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PLO poker (pot-limit Omaha) is a fast-paced, fun poker variant played online and in person. Similar to Texas Hold’em, PLO has a unique playing style and rules, namely that the amount you’re allowed to raise must be equal to what’s in the pot. 

A great game for new and seasoned players alike, PLO poker offers exciting challenges that may prove to be a fun branch off from traditional Texas Hold’em rules. Keep reading as we unpack all you need to know about PLO poker, including where to find the best welcome offers, different hand rankings, winning strategies and more. 

Best Offshore Poker Sites
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The Best PLO Poker Sites to Play for Real Money

The below platforms offer year-round action across a range of different real-money poker titles,  buy-ins and limits. While PLO poker is hard to come by, there are a host of other top tables on offer, including Caribbean Stud, Texas Hold’em, 3-card, 5-card and many more. Get to grips with the best poker action and light up the table with top wins in 2023.

  • BetOnline – Dedicated PLO poker tournaments and promotions. 
  • Bovada – Leading poker software and app interface.
  • Everygame – Daily online poker tournaments and events.
  • Ignition – Lower poker wagering requirements and house rake. 
  • – A strong range of poker titles and varieties. 

Comparison of the Best PLO Poker Sites

PLO Poker Table - The Best PLO poker sites and strategies

We’ll now dive into a comparison of the best PLO real money Omaha poker sites in 2023. While some platforms don’t keep PLO poker all year round, they do consistently deliver strong welcome offers, multiple buy-ins, top guaranteed prize pools, freerolls and a multitude of featured poker titles.  

Casino: Online Poker Games Poker Room PLO Poker Stud Poker  Bet Limit Welcome Bonus Freerolls
BetOnline  17+ Chico Poker Network $0.01/$0.02 – $15/$30 100% up to $1000
Bovada 7+ PaiWangLuo Poker Network  $0.05/$0.10 – $30/$60 100% up to $500
Everygame 5+ Horizon Poker Network  $0.05/$0.10 – $30/$60 200% up to $1000
Ignition 7+ PaiWangLuo Poker Network  $0.01/$0.02 – $15/$30 100% up to $1000 11+ Chico Poker Network  $0.01/$0.02 – $15/$30 100% up to $1000

How to Play PLO Poker Online

The below guide will briefly unpack how to play PLO poker online, including different hand rankings, betting rounds, and the overriding rules of the game. Rest assured, PLO is easy to get the hang of, fun to play and a great alternative to Texas Hold’em. Let’s start by looking into pot-limit Omaha vs Texas Hold’em and how they differ. 

The core difference between the two lies in the number of hole cards dealt and how they can be used to create the best five-card hand. In PLO, players are dealt 4 face-down hole cards, as opposed to 2 in Texas Hold’em. They must then use 2 of the 4 hole cards along with 3 of the community cards to make the best hand. 

PLO poker requires players to bet an amount that is equal to or less than the size of the pot (pot-limit) currently in play. Depending on the game, the pot will grow from round to round. PLO is one of the most widely adopted and easily accessible forms of Omaha poker on the market.  

PLO has 4 different betting rounds, known as the pre-flop, flop, turn and river. At the end of the four betting rounds, and as long as there are still at least two players left, hands will be revealed (known as the showdown), and the game will end. Here’s a quick step-by-step guide to playing  PLO poker online. 

1. Pre-Game Bets

At the start of the game, one player will be assigned the dealer button where from round to round it will move to the left until making its way around the table. Of course, this is not the case with online, where the bets are run by live dealers or automated poker software. 

The player to the left of the dealer will bet the small blind (I.e, $2) and the player to the left of them will bet the big blind (i.e $4). 

2. The Pre-Flop

First round of betting where the player to the left of the big blind is first to play. They can either call (match) the big blind, bet the pot, (currently $6), or fold. 

After the pre-flop, if the player to the right of the small blind raises their bet, the small blind will need to do the same. If this same player calls, then the small blind would only need to match the big blind by doubling their bet. They can also choose to fold.

3. The Flop

The dealer will remove (burn) a card off the top of the pile and issue 3 of the 5 community cards, known as the flop. The second round of betting ensues (post-flop) where the player to the left of the dealer will choose to call, raise, or fold. 

4. The Turn

The third round of betting ensues. A fourth community card (the turn card) will be dealt face-up on the board. The player to the left of the big blind will need to call the big blind, check, raise, or fold. All other players still in the game will act from left to right. 

5. The River

The fourth and final round of betting. A fifth community card is dealt face-up on the board (the river). The player to the left of the big blind will start again and can either call, check, raise, or fold. All remaining players will follow on in the same manner. 

