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Best UFC Betting Apps – Compare MMA Sports Betting Apps



As sportsbook licensing continues to roll out across America, and with MMA betting figures at an all-time high, the Basketball Insiders team felt that now was the time to detail an article covering America’s Best UFC betting apps.

Whether you’re the kind of person who enjoys a lucrative welcome bonus, all your stats and UFC betting picks in one place, or the best possible odds available, read on to discover everything you need to know about betting on the UFC using the premiere apps available on the market.

Best UFC Betting Apps List 2021

Here is our complete list of the top 10 UFC betting apps in 2021:

  •  MyBookie – Broadcasts UFC betting lines, favorable UFC betting odds for all events, and provides detailed UFC strategy guides and betting tips written by expert columnists
  •  BetOnline – Often broadcasts the most competitive UFC betting odds on the market and is currently offering a $1,000 deposit bonus to newcomers
  •  BetUS –  Long-standing UFC betting sportsbook that’s currently offering up to a $2,500 deposit bonus for newcomers
  •  Bovada – Slick UFC betting app and a wide selection of UFC fight lines and prop bets available
  •  Intertops – New and improved UFC betting site that’s now perfect for live UFC betting
  •  XBet– Serving up a $500 deposit bonus and has fight lines open for all major UFC events
  • – Competitive UFC betting odds and lines across the board for all major cards and up to a hefty $1,000 deposit bonus for newcomers to the app
  •  GT Bets – 150% sign-up bonus which is great to spend on UFC fights via the app’s Round Robin, teaser, and parlay betting features
  • – Live UFC betting is available, featuring deep prop markets and up-to-the-minute fight stats
  •  BUSR – UFC betting lines for every event & a lucrative sign up bonus

Top 5 UFC Betting Apps Reviewed

Below, you’ll find detailed reviews for our top five UFC betting apps. We implore you to read them as different bettors seek different things when wagering online, and the best app for one person might not be the best for another. Check out our reviews and then download the app that best suits your individual needs.

We’ll precurse the reviews by just pointing out, however, that each app is free to download and use, as well as legally verified & trusted.

“It’s time!” 

MyBookie – UFC Betting App that Provides Great Odds at Every Event

The MyBookie UFC app is a solid choice for MMA fans the world over: it’s simple to download and install, and, once up running, easy to navigate. Using the MyBookie app makes for hassle-free betting on the fights.

MyBookie broadcasts UFC betting odds for every major event as well as Vegas and Fight Night cards. Not just the main cards at these events either – this is a UFC betting app that features odds for the undercards to boot, providing bettors with tons of optionality, including on the UFC live betting markets.

Along with all the useful blogs, Vlogs, and UFC betting picks that can be found on both the site and app, MyBookie is also a top sportsbook to pick in terms of its onboarding bonuses, currently dishing out a $1,000 deposit bonus to newcomers. Plus, there’s a $250 referral bonus each time an existing customer gets a friend to sign up to the app.

MyBookie UFC Odds


  • Markets open for all UFC events
  • Easy to cast parlay bets on multiple UFC fights
  • Tons of MMA content (blogs, UFC betting picks, etc.) makes it easy to implement UFC betting strategies
  • Unique UFC futures betting options
  • $1,000 deposit bonus for new users
  • Among the best UFC betting odds available online


  • Some UFC betting lines are stagnated and broadcast later than other sites
  • UFC betting lines are not removed promptly – you can’t bet on them but it’s still confusing!

BetOnline – Top Bonuses & UFC Related Competitions

BetOnline gave its app a total makeover in 2020 and this new incarnation truly is much improved on the previous efforts. It’s always been a totally safe and verified UFC betting app, and it’s long broadcast among the best odds too, it’s just that it now looks the part as well.

Newcomers to this revitalized app will find themselves greeted with a $250 deposit bonus, which you are free to wager on any upcoming MMA or boxing event. And, BetOnline is the only app we have found that offers UFC-related competitions during the build-ups to the numbered events. It’s possible to win signed UFC gloves, UFC PS5 games, etc – just a nice touch.


  • The updated app is much easier to use and just looks tons better
  • Moneyline and Over/Under fight lines are available for ALL UFC cards
  • Highly competitive UFC betting odds; often among the top-ranked UFC betting lines
  • Up to $250 deposit bonus for new users


  • Better welcome bonuses available on other UFC betting apps

BetUS – Early to Broadcast UFC Betting Odds for Main Events

The BetUS app is high quality: well-designed, easy to navigate, and functions well.

