Michael Jordan’s $15 million mansion has been broken into as 18-year-old burglar is now under arrest

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Michael Jordan’s mansion in Chicago, reportedly worth $15 million, has been broken into this week by an 18-year-old burglar who is now facing many charges by the police, including criminal damage to the star’s property.

The Highland Park Police Department were to first to the scene, after they responded to a “robbery in progress” call from Jordan’s neighbors at around 4:10pm this past Monday afternoon.

As the Bulls legend wasn’t in his house, he owes his Point Lane good samaritans some gratitude as the young criminal, identified as Raiden Hagedorn, was still inside the 56,000-square-foot mansion when the police arrived.

Minutes later Hagedorn was arrested and charged with criminal trespass to an occupied residence with two more counts of criminal damage to property, all considered misdemeanors. The reason Jordan was not present in his house is because he hasn’t lived there ever since he placed his Chicago home on the market over 11 years ago.

The mansion, which has the personalized gate with the legend’s famous #23, comes with nine bedrooms, a total of 19 baths, a tennis court, an infinity pool, an indoor basketball gymnasium, and a cigar room. It seems it was only missing a personal golf court!

It has been reported that the Jordan estate was initially listed for $29 million back in 2012, but ever since it has fallen to $14,855,000, as the Hall of Famer hasn’t had any luck to unload the property.

Another interesting fact is that the mansion was used for the scene of Travis Scott’s recent video featuring Young Thug and M.I.A. of a song called “FRANCHISE.”

Ben Affleck reveals the only request Michael Jordan made about new Air movie

As the basketball legend isn’t even featured in the movie Air, the only petition he asked for director and star Ben Affleck was that actress Viola Davis should be cast to play his mother.

Affleck started by doubting the request. “I was like, ‘Mike, you just can’t get Viola Davis,” the movie star said. “He was like ‘nope’. So I had to get her. Thank goodness she said yes. I was very happy I was able to do that.

“He didn’t have a whole laundry list. He left it at that. It was important that I honor that.”

It didn’t come as a surprise at all, as Davis is one of the few actors to have been honored with an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and a Tony. Affleck then proceded to explain why Jordan is barely present in the film that is about his famous Nike shoe deal that revolutionized the sport.

“I thought the minute I turn the camera on somebody and ask the audience to believe that person was Michael Jordan, the whole movie falls part,” he said. “When somebody is that powerful, where just their silhouette is a globally recognized phenomenon, you lose people.

“If it’s [the film] about anything, it’s about what Michael Jordan meant to the sporting world, the world at large, and who he was and how it transformed sports and sports marketing and how athletes were compensated and treated, how he was supported in that process.”