Pelicans’ GM David Griffin claims that the franchise’s relationship with Zion Williamson ‘is as good as it’s ever been’

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Zion and David Griffin

Throughout his brief NBA career thus far, Zion Williamson has always had the spotlight on him. Anything he does or says is overblown by the media looking for clicks and views. The 23-year-old has been the subject of trade rumors throughout the offseason. That may not be the case according to Pelicans GM David Griffin. He claims that the franchise’s relationship with Zion Williamson “is as good as it’s ever been”. 

Back in the 2019 NBA Draft, the Pelicans were lucky enough to have the #1 overall pick. It was an easy choice for them when they selected Zion Williamson from Duke. The hype around him was immense and New Orleans would have looked foolish to pass on him.

However, that may not be the case four years into his NBA career. Williamson has struggled to remain healthy and stay on the court in his time with the Pelicans. Regardless, Griffin says not once have the Pelicans had a conversation about trading Zion.

Trade rumors for Zion Williamson are not real this offseason according to Pelicans GM David Griffin

Recently, Pelicans GM David Griffin went on Sirius XM Radio and discussed Zion Williamson’s relationship with the franchise. He claimed that it’s “as good as it ever been”. Griffin knows how much attention Willamson draws to the media. People see one headline about the two-time all-star and are quick to draw conclusions.

Griffin told Sirius XM that he’s been happy to see Williamson and other veterans showing up at Summer League. Media members around the league thought that Williamson might get traded because of injury history. General Manager David Griffin was quick to dispel those rumors.

He said that the “noise never actually matches what we’re really experiencing”. Williamson has not been able to stay healthy for the Pelicans, but they are not giving up. When he’s 100 percent healthy, the 23-year-old is one of the most talented forwards in the entire NBA.