Where the fighting is concerned, BetUS is one of the quickest UFC betting apps to market, often broadcasting moneyline odds on UFC Main Events (UFC250, 251, etc.) months in advance of the competition. Plus, the sportsbook itself broadcasts among the most competitive UFC betting odds available anywhere, which is always appealing.

Another quality feature of BetUS as a UFC betting app is how much useful information is provided. The sportsbook contains tips and UFC betting strategies in the annuals of its blog pages – there are even Vlogs and Picks for users to read/watch, making it easier for us all to make wise choices when wagering on the app – not to mention the fact this attention to detail saves valuable time, too.


  • Competitive UFC betting odds on the moneyline
  • UFC live betting is available
  • BetUS UFC betting app promptly broadcasts UFC betting odds for ALL events
  • Plenty of UFC betting tips and advice on the BetUS blog pages


  • The app isn’t as aesthetically pleasing as some of the competition

Bovada – One of the Slickest UFC Betting Apps

The Bovada UFC betting application is certainly one of the most stylish available on the market – it really does look the part. It’s quick and easy to download and install the app; once you’ve got it, it’s simple to navigate, and, with particular reference to the UFC, all the major events and fight lines are available to bet on, and the app boasts competitive UFC betting odds to boot.

Live betting is a particular focus of Bovada, so the app makes it easy to make parlay bets on multiple fights on each card and with up-to-the-minute odds.

Finally, for those of you who want to make deposits and withdrawals using bitcoin, this Bovada bonus code also entitles you to a 75% deposit bonus, too.


  • UFC Betting app that covers all the main events (main card & undercard)
  • UFC live betting parlays easy to construct on the app
  • $750 deposit bonus
  • Competitive UFC Betting Odds
  • One of the most stylistic apps available – looks and feels great


  • Customer service has been called into question on occasion

Intertops – Streamlined, Easy-to-use UFC Betting App

We like Intertops for betting on the UFC: the recently revamped app is now very easy to download and easy to get to grips with once installed. It’s simple to deposit and withdraw your dollars, too.

Intertops broadcasts excellent odds for all the big UFC events and also has all the expected markets open for UFC betting –  fight fans can wager on the Over/Under market for the number of rounds, for example. Live Betting is now a prominent feature of Intertops, and the UFC live betting odds are updated quickly in between rounds, too.

On top of that, newcomers to the app can use the Intertops bonus code of ROOKIE100 to claim a 100% deposit bonus worth up to $100. Plus, there’s a $20 free bet to claim too, which can be used to wager on any listed UFC event.


  • Competitive UFC betting odds
  • Unique Over/Under options for round betting on the UFC
  • Red Hot In-Play offers during live betting
  • Easy to make parlay bets for multiple fights on UFC cards
  • The app is simple to install, use, and navigate


  • The UFC betting app groups together boxing and MMA betting lines, which can be slightly confusing

What are the Best Selling Points of UFC Betting Apps?

When you are trying to discover the perfect betting app to use for wagering on the UFC, it’s best to seek one out that scores high in the following categories: trust, ease of use, visuals, download, speed, and payments.

There are other criteria to consider too, such as bonuses and odds, but they came later. Don’t even download the app in the first place if it fails to impress you in the following:

  1. Trust –  always make sure you’re using an app that’s well-reviewed online and legally entitled to operate in your state.
  2. Download – a complicated app to download; an app that takes the length of Fight Night to download, or, worse, an app that you end up having to pay for when there are so many excellent free choices available is a huge no-no in our book
  3. Ease of Use – seek out UFC betting apps that make the wagering process as easy as possible. Sites that display the odds clearly, update quickly, and post UFC betting tips and strategy guides, etc. will always rank higher in our lists.
  4. Visuals – it’s not that visuals are going to directly impact your potential to win big betting on the UFC, but clear, crisp, concise visuals, particularly when UFC live betting, just make for a better user experience overall. Plus, it shows that the UFC betting app you’re using actually cares about its customers and has put some effort into gifting them a rewarding and fun experience.
  5. Speed – there’s nothing worse than an app that takes an eternity to download, or doesn’t update quickly enough when betting on UFC fights live & in play, or that’s slow to broadcast odds. Make sure you’re not wasting time or money due to slow speeds
  6. Payments – first of all, you want your chosen app to be easy to deposit into and you want it to pay out – that’s for sure. After that, ‘payments’ is a topic that’s more subjective: some bettors want to use crypto; some want PayPal, and some just want to use good old-fashioned credit cards – up to you. Just make sure you pick a UFC sportsbook that allows for your chosen method of payment.

