Play Omaha Poker Online – Best Sites, Rules & Strategy

Omaha poker is an exciting alternative to Texas hold’em and one of the most popular poker variants for beginners and seasoned players alike. The aim of the game is to win the pot with the highest-ranking five-card hand, using two hole cards and three community cards. 

Stick around as we unpack everything you need to know to succeed as a real money Omaha poker player, from finding the best poker welcome offers and platforms to different hand rankings, key strategies, rules of the game and more. Your guide to all things Omaha poker starts now. 

Best Offshore Poker Sites
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Everygame Poker logo

200% up to $1,000

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The Best Omaha Poker Sites to Play for Real Money

Here is our pick for the best poker sites in 2023. While the below platforms may not offer poker Omaha all year round, they more than makeup for it in terms of their leading welcome offers, variety of different titles, strong tournament action and regular referral incentives. Be sure to check out each poker suite individually for further offerings. 

  1. BetOnline – Best online Omaha poker site
  2. Bovada – Loyalty points are awarded for frequent poker play. 
  3. Everygame – $10,000 in weekly guaranteed prize pools. 
  4. Ignition – Up to $2500 in weekly poker freerolls.
  5. – Top titles from a leading poker network. 

Comparison of the Best Omaha Poker Sites

BetOnline Omaha Poker homepage - The best sites to play Omaha poker online

We’ll now compare and contrast the best online Omaha poker sites in 2023. While some sites don’t specialize in Omaha poker, they do carry a multitude of different player incentives, including freerolls, welcome offers and world-class poker software.

Casino Online Poker Games Poker Room Omaha Poker Texas Hold’em  Bet Limit Welcome Bonus Freerolls
BetOnline  17+ Chico Poker Network $0.05/$0.10 – $5/$10 100% up to $1,000
Bovada 7+ PaiWangLuo Poker Network  $0.02/$0.05 – $10/$20 100% up to $500
Everygame 5+ Horizon Poker Network  $0.02/$0.04 – $3/$6 200% up to $1,000
Ignition 7+ PaiWangLuo Poker Network  $0.02/$0.05 – $10/$20 150% up to $1,500 11+ Chico Poker Network  $0.05/$0.10 – $5/$10 100% up to $1,000

How to Play Omaha Poker Online

Here’s a short guide to playing Omaha poker online. Whether in-person or online, Omaha poker rules remain mostly the same. We’ll unpack the steps and strategies needed to start playing confidently, from betting rounds and methods, to hand rankings, overriding odds, and more. 

The aim of the game is to win the pot and knock out the competition with the best five-card hand. In each game, you’ll move through four different betting rounds (pre-flop, flop, river and turn) to reach the showdown, where all remaining players will reveal their hands. 

In Omaha, you’ll be dealt 4 face-down hole cards, as opposed to 2 in Texas hold’em. 5 community cards will be dealt face-up on the board, with the goal being to make the best five-card hand, using 2 of your strongest hole cards and 3 cards from the community pile.  

Omaha poker can be played using three different stakes. Pot-limit is the most widely played variety, where your maximum bet can equal but never exceed the pot in play. Fixed-limit has preset betting and raising amounts, while no-limit has no maximum bet requirements. 

Below is a step-by-step recap on how to play Omaha poker. While you won’t find a dedicated Omaha poker app, sites like Bovada, BetOnline, and similar, do offer world-class mobile poker titles that rotate from time to time. 

Step 1: Pre-Game Betting

In a social Omaha poker game, one player will be assigned as the dealer (using the market to indicate this). The role of the dealer will shift from hand to hand, moving from left to right. In live casino play, there may be a house dealer present and with online (anonymous) tables, this process may be automated. 

The player to the direct left of the dealer will need to put up a mandatory bet, known as the small blind and the player to their left will put up the big blind, which is twice the value of the small blind. 

Step 2: Cards are Dealt

The dealer will issue 4 face-down hole cards to each player, starting from their immediate left The player to the direct left of the big blind is first to make a move (known as being under the gun) and will need to call, raise or fold to start the action. Each player will have a chance to act moving in a clockwise position. 

As mentioned, the object of Omaha poker is to use your 2 best hole cards along with 3  community cards to make the best five-card hand. Standard poker hand ranking rules apply where a royal flush, straight flush, or four of a kind will always hold the highest value. 