6. The Showdown

All players (2 or more) who haven’t folded will reveal their hands at showdown. Usually, the last player to bet or raise will show their cards first. If no player called or raised on the river, then the player to the left of the dealer will reveal their hand first. The strongest five-card hand will take the entire pot. 

Play Free PLO Poker Online

BetOnline free PLO poker play - The best PLO poker sites and strategies

Most major poker platforms will give you the option to play in demo mode (or free mode) first. This is a great way to get to grips with a game and perfect your strategy, especially if you’re new to poker and its overarching rules. 

Head on site, search for free online poker for Omaha pot limit and check whether there is an option to play in demo mode first. Play for as long as you like without having to wager a cent. Then when it’s time to play online poker for real money, you’ll be directed over to the cashier’s page to make your first deposit. 

Free poker for Omaha pot limit is tricky, but not impossible to find online. Platforms like BetOnline, Bovada, and Wild Casino may occasionally offer PLO poker online for free as well as other top tables like Jazz, 7-Card, and similar. Just be sure to check in regularly as titles come and go and free mode play can sometimes fall away. 

Leading poker platforms also offer freeroll tournaments from time to time. These tournaments have no upfront entry fee and moreover, freeroll hands that are played in-game will guarantee a pot split between yourself and your opponents. Poker platforms offering regular freeroll tournaments include BetOnline, Bovada, and Wild Casino. 

PLO Poker Hand Ranking

PLO poker hand rankings are the same hand rankings as standard Omaha, Texas Hold’em and other top poker formats. As mentioned, with PLO poker you can only make a maximum bet equal to the pot currently in play. 

Watch out for key starting hands and use them to full effect when you make your way to the showdown round. Top opening combinations include A-A-KK, A-A-J-T, A-A-Q-Q and A-A-J-J. Below you’ll find a recap of the standard pot-limit Omaha hand rankings.  

Player’s Hand: Definition:
Royal Flush  The best possible straight flush, with cards consisting of a 10-J-Q-K-A of the same suit. 
Straight Flush  Five cards of the same suit, ranked in sequence. I.e 8-9-10-J-Q of hearts.
Four of a Kind  Also known as quads. Four cards of one rank with a card of a different rank (the kicker). I.e,  5-5-5-5-J
Full House  Three of a kind and a pair. I.e, Q-Q-Q-2-2
Flush  Five cards of the same suit that are not ranked in sequence. I.e, 2-6-8-10-Q of spades.
Straight  Five cards that are ranked in sequence, but not of the same suit. I.e, 6-7-8-9-10.
Three of a Kind  Three cards of the same value but different suits. I.e, Q-Q-Q.
Two Pairs  Two pairs of cards of the same value. I.e, 5-5-J-J.
Pair Two cards of the same value. I.e, 10-10.
High Card  The value of your highest card. I.e, K.

What are the PLO Poker Odds? 

There are no fixed odds in PLO poker. The game is driven by accumulative betting rounds which may increase as the flop, river or turn is placed on the community table. As the game continues the bets increase and the total pot becomes dependent on each player’s betting habits. As an individual, you’re likely to see whether you have a winner from the start. 

Real-world PLO poker is a zero-sum game, where one player’s win is directly equivalent to another’s loss. To enhance your odds you would need to have one of the best PLO starting hands, an ability to read the table and understand your blocker cards as well as an ability to gauge the statistical likelihood of certain combinations coming up in play. 

Each hand and each table will run according to an expected value percentage, where a player can expect to lose or win according to the same odds. Depending on the table, the blinds will remain fixed and the PLO rules won’t change. You’ll always bet a total equal to the current pot. The fixed limit will have preset bet amounts and no-limit will vary widely. 

Some online poker platforms will have a built-in PLO odds calculator (also known as a PLO equity calculator) on hand to help you better understand your running odds per table. You can enter one or more card combinations and the PLO calculator will run the probabilities of hitting a winning hand.

The Best PLO Poker Strategy

A table may have many different outcomes and locking down a particular PLO strategy can be tricky. However, there are still a few best practices that can give you the edge. While these steps won’t show you how to calculate the pot in PLO, they will help to enhance your knowledge of the game and boost your pot-limit Omaha strategy for the better. 

Keep in mind that this strategy guide is written for live and in-tournament poker. If you’re playing online you may need to adapt your poker strategy to meet the specific requirements of a given table. Here are some PLO poker strategies that you can put into play in 2023.

Know the Best Starting Hands 

There are literally thousands of different starting hand combinations that you’re likely to come across while playing PLO poker. The trick is in knowing which carries the most potential starting out and moving into different betting rounds. 

