Ahead of the 2023 NBA Draft, one source ‘guarantees’ Zion Williamson will be traded by the Pelicans before Thursday

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The narrative leading up to the NBA Draft has gone back and forth for two-time all-star Zion Williamson. He’s had a rather disappointing career so far with the New Orleans Pelicans. Ahead of the 2023 NBA Draft, sources around the league have claimed that Williamson could be traded. Most recently, The Ringers’ Bill Simmons said Williamson is “guaranteed” to be traded before the draft. That was according to one of his most trusted sources. 

Last week, we had conflicting reports from top insiders around the league concerning Williamson’s future with New Orleans. Certain sources have claimed that he is going to be traded before Thursday’s draft. Others have claimed that a trade is unlikely to happen.

Williamson being traded by the Pelicans seems like the most likely of options. More sources have reported him being traded than not being traded. Most recently Bill Simmons reported that Williamson’s future with the Pelicans is coming to an end.

League insiders continue to claim that Zion Williamson will be traded before the 2023 NBA Draft

In the past week or so, Zion Williamson’s name has become more and more prevalent. Not only is he dealing with personal off-the-court issues, but his security with the Pelicans is at risk. It’s not a secret that Zion has underdelivered since being drafted first overall in 2019 by the Pelicans.

It’s been reported that teams across the league value Brandon Miller and Scoot Henderson highly. Charlotte owns the second pick and Portland owns the third pick. Scoot Henderson is valued highly by the Pelicans and they’d need to make a massive trade to move up from #14 to get him.

Zion Williamson is a name that has been floated out in potential trades. Last week, legitimate sources said that Williamson has little to no relationship left with his teammates or New Orleans’ front office. The talent level for Zion is through the roof, but he’s been plagued by injuries in his four-year NBA career. Another team would be taking a real gamble if they traded for Williamson. It’s clear that he’s not the player he was expected to be when he got drafted.