The Best Virtual Horse Racing Betting Sites in the USA

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One of the big developments in recent years has been virtual horse racing. People will see these computerized races taking place every few minutes online. It provides you with another option to place bets, being especially useful when there might be no real horse races taking place.

A significant portion of all horse racing-related wagers is now for virtual horse racing. This guide will take you through the best virtual horse racing betting sites, as well as taking you through the inner workings of virtual horse racing.

Huge News in the World of Virtual Horse Racing

Silks, the first NFT horse racing game based on real-world thoroughbred racehorses, is set to launch and digital art will reflect real-world events on racetracks across America.

Each Silks Horse NFT you purchase is linked to an actual thoroughbred racehorse, allowing you to experience the thrill of thoroughbred ownership and more.

Earn from your Silks Horse based on their real-world counterpart’s performances on and off the track. Unlock token rewards every time your racehorse wins real races or breeds offspring.

You’ll even have the ability to purchase NFTs for Land and Stables in the Silks virtual metaverse where you can house your Silks Horses and be part of an immersive community.

To access the Game of Silks, you’ll need to secure a Silks Avatar NFT which represents your unique identity in this ground-breaking world. The Silks Genesis Avatar collection whitelist sale begins 27 April. There’s a limited supply so connect your wallet now and get early access.

The first batch of Silks Horses drop later this year with Land and Stables to follow. So don’t miss out on all the action, come join the new reality of thoroughbred horse racing. Welcome to Silks!

Best Virtual Horse Racing Betting Sites
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How We Rank The Best Virtual Horse Racing Sites

There are many different aspects involved with virtual horse racing betting sites. You do not want to simply close your eyes and choose the first platform that you see. Instead, it is important that you take the time to conduct some research and make sure that you are choosing an option that is completely conducive to your needs.

Our team of experts uses a consistent list of variables that will give you a comprehensive insight into the merits of a given platform. This allows you to compare different options in a fair manner. Here are some of the most important aspects of a virtual horse racing betting site to look at:

  • Range of Markets – Naturally, you will want to make sure that there are plenty of virtual horse racing options available to you on a given site. You want there to be races taking place every few minutes rather than having to wait a long time in between rounds. You might also have some preferences for the types of races that are taking place, such as the number of horses lining up and so on.
  • Odds – You also want to make sure that you are going to be getting bang for your buck when it comes to virtual horse racing. This means making sure that the odds are at least at the industry average and better if possible. This means that you are going to maximize your returns from winning wagers. 
  • Software – You want to have access to virtual horse racing from the best software providers in the world today. This means that the experience will be very realistic and have a great range of features. You also want the experience to be smooth and high-quality from start to finish.
  • Fairness – Virtual horse racing is different from regular races as there is a random number generator that will be dictating results rather than it being a real-life race. Therefore, you want to be sure that the virtual horse races you are betting on are completely fair. This means that the offerings are tested by an independent body on a frequent basis.
  • Bonuses – One of the most enjoyable aspects of using an online betting platform is getting access to different types of bonuses. While you might not often get many promotions that directly relate to virtual horse racing, there will almost always be a welcome offer at every betting site that can give a good boost to your account balance.
  • Ease of Use – It is vital that the experience you have with an online betting site is going to be one that has minimal issues. You will be able to easily navigate around the offering in a fast manner, having no issues with gameplay quality or compatibility with different types of devices.

What Is Virtual Horse Racing?

virtual racing

virtual horse racing sees you placing bets on the outcomes of races that are computer-generated. A random number generator will be used in order to determine the result of the race. There will be both fictional and real-life tracks that are used as the backdrop to these spectacles.

There will also often be both jumps and flat races available to you when betting on virtual horse races. In terms of the range of betting markets, you can usually have access to standard racing betting markets like race winner, each way, forecasts, and tricasts.

There will usually be form guides on offer for these races, with everyone coming across as if it was a real race. The best bookies will make sure that there are virtual horse races which are starting every few minutes and that has a lot of realness.

