place.

Table tennis is played at an incredibly high tempo. There are times where rallies are short and sharp, but conversely, there are times they can be quite long, although this is rare.

Being able to research your bets before the game starts is key to making profitable bets on table tennis. You need to be able to spot value early and then take advantage of trends as markets go live.

Table Tennis Betting Tips

We wanted to include some tips that are specific to table tennis that should allow you to make more profitable betting decisions. There are many angles you can take to make money from betting on table tennis and below we’ve included what we think are the key elements.


Player ranking is a great place to start to see who might be a good pick. Rankings in table tennis are based over 12 months, so this is often heavily linked to form as well, another key area for making picks.

However, rankings are common data that sportsbooks will be using to price their bets. You’re going to find that the lower the rank, the shorter the price. However, a short price does not always mean poor value, so you need to work out of the price reflects their chances of winning.

Size of the Competition

There are many grades to tournaments and events that take place around the world. The bigger the event, the higher the calibre of the player.

A good tip is to target smaller events with smaller names. These almost always cough up strange results, which can be a gold mine for shrewd punters. It’s more of a gamble, for sure, but the rewards are much more enticing than the bigger events, which are often dominated by the same players week in, week out.

Playing Styles

Table tennis allows for a great number of grips and styles to be used successfully with the game. One of the biggest is that of the playing hand of a player and you often find that most players will prefer to play against one style over another.

A common one is that right-handed players struggle against left-handed players, usually because of the angle that they create which encourages them to hit across their opponent, rather than down the line, which is easier to defend.

Check the stats to see if there are any trends in games that players have lost recently. If you find something, see if you can apply this to your betting strategy.


Table tennis is not necessarily the number one sport you think of when it comes to betting. However, it’s a brilliant game to watch and a fast-paced game to bet on.

The best table tennis betting apps are that of Bovada and They can offer more markets and bets than any of the coemption, creating huge depth within each respected app. We would be happy to recommend either of these as our best table tennis betting apps.