UFC Betting Apps: Table of Comparison

Sportsbook Trust Ease of Use Visuals Speed Downloading Payments
MyBookie 100% safe & verified The app works perfectly; odds listed logically An aesthetically appealing app; not the best graphics for live betting though Live betting updates quickly – no issues Simple and fast to download and easy to install Visa, Mastercard, Bitcoin, Ripple, Litecoin, Moneygram
BetUS 100% safe & verified The app is simple to navigate and placing bets is simple An aesthetically appealing app; not the best graphics for live betting though Live betting updates quickly – no issues Simple and fast to download and easy to install Credit, Cash Transfer, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bank Wire Transfer
Bovada 100% safe & verified Best looking app; most stylized & easiest to navigate Best-looking app with the slickest graphics on live betting Live betting updates quickly – no issues Simple and fast to download and easy to install Visa, Debit, Bitcoin, Moneygram, Transfer
Intertops 100% safe & verified The newly updated app is laid out much better; easy to use Stylistically, a much-improved app with a friendlier user interface Live betting updates quickly but slow to broadcast odds for some events Simple and fast to download and easy to install Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Skrill, Crypto, Ukash
BetOnline 100% safe & verified The app is easy to use and navigate… site not so much (since the update) Stylistically, a much-improved app with better graphics than the old version Updates quickly – no issues Simple and fast to download and easy to install Credit Card, Money Order, Bitcoin, Skrill, Bank Wire, Check

Best UFC Betting App for iPhone

Every UFC app reviewed above functions perfectly well on the iPhone. Users can safely install and use all five of the aforementioned on their iPhones and iPads with the very minimum of fuss.

Bovada is probably our personal favorite for the iPhone though. It’s one of the most trusted brands and generally broadcasts UFC Vegas odds nice and early for all the main UFC events. The Bovada app also features a user-friendly betting interface, and, stylistically, it just looks marginally better than the others when installed on Apple products.

There are also the very generous Bovada bonus codes to consider, too…

Best UFC Betting App for Android

Intertops is a solid choice of betting app for Android users hoping to hit up the UFC lines. It’s a sportsbook that enables bettors to bet on not just the UFC but practically every major combat sports event, including boxing and Bellator.

The Intertops app allows for mobile betting, live in-play UFC betting, and it’s easy to construct parlay bets for all the main UFC events.

Intertops bonus codes are often dished out as part of the app’s UFC promotional activities. The UFC betting sportsbook accepts practically all major credit cards, and bettors can deposit/withdraw using online wallets such as Neteller, and Skrill. This sportsbook is also one of the few listed to allow for bank transfers and an array of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, and Litecoin.

Finally, Intertops covers all bases: if you get bored of the sportsbook element, Intertops also boasts an online casino and poker rooms which you’re free to explore should you fancy a change of pace.

Comparing UFC Betting Options on the Best UFC Betting Apps

Different UFC Betting apps offer distinct markets and betting lines. In particular, the prop betting markets can differ wildly, and some sportsbooks have a tendency to get far more creative than others come the night of the fight.

In this next section, we’ll take a look at the betting options on our top five favorite UFC sportsbooks.

UFC Moneyline Betting Odds

With the notable exception of Over/Unders on the round, UFC betting odds almost always appear on the moneyline since bettors are mostly wagering on the winner or loser of a specific fight.

Understanding UFC moneyline odds is straightforward. In the example above, you can see the Intertops odds for the fight between Uriah Hall and Sean Strickland.

With odds of +170 – meaning bet $100 to win $170 – Hall, a striking and karate specialist, is listed as the underdog for this bout.

Oddsmakers have made Hall’s opponent Sean Strickland the favorite. Strickland’s aggressive stand-up style and lust for violence have seen him set odds of -220, meaning that you’d need to bet $220 to win $100.

That’s really all there is to it. The oddsmakers have set the parameters for the contest. All you need to do is predict who will win… and perhaps how.

UFC Round Totals

Over/Unders betting on the UFC is quite simple. You’re just predicting the total number of rounds that a specified bout will last. The oddsmakers set the MMA lines and predict the number of rounds they expect the fight to last. Then, you bet over/under the line.

Most UFC bouts last just three five-minute rounds, but championship and headline fights are five five-minute rounds. As such, the line set by the oddsmakers tends to be Over/Under 1.5 on regular fights and Over/Under 2.5 on championship fights and main events.