With the trusted virtual horse racing betting sites, you will know that you will be getting a fair experience, with the random number generators usually being tested by independent bodies. Therefore, you can trust that you are getting an objective experience.

Is Virtual Horse Racing Fair?

You will come across many great virtual horse racing sportsbooks that allow you to enjoy the plying experience in a high-quality manner. You can be sure that the trusted platforms will have fair races on offer. This can be checked by looking to see how the random number generators that dictate the results of these races are verified.

Usually, the leading virtual horse racing betting sites will outline how an independent testing body will check these random number generators from time to time to ensure that they are completely fair. This will give you peace of mind when you are placing real money bets on these virtual races.

Virtual Horse Racing Betting Markets

The types of betting markets that you will be able to use with virtual horse racing will be very similar to what you get with normal horse races. Therefore, there is not much of a steep learning curve when you are getting started with virtual horse racing. Here are the most popular betting markets that will normally be available for you to check out:

Race Winner

The most basic type of betting market that you will come across will be the race-winner market. The idea is simple – you are betting on the horse that you think is going to be first past the finish line. 

Each Way

An each-way bet is also very popular as it allows you to combine a place bet with a race winner bet. Therefore, there are two parts of this bet, both of which have their own stakes. Half of your total stake is going to be placed on the place aspect and the other half on the win bet. The number of places that will be covered by an each-way bet will depend on the operator and the number of participants in the race. 


This type of market will see you trying to successfully predict which three horses you think are going to finish in the top three places come the end of the race. You will not have to predict the exact finishing places of each of these three horses.


A straight forecast sees you attempting to successfully guess the first and second-place finishers come to the end of the race.

Why Should I Bet On Virtual Horse Racing?

There are often people asking why they should place bets on virtual horse races when there are tons of real horse races taking place across the world on a daily basis. There are a few different reasons for trying out virtual horse racing.

As there are races taking place every few minutes in the virtual world, you are never going to be short of an opportunity to wager on horse races. Therefore, you do not have to wait long between your races. You also will not have to deal with any unforeseen circumstances leading to races getting canceled, such as bad weather or if your horse gets injured before starting the race. It is also an easy way for beginners to get started and learn the ropes when it comes to placing bets on races.

Some people also praise the ethical benefits associated with virtual horse racing. This is because there will be no jockeys or horses hurt during virtual races, as opposed to real-life races. One of the potential downsides to virtual horse racing is that you will not get too many bonus offers that relate to these types of offerings, as well as cash-out usually not being an option for you.


  • Races every two minutes
  • Access to a good collection of markets
  • No unforeseen circumstances
  • Top-quality graphics
  • Ethically friendly


  • Not many relevant bonuses
  • No cash-out option

Virtual Horse Racing Betting Providers

There are a few different major software providers that tend to provide these virtual horse racing offerings. Each of these options is going to take a different approach, with the graphics looking somewhat different and having their own sets of features. Each of the leading providers will ensure that their offerings work just as smoothly on desktop as they do on mobile offerings. Here is a look at a few of the best software developers in the virtual horse racing space today:


virtual racing


Playtech has a great reputation when it comes to its provision of all types of online casino games, including slots and table games. It has been in the business since 1999 and is one of the leaders when it comes to providing virtual horse racing offerings. The quality is so good on the virtual races that it can be hard to notice the difference between these offerings and what you see with real races.

Inspired Entertainment

virtual racing

You will find virtual horse racing from Inspired Entertainment across a wide range of different operators. It has been around since 2014 and has quickly built up a great reputation in the sector. It is usually seen as being the top choice if you are looking at virtual horse racing, with having top-tier features and stream quality.


playtech virtual race

Betradar has been in business since 2001 and it is a popular option due to the frequency of its race. Generally, you can expect to come across a race every couple of minutes no matter what day of the week or time of the day it might be. There are also great historical odds and results that come along with this offering, as well as top-tier stream quality and live race rankings. There will also often be commentary alongside these virtual horse races. 

