Hawks’ Bogdan Bogdanovic explains why basketball in the NBA is a ‘totally different dimension’ than in Europe

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After completing his third campaign representing the Hawks, Bogdan Bogdanovic has been back in his native Serbia enjoying the summer with friends and family in Belgrade.

He recently attended a school activity where young kids were able to ask him a wide range of questions about life in the NBA, and even his potential return to the Europe.

One of his wishes is to be able to play someday with or against his former team KK Partizan, just as Luka Doncic’s Dallas Mavericks are set to play a friendly match against Real Madrid in October, becoming the first contest between NBA and Euroleague teams since 2016.

While at it, people started asking about the difference between the sport in both continents, as most wondered if the Serbian team would compete well in the United States.

“If Partizan were to play against NBA clubs, success would depend on a lot of factors. Starting with what the rules are – whether they’re European or American. If they are European, things are more in favor of the black-and-whites,” Bogdanovic said, admitting that a team like Barcelona might be able to beat NBA squads.

“It’s not a good comparison though because those games usually occur in the preseason when the players are not in the best form,” he explained.

One main difference that is definitely a European trademark is the way fans create amazing atmospheres.

“When we talk about fans, Partizan is there above almost all clubs in the USA because they create an environment that represents the players on the court more. I’m glad that it’s being talked about positively in the US as well,” he expressed proudly.

Is it really easier to score in the NBA? The Serbian star weighs in on the debate

Not too long ago, Doncic explained how the NBA’s rule book makes it easier to score in the United States than in the Euroleague, a take that many other superstars have concurred with.

Bogdanovic, on the other hand, shared his views on the main differences between both competitions.

“It’s difficult to compare European and NBA basketball. It’s a different game in America, it’s a totally different dimension,” he assured. “Marketing and entertainment play a big role, physicality is an important factor. There are certain freedoms in the game, the speed is greater.

“It’s not easy to get used to that, although I think it would be a little easier for an NBA player to get used to European basketball than the other way around.”

The Hawks shooting guard is mostly known for his effective attempts from the deep, take a look at some of his highlights:

For now, Bogdanovic has only two things in his mind: enjoy the European summer while he can, and prepare for the upcoming 2023 FIBA World Cup.

“Personally, I’m extremely motivated [to return] and I’m sorry that I wasn’t with the national team last year. Now I am completely focused on what awaits us,” he said. “We all follow Nikola Jokic and hope that he will win the title in the NBA. We hope that he’ll have enough time to rest and find strength for the World Cup.”