Step 3: Pre-Flop 

The first round of betting begins. The player to the immediate left of the big blind has the chance to act, by calling, raising or folding. You’ll only be able to check when no other bets have been placed. All players will follow suit, taking turns calling and raising until the game gets back to the big blind. 

Step 4: Flop

The dealer will remove (burn) a card from the deck and place 3 face-up cards on the board (known as the flop). The second round of betting ensues, (known as the post-flop) where the player to the left of the dealer will bet first with the option to call raise, fold, or go all in. 

Step 5: The Turn 

The third round of betting starts, where a fourth card is dealt into the community pile. Players are again able to evaluate their positions and take action by either checking, raising, calling or folding. At this point, you’ll be able to see whether the cards are working in your favor and decide whether to continue or sit out the showdown by folding. 

Step 5: The River 

Once all bets are in for the turn, a fourth and final round of betting will ensue. The dealer will once again burn a card from the top of the deck and issue a final card (the river), taking the community cards to a total of five. Play will commence immediately clockwise from the button where everyone will have the option to check, call, raise or fold. 

Step 8: The Showdown

All bets have now been called and players who are still in (2 or more) will need to reveal their hand (known as the showdown). Usually, the last player to bet or raise will be the first to show their hand. If all remaining players happen to check on the river, then the player to the left of the dealer will reveal their hand first, running clockwise. 

You’ll need to display your strongest five-card hand, using 2 of your hole cards and 3 from the community. The player with the strongest hand will win outright, the action will be over and a new game can start. 

Play Free Omaha Poker Online

Bovada sub page - Play Omaha poker for free

If you’re new to the game, you can choose to play Omaha poker online for free using the platform’s demo mode feature. While less common on tables, certain poker platforms will offer the option to play Omaha poker online for free as well as a range of other leading titles. 

Head over to your preferred casino platform and scroll through the options to find free online Omaha poker with no download. Analyze different hand rankings, betting rounds, big blinds, small blinds, etc. When it’s time to play Omaha poker online for real money, simply head over to the cashier’s page.  

You can also try your hand at freeroll tournaments, which pop up on-site for specific promotions. These tournaments ​​​​have no entry fee or buy-in and offer real money takings through guaranteed prize pools. Play Omaha poker online and enjoy freeroll tournaments at leading platforms like Wild Casino, Ignition, Bovada and BetOnline.

Omaha Poker Hand Ranking

Omaha poker hand rankings are the same as Texas Hold’em and other popular variants. The difference lies in the number of hole cards you’ll get when playing (4 as opposed to 2). Since you’re getting twice as many cards at the start of play, it’s important to know if you have a strong hand off the bat that can confidently move you from pre-flop through to showdown. 

The best Omaha poker winning hands will have pairs/combo potential. The cards themselves should work together and complement each other, keeping in mind that only two will be used to complete a five-card hand. Top opening combinations include A-A-KK, A-A-J-T, A-A-Q-Q and A-A-J-J. Below you’ll find a recap of standard Omaha poker hand rankings.  

Player’s Hand: Definition:
Royal Flush  The best possible straight flush, with cards consisting of a 10-J-Q-K-A of the same suit. 
Straight Flush  Five cards of the same suit ranked in sequence. I.e 8-9-10-J-Q of hearts
Four of a Kind  Also known as quads. Four cards of one rank and a card of a different rank (the kicker). I.e,  5-5-5-5-J
Full House  Three of a kind and a pair. For example, Q-Q-Q-2-2
Flush  Five cards of the same suit that are not ranked in sequence. I.e, 2-6-8-10-Q of spades 
Straight  Omaha poker rules for straight hands follow the same sequence, where five cards are ranked in sequence, but not of the same suit. I.e, 6-7-8-9-10
Three of a Kind  Three cards of the same value but different suits. I.e, Q-Q-Q
Two Pairs  Two pairs of cards of the same value. I.e, 5-5-J-J
Pair Two cards of the same value. I.e, 10-10
High Card  The value of your highest card. I.e, K

What are the Omaha Poker Odds?

Predicting the odds of real-world poker games like Omaha, Texas hold’em and similar isn’t an exact science. Being a zero-sum game type, where one player’s win is directly equivalent to another player’s losses, variables like max/min limits, table type, amounts wagered and similar need to be considered.