If you bet Over 2.5 on a five-round fight and that fight ends up being a wrestling and grappling fest that goes to the judges’ scorecards (i.e. five rounds), you’d win. On the same wager (over 2.5), if the same fight ended in round one due to a destructive Edson Barboza-style spinning heel lick, you’d lose.

UFC Betting Lines

Different UFC betting sportsbooks offer marginally different odds on a given fight. It’s hard to say that one sportsbook is consistently the best – your best bet is always to shop around – but certain apps do tend to come out on top more often than others – check out the UFC betting lines comparison table for Conor McGregor vs. Dustin Poirier 3 below to see for yourself (note: best UFC betting odds in bold font).

UFC Betting Lines for McGregor vs. Poirier 3 (on day of the fight)




















As you can see, if you’d planned on wagering on the moneyline for the disappointing McGregor vs. Poirier fight (McGregor broke his own ankle in Round 1), BetOnline would have been the best UFC sportsbook to cast your bet since, on this occasion, it broadcast the best odds for both combatants.

UFC Futures Betting

UFC futures betting is when you speculate as to the result of a fight or a potential fight way in advance of the actual bout taking place. Generally speaking, this might just be placing a bet on the moneyline for a UFC event that’s scheduled a week later – it’s normal practice. But there are more creative options, too.

As an example of this, it’s possible to wager on Francis Ngannou vs. Jon Jones, a much-vaunted heavyweight fight that hasn’t even been made at the time of writing, on several MMA betting apps.

All the sites listed and reviewed on this page offer UFC betting lines on futures, but none offer such a plethora of options as MyBookie, an app that enables users to wager on ‘who Conor McGregor will fight next,’ and, ‘who will win the currently unscheduled rematch between Peter Yan and Aljamain Sterling.’

If it’s optionality on UFC betting futures that you’re after, Mybookie is most definitely worthy of your consideration.

UFC Fight Specials/Props

A prop bet on the UFC is a little bit different from betting on one of the main lines. Here, you place a special kind of wager that does not necessarily relate to the direct outcome of a bout.

The very best UFC betting apps feature tons of options on the prop market, particularly when betting live and in play. Such examples include:

  • Fight of the Night – which fight will be the best of the evening
  • Go the Distance – a simple yes/no wager on whether or not the scheduled MMA bout will go to the judges’ scorecards
  • Round Betting – betting on which round the victory will come in and for which fighter
  • Method of Victory – wagering on whether or not the fight will end in a submission/KO/TKO, DQ, or via the scorecards
  • Method & Round – a type of parlay bet that combines the two previous UFC prop bets (round betting & method of victory), providing better odds.

Sites such as BetOnline offer tons of optionality on the prop market. So, if these are the kinds of bets you’d like to make, we can’t recommend the app highly enough.

UFC Live Betting Apps

In the modern world of online sportsbook gambling, it doesn’t matter so much if you’re late to cast your bet. UFC live betting enables bettors to wager real money whilst the fight is taking place inside the Octagon.

UFC betting apps update their odds constantly whilst the action is taking place inside the Octagon. If the -200 favorite gets wobbled in the opening seconds, expect to see his/her odds start to drift almost instantaneously!

UFC fights often don’t last all that long, so it can be difficult to find great value when live betting (unless you’re at the event, which gives you a major advantage since you see the action before anyone else), but UFC live betting is a great option for anyone wishing to hedge their bets or alter their previous picks. Plus, it’s tons of fun.

MyBookie is a great option for UFC live betting enthusiasts: the sportsbook broadcasts up to the minute odds changes, all fights are featured, and the updated live odds tend to be highly competitive

UFC Betting Promotions

Below we’ve listed some of the best promotions currently on offer at our top 5 UFC betting apps and detailed the types of bonus codes/special offers/ competitions these sportsbooks have been known to run in conjunction with a premiere UFC showcase event (we’ve used the McGregor vs. Poirier 3 fight for promo comparison).