Top 5 Betting Tips For Virtual Horse Racing

There are a lot of people who enjoy betting on virtual horse races for a variety of reasons. There are many pros associated with doing so. However, it can be difficult when it comes to bringing skill into proceedings as there is the random element of these races that is not as present in real horse races. Here are a few useful tips that you can keep at the back of your mind when you are looking to bet on virtual horse racing:

1. Develop a Plan

One of the most impotent aspects of being a successful bettor is by having a plan in place that you can follow. This is never going to be a perfect plan, but you can improve it over time as you learn from your wins and losses. Virtual horse racing will likely not be the only way that you place bets, so you should allocate your funds as needed to each type of offering.

This means knowing how much you will spend placing bets on virtual horse racing. You should also know your exit point for your virtual horse racing betting session, whether this is a time limit, profit limit, or loss limit.

2. Look at Higher Payouts

While there are basic types of bets like race winner and each-way wagers that a lot of people will stick to when they want to bet on virtual horse racing, there are also the likes of forecast and tricast bet types available.

These are markets that can offer much better payouts for your wagers, even if you are sticking with the relative favorite for a given spectacle. While the odds of your bet winning will be lower, the rewards will be more lucrative if you are successful.

3. Don’t Forget About Randomness

virtual horse racing is not looking at regular horse racing where a lot more logic and form come into play. The outcomes of the virtual horse races will be from a random number generator. Therefore, it is more akin to the likes of a slot machine. Therefore, you will not be able to use the past results of the races to base your future decisions. Each and every race is independent and will have its own exclusive outcome.

4. Find the Value

There will be many different types of races that you will come across with virtual horse racing. Some will have bigger fields than others. Certain races will have strong favorites, while others will be a lot more evenly spread out. If there is a strong favorite in a field, you should definitely take note of that fact. This can give you an indication as to just how strong of a chance the leader in the betting has to come out on top come the end of the race.

5. Try Different Offerings

Most leading betting sites these days will have a virtual horse racing 3D offering for you to try out. If there are different developers supplying these races, then there will be a lot of variety you can come across with the different virtual horse racing game options.

You might find that you have more success when engaging in virtual horse racing betting with a certain provide over the other. Therefore, it is a good idea to test out all of the different options and determine which type you enjoy the most, as well as what you perform the best doing.

Other Virtual Betting Sports

virtual sports

While virtual horse racing was the first way that people were able to place bets on the outcomes of a virtual event, there are now many other sports that you will come across in a virtual world. As well as the sports listed below, you also have virtual betting options for the likes of basketball, baseball, and rugby. Here is a look at some of the most popular virtual sports that are on the market today for you to play:

Virtual Soccer (Football)

Virtual soccer will be the other highly popular way to place bets on the outcome of a virtual sporting event. You can also bet on the outcomes of leagues over the course of a season, as well as cup competitions.

The entire season can be played out over the course of an hour. You will have excellent effects and graphics in ply, so you almost feel like you are watching a live game. Usually, there will be a cap of four goals per game and the matches usually take about three minutes from start to finish. The visual representation of the games will be like a highlights package.

Virtual Greyhounds

Another popular virtual betting option will see you placing wagers on virtual greyhound races. There will usually be six dogs lining up at the start of the race on the oval track. The same types of markets that you will find with virtual horse racing will usually be available for betting on virtual greyhound races. It is another fun option available to fans of racing.

Virtual Tennis

Tennis is one of the most popular sports when it comes to betting. Now there are virtual tennis offerings that provide further options to people across the world. These virtual games will often be linked to specific tournaments that are taking place in real life.

Once again, the footage will look like you are actually viewing a real tennis game. Some of the popular markets available include betting on the next point, as well as betting on the outcome of the sets and the games as a whole.

Bottom Line

As you can see throughout this guide, there are a lot of different perks associated with betting on virtual horse races. A lot of the leading horse racing betting sites in the US market will offer these types of products. You can add a bit of excitement to proceedings, as well as place bets on virtual races every couple of minutes. It is certainly something different and worthwhile trying out some time.

Our Top Site For Virtual Horse Racing Betting
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