And, while you may find fixed RTPs for online titles, you’ll usually need to recalculate odds on the go from round to round. Using an online Omaha poker odds calculator is a great way to see where you’re placed. You’re able to run different card combinations through the software and analyze the overall likelihood of a winning hand.

Of, course, if the flop is down and you’ve got a straight flush in the bag (congrats!), we’re sure you’ll skip on using an Omaha poker calculator. 

In essence, each hand and subsequent betting round will have a unique value percentage, where you’ll start to see the long-term result of every decision as the game progresses. While tables differ, the blinds, buy-ins and betting variants remain largely the same. 

Though Omaha poker play and the overriding odds are imperfect, a preemptive strategy goes a long way when combined with knowledge of the game. The idea is to use the information you have at your disposal and collect new insights along the way in order to make consistently informed and profitable decisions. 

The Best Omaha Poker Strategy

We’ll now cover a few best practices to get the most out of Omaha poker in the shortest possible time frame. Rest assured, you don’t need to be a pro or have an aptitude for game theory to test them out. While Omaha’s poker strategy can and does get complicated, these tips are geared to beginners and can be put into practice immediately.   

Remember that Omaha poker strategies will vary when playing live, in-tournament, or online. A good practice is to use the below as a base starting point. As your confidence grows, you can tailor your efforts and grow your skill set.

Know Your Starting Hand 

While Omaha poker is equal parts luck and skill, having a strong starting hand will automatically increase your chances of staying in the action and winning the pot. Understanding your starting hand will influence your playing strategy, and likewise, boost your confidence.

But, with over 16,000 Omaha poker strategy starting hands, it pays to know what you’re looking for. 

When analyzing the hole cards you want to be looking out for strong pairs, or cards capable of forming strong combinations throughout each betting round. The four best starting hands include A-A-KK, A-A-J-T, A-A-Q-Q, A-A-J-J and A-A-T-T. 

Aim to Grow the Pot

If you happen to have a strong starting hand, don’t make it known immediately. While you may want to double down from the start with big raises, the main aim would be to get as many other players to contribute as possible. The more bets made, the higher the pot will become. And, the higher the pot, the better the outright win.

Vary your play and withhold big bets at the offset so as not to scare off the competition. Bide your time and bring in bigger raises closer to showdown, once the pot has grown to a position worth fighting for. 

Watch Out for Big Raises off the Bat

The same above rule applies when monitoring your opponents. If early on in the game, you’re seeing substantial bets coming to the fray, it pays to be cautious and tone back your own playing style until you’ve had a chance to analyze gameplay. 

Remember that, while it can and does occur, bluffing in Omaha poker is not as commonly practiced as it would be in Texas hold’em or other poker variants. If a player is consistently raising large amounts, they’re likely sitting on a very strong hand. If your hand doesn’t carry the same perceived value, then it might be better to fold. 

Stick to Raising and Folding

Consistently calling (also known as limping) will signal to the rest of the table that you don’t have a particularly strong hand, with recourse to raise. This can prove to be costly as the game continues. Other players will start to see a pattern and drive you out with higher bets as the rounds continue. 

If you choose to actively bluff as part of your strategy, then make sure you have a strong hand that can contend with counter bluffing and calling. Avoid hanging around with a bad hand and rather fold if you’re not confident in your card’s ability to compete against the table. 

Understanding Blocker Cards

Blocker cards are a great way to analyze what your opponent may or may not be holding. These cards directly limit the likelihood that another player will be able to complete a certain hand. A simple example would be that you’re holding Q-Q. If a third Q is dealt in the community pile, you’ll know that the chances of a fourth in play are slim. 

Use the above guidelines and an onsite odds calculator to understand blockers and how they may present themselves in play. Play the blockers to your advantage, raise where needed, and take calculated risks where necessary. 

Keep your End Hand in Sight. 

Remember that Omaha poker card value and playing rules differ from Texas hold’em. For example, say you get A-A-A-A as your four hole cards. While all four of these cards can be used to make a dangerous four-of-a-kind in hold’em, you’ll only be able to use 2 of the 4 cards in Omaha, along with 3 community cards. 

In a case like this, you’d be better placed with A-A in hand and another A-A coming to play on the community pile. Likewise, if you get a two-pair on the initial deal, bide your time and analyze the community cards carefully to see which of the two carries more momentum. 