  • MyBookie – besides the excellent $1,000 deposit bonus that this sportsbook serves up to new patrons, MyBookie also provides a 25% sport reload bonus; a 10% cash bonus up to $200, and regularly broadcasts risk-free bets in conjunction with the UFC’s biggest nights – notably a free $49, no deposit bet on Donald Cerrone vs. Anthony Pettis.
  • BetOnline – this sportsbook offers a 25% welcome bonus up to $1,000 and has recently been handing out free $15 bets to patrons who bet on at least 3 fights on the UFC betting app/site. BetOnline also runs a host of competitions and prize giveaways to go alongside the UFC’s most popular televised shows
  • BetUS – the largest deposit bonus on offer, BetUS enables newcomers to the site to benefit from a 250% deposit bonus worth up to as much as $2,500 in free bets. Besides that, there’s a 150% crypto bonus to exploit, too, as well as tons of bonus codes added throughout the year – just Google BetUS promo codes when you’re thinking of making a wager and see what pops up.
  • Bovada – of all the UFC betting apps listed, this one probably does the best job of running specific bonuses for specific events. Besides the long-standing $750 deposit bonus, Bovada has offered such UFC promos as a limited-time $500 welcome bonus during the McGregor vs. Nurmagomedov build-up and a $250 bonus for anyone wagering on McGregor vs. Poirier 3 back in July 2021.
  • Intertops – this sportsbook’s offer of a $250 deposit bonus may seem underwhelming in comparison to some of the above. But, when you factor in some of Intertops’ other offers, such as 20x $50 free bets and the referral bonuses on offer if you can convince a friend to take the plunge and sign up, it makes this UFC betting app worthy of further consideration at the very least.

Extra Features of the Best UFC Betting Apps

In the competitive world of sportsbook gambling, increasingly, the power is shifting back to the bettor. There are just so many options available on the sportsbook market that these companies need to do their absolute utmost to reel in customers, entertain them, and, ultimately, keep them coming back for more.

As such, the best UFC betting apps will generally contain at least a couple of these extra features:

  • Blogs & Vlogs – the pages of UFC betting apps such as MyBookie & BetUS are heavily laden with UFC betting strategy guides, UFC picks, and UFC Tips, et al. It’s important to read up on a specific bout before you place a wager and sites like these make doing that much easier for the bettor.
  • Stats/Information – other sites provide easy access to stats (record/recent bouts, etc.); some even position relevant stats right next to UFC prop bets to help simplify everything for the bettor. On a site such as Bovada, for example, you may see something like, ‘Adrian Yanez has won 4 of his last fights via KO in Round 1’  right next to a prop betting option on method/round of victory – worth a shot!
  • Competitions/Promotions – UFC betting apps such as BetOnline often run cool UFC promos to get fans in the mood for the big event. These might include a prize giveaway, a special UFC betting bonus code for a particular fighter or event, and so on – it’s always worth shopping around for such things before wagering your bet

UFC Betting Information

Below we’ve laid out a few important things to consider before betting on UFC fights.

  • Number of rounds – as mentioned, some fights are scheduled for 3 Rounds, but main events and championship bouts are scheduled for five, so it’s always wise to garner information on a fighter’s cardio (for instance) if you know there’s a chance the bout lasts for 25 minutes. Fighters such as Conor McGregor are known to struggle in later rounds, whereas fighters such as Nate Diaz often grow stronger the longer a fight goes on.
  • Fighters record/ recent record – Keep an eye on a fighter’s record and bet accordingly. Amanda ‘Lioness’ Nunez has a 21-4 record and is in the midst of a 12 fight win streak that stretches back for almost seven years – it would be unwise to bet on her to lose her next fight, for example.
  • Size of the Octagon – there are two different sized Octagons in use in the UFC. It’s always worth taking the time to find out which is in use for the fight you wish to wager on. Some fighters – often strikers – rely on distance and cardio to evade their opponents and need the extra space to work their magic. Wrestlers and jiu-jitsu practitioners, for example, would prefer less space as it makes it easier for them to get ahold of their opponent. Before wagering on a UFC betting app, make sure you know what size the octagon will be – it does make a difference!

UFC Betting Tips

Over time, you’ll begin to develop your very own UFC betting strategy. It does take time though. So, to get you started, we’ve outlined a few UFC betting tips below.

  • Avoid betting on every fight on every cardwhilst the temptation will always be there to bet on every single fight on a UFC card, and perhaps to even parlay those bets into a potentially lucrative ticket, it is sometimes better to avoid betting on MMA fights. Sometimes the odds just don’t add up. Midway through 2021, Kris Moutinho fought ‘Sugar’ Sean O’Malley. ‘Moutinho was a late replacement on the card, so Sugar’ was -5000. In truth, Moutinho did well in the bout – at least in terms of taking damage well – but he was always a huge underdog, and risking $5,000 to win $100 on O’Malley to win would have been poor practice. Sometimes, it’s just better to steer clear altogether. MMA betting can be unpredictable at times due to the nature of the sport. But, just remember, you don’t need to throw money down on hard to call fights – pick the ones that look nailed on, or two ladies you’ve seen a few times of whom you’ve got a gut feeling for the victor.
  • Always do your research – oddsmakers or the UFC promotion itself often try to hype up one man/woman in a fight. But never jump on board the hype train. Find one of the UFC betting apps that post tons of strategy guides and tips; one that has all the stats. Do as much research as possible and try to make your prediction as scientific as possible.
  • Take advantage of UFC prop bets & parlay boosts for better odds – once you’ve paid due diligence to your MMA research, you’ll have a far better idea of how Conor McGregor (for example) is going to win his next fight. Perhaps he’s been working on his karate during the camp but his cardio is still poor (research), so you place a bet on the Notorious one’s method of victory to come via a spectacular leg-kick KO in round one.

