Despite conflicting reports, sources say that the Pelicans will not be trading Zion Williamson to Charlotte or Portland

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At this point in the offseason, it’s difficult to know what to believe from all the rumors that arise. Earlier this week we were told by Shams Charnaia that the Pelicans want to trade up the#2 or #3 pick. He said the team would be willing to trade former #1 overall pick Zion Williamson. However, there are conflicting reports on what the New Orleans might do. Sources say that the Pelicans will not be trading Zion Williamson to Charlotte or Portland. 

Charania reported that the Pelicans are interested in Scoot Henderson in the 2023 NBA Draft. He’s a top-three pick in the draft New Orleans would have to trade up to be in that position. We’ve recently learned that this information might not have been 100 percent factual.

ESPN’s Jonathan Givony told Zach Lowe that the Pelicans won’t be trading Zion Williamson. He said he would be surprised to see the Pelicans try and move into that #2 or #3 spot in the draft.

ESPN’s Jonathan Givony says the Pelicans will not be trading Zion Williamson this offseason

The biggest knock on Zion Williamson as an NBA player is his health and availability. In his four-year career thus far, he’s played in a total of 114 games. He missed the entire 2021-22 season due to a foot injury. Only once in his four professional seasons has he played more than 30+ games in a single season.

Jonathan Givony emphasized that the Pelicans were the best team in the West when Zion went down with an injury. He played in 29 games this past season and the Pelicans missed out on the playoffs. Who knows what the Pelicans would have looked like last season if Williamson was fully healthy and available?

In his four professional seasons, he’s been sidelined for 194 of 305 possible games. Injuries have plagued his career so far, but his future is still bright. When healthy, he’s one of the more dominant players in the NBA.