Top 5 Tips on How to Win at Omaha Poker

1. Play for Free First

The best platforms for Omaha poker online will give you the option to play Omaha poker for free using a built-in demo mode feature. Just log in on-site and find your favorite poker title and see if there is an option to play in demo mode first. Then play for as long as you like without having to place an initial bet. 

Once you’re confident in your newfound poker ability, you can deposit funds in real-time via the cashier’s page. Some poker suites have anonymous tables, where you can hide your username and player profile from the competition and keep your strategy a secret.

2. Choose the Right Tables

Siding with the right table is crucial for wagering on Omaha poker for beginners. Whether playing online or in person, you’re bound to find Omaha poker tables with a range of different features, buy-ins and betting structures. The trick is knowing which to side with.

If you’re new to Omaha poker, you’ll most likely thrive at a lower stakes pot-limit or fixed-limit table. Make sure the blinds are not too high and check your starting position on the table. 

If you’re the first to act after the big blind, you’re not going to be working with as much information. Be patient, call if you’re confident in your starting hand and read other players before moving into higher bets. Where possible check the RTP of certain online poker titles to ensure the house edge stays in your favor.

3. Use Your Welcome Bonus

Before you make your way to the Omaha poker table, ensure you’ve unlocked your welcome offer. All major poker platforms have an enticing welcome offer in place, referred to as a signup bonus. These offers, which usually take the form of match deposits, can significantly increase your bankroll when utilized effectively. 

Welcome offers come with a set of redemption criteria, namely a rollover requirement and a first-time deposit amount that needs to be transferred onto the site. You can work to redeem your welcome offer by playing your favorite casino titles, including Omaha poker and other variants. Check out BetOnline’s 100% up to a $1000 welcome bonus to get started. 

4. Play Anonymous Tables Online

Another great way to perfect your poker strategy is to play anonymous tables online. Most leading poker platforms offer incognito gameplay on anonymous tables. By hiding your username, other players are unable to track your movements or analyze your betting style. 

Anonymous tables also prohibit your opponents from tracking your movements through Heads Up Displays (known as HUDs), and the platforms themselves will not store your data, so each new table will be a clean slate. Head over to Bovada or other leading poker sites to get started. 

Know the Rules of the Game

Before sitting down to a game of Omaha poker it pays to know the rules inside out. Familiarize yourself with all the best hand rankings and construct winning combinations with the right information at your disposal. When playing online, analyze the information you have to work with, including the different variables, payout structures, RTP percentage, and more. 

Play on practice mode, vary your bets and experiment with different hand combinations to get the upper hand in the competition. Once you’ve got to grips with the game, you’ll know when to check, call, raise or fold. 

Playing Omaha Poker on Mobile  

All the best and brightest poker platforms will tailor their offering to mobile gameplay. Players can enjoy a seamless, fast-loading and intuitive mobile poker experience where they can wager and win real money on the go from anywhere in the world. 

Poker software is compatible with both Android and iOS device types. You’re unlikely to deal with buffering and the games themselves are easy to navigate. That said, mobile poker play may take some getting used to. You may struggle to change your bet type as quickly as you would on a desktop, especially if you’re inclined to regularly vary your amounts. 

You can choose to play real money Omaha poker either through the site’s mobile interface or through a dedicated app. Some poker platforms like BetOnline and Bovada will offer standalone poker apps that can be downloaded directly onsite, or occasionally through the app store.  

More on poker…

Now that you’ve lit up the table in Omaha, why not try your hand at other top poker titles, styles, and variations. Find your favorite platform and play poker live, or solo, including no-limit hold’em, 5-card draw, 7-card stud, Caribbean, draw hi-lo and many more. Here are some more top poker variants and platforms making their mark in 2023.

Best Omaha Poker Site in the US 

After much deliberation, rating and reviewing, our pick for the best online Omaha poker site goes to BetOnline. While they don’t have Omaha poker all year round, they do guarantee top poker titles, leading promotions, loyalty incentives and cutting-edge mobile integration.  

From time to time BetOnline will run dedicated Omaha tournaments with $10,000 guaranteed weekly prize pools. Additionally, the platform has a leading 100% up to $1000 poker welcome offer that can be redeemed with a first-time deposit. Head over to BetOnline and conquer the table with some of the best poker lineups around. 


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