List of Current UFC Champions

You can sign up for all the best UFC betting apps going, but it will be tough to win any money if you aren’t at least slightly familiar with the current UFC landscape.

As such, we’ve taken the liberty of listing out the current UFC champions in both the men’s and women’s weight classes as of August 2021. Championship belts can shift hands rapidly inside the Octagon, but if you see any of these names on a card, it’s usually a safe bet to assume they’ll win at least 75% of the time – it’s always worth having as much UFC betting info to hand as you can get.

  • Heavyweight Champion: Francis Ngannou (16-3)
  • Light-heavyweight Champion: Jan Blachowicz (28-8-0)
  • Middleweight Champion: Israel Adesanya (20-1)
  • Welterweight Champion: Kamaru Usman (19-1)
  • Lightweight Champion: Charles Oliveira (31-8-1)
  • Featherweight Champion: Alexander Volkanovski (21-1)
  • Bantamweight Champion: Aljamain Sterling (20-3-0)
  • Flyweight Champion: Brandon Moreno (19-5-2)
  • Women’s Featherweight/Bantamweight Champion: Amanda Nunes (21-4)
  • Women’s Flyweight Champion: Valentina Shevchenko (21-3)
  • Women’s Strawweight Champion: Rose Namajunas (11-4

Upcoming Events & Key UFC Betting Dates

It’s also well worth knowing when the biggest UFC cards are scheduled to take place. It’s hard to win money betting on any of the best UFC betting apps if you’re late to the Octagon, after all!

Fights are usually made about three months in advance of the event in order to give the combatants time to prepare. Injuries during training camp are commonplace though. So, we generally recommend checking out the UFC betting lines and odds during the last week of the build-up to a fight; that is unless you see a great deal early on…

7 Aug 11:00 PM UFC 265: Lewis vs. Gane Toyota Center (Houston), Houston, Texas
22 Aug 12:00 AM UFC Fight Night: Cannonier vs. Gastelum UFC APEX, Las Vegas, Nevada
29 Aug 12:00 AM UFC Fight Night: Barboza vs. Chikadze UFC APEX, Las Vegas, Nevada
1 Sep 1:00 AM Dana White’s Contender Series: Season 5 UFC APEX, Las Vegas, Nevada
8 Sep 1:00 AM Dana White’s Contender Series: Season 5 UFC APEX, Las Vegas, Nevada
15 Sep 1:00 AM Dana White’s Contender Series: Season 5 UFC APEX, Las Vegas, Nevada
22 Sep 1:00 AM Dana White’s Contender Series: Season 5 UFC APEX, Las Vegas, Nevada
25 Sep 11:00 PM UFC 266: Volkanovski vs. Ortega T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada
29 Sep 1:00 AM Dana White’s Contender Series: Season 5, Week 5 UFC APEX, Las Vegas, Nevada

Best UFC Betting App Conclusion

Each of the UFC betting apps we’ve focused our attention on today scores high in a number of crucial facets. They are all safe, verified, and easy to install and use. Each of them broadcasts competitive UFC odds for all the major events; they all allow for UFC live betting, and allow a variety of options for paying in and cashing out your winnings.

However, as with a UFC fight, there can be only one winner in this UFC app comparison, and we think that honor should go to MyBookie. BetOnline runs the Mybookie app very close for its money, but MyBookie’s superior tips and strategy content, slightly better visuals/graphics, and marginally better odds give it the edge.

On top of that, the MyBookie welcome bonus of $1,000; the lucrative referral bonuses, and the sportsbook’s tendency to post special offers and MMA bonus codes in tandem with the major UFC events (see image above) make it hard to ignore.

MyBookie is the best UFC betting app in our opinion. But, honestly, you won’t go wrong with any of the sites featured – they’re all solid selections, capable of fulfilling your MMA betting needs.

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