The best starting hands usually contain pairs or at least the likelihood of drawing strong combinations down the line. There are 30 top PLO poker hands and these include A-A-KK, A-A-J-T, A-A-Q-Q,  A-A-J-J and A-A-T-T. Familiarize yourself with the best starting hands and you’ll be able to use them to your advantage when calling or raising. 

Understand Your Card Combinations

Remember that PLO poker hands don’t carry the same winning combinations and reveal as Texas Hold’em, I.e if you get four of a kind (K-K-K-K) at the start of the game as your hole cards, you would only be able to use 2 of them, along with 3 community cards to form your final hand at showdown. 

You’d be far better placed to win if you started with a high two pair and built it into a top hand through the five community cards on the table. Whereas Texas Hold’em has multiple ways to build a winning hand, with PLO poker, you’ll need to adjust your expectations according to what you have and how you can use it in conjunction with the community cards.

Stick to Raising and Folding

When you get a promising starting hand, try maximizing the betting round action by raising. By doing this you’ll be able to make the most out of the hand that you have. Other players may start to mirror your play and the pot will subsequently get bigger for all involved. 

Calling or checking may signal a lack of confidence in what you’re holding, so keep the pressure on if you have the hand to back up your decision. That said, there are certain Omaha hands to avoid. If you start to see big bets coming through on the flop, turn or river, then you should analyze your position carefully and decide whether it’s best to continue. 

Know Your Position

It pays to know your starting position on the table. If you’re first to act after the big blind (under the gun) you’ll want to play strategically. Don’t go in with heavy bets because you don’t know what the lie of the table is just yet or what other players are holding. 

Keep your wagers to a minimum, check where needed and analyze what other players are putting up before making risky bets. As the game progresses you can start to wager more. You’ll have more information at your disposal, you’ll know how your opponents are placed and you’ll be able to make calculated decisions based on facts. 

Watch Out For Big Raises

As with all great poker games, bluffing is part of the fun. However, if you’re new to PLO poker you should always analyze big bets that may be legitimate. If a player raises or bets substantially in play it’s likely that they may be sitting on a pretty significant hand. 

In this case, you should carefully analyze your hand and depending on your cards, decide whether you want to continue with a call or raise. If your hand is not up to par, it might be better to sit out the game and fold, so as to avoid raises with subpar cards.

Preempt with Blocker Cards

Blocker cards are great tools for preempting other players’ potential card combinations. Blockers are cards that limit or erase the likelihood that other players will have a certain hand. Simple example. I’ve been dealt A-A in my 4 hole cards. A third ace comes up in the flop, which decreases the likelihood that anyone at the table will be holding the fourth ace. 

There is a multitude of different blocker combinations used to analyze the odds of play. And, when the community cards work in your favor and you have the cards to complete profitable combinations, you’ll find bluffing and aggressive play can be very lucrative. The trick is knowing the PLO poker hand rankings inside out so that you’re always thinking ahead. 

Be Patient & Choose Which Hands to Play

Finally, PLO poker is equal parts skill and luck, and for every strong hand that comes along, three more will be less than suitable. As with all poker variants, knowing when to play and when to fold is a vital winning strategy. If you’ve been dealt a weak hand off the bat, you should decide if it’s actually worth playing.  

If you stand to gain nothing further in the flop, turn or river, it may be best to fold and hopefully come in stronger with a better hand in the next game. Becoming one of the best pot-limit Omaha players will take time and patience. Never feel pressured to bet on a hand that you’re not 100% confident in. 

Top 5 Tips on How to Win at PLO Poker

By now you’re ready to light up the PLO poker scene with a formidable new in-game strategy. But before you do, here are a few more best practices to set you on your way.  

1. Play for Free First

A great way to perfect your PLO poker strategy is to play free or demo mode. You’re able to learn the game without having to wager for real or go up against other players to start. Just head over to your chosen online poker site and see if there’s an option to play for free. 

Once you’ve learnt the ropes and figured out the game mechanics you’ll be able to place a real money stake when you deposit funds on the cashier’s page. Some poker platforms have the option to play anonymously, where you can hide your identity and playing style from others and get the upper hand over the competition.  

2. Choose the Right Tables

When it comes to Omaha and PLO, there is a range of different tables to choose from when browsing top poker platforms online. The blinds will differ and the stakes will vary. You’re not going to be able to take on every table, so find the right fit for your own unique playing style. 

Your table position carries a big advantage. The first player to act is unable to see how other players are managing their hands. You’re able to evaluate other players’ moves and read their game a little more accurately. If you’re the first to act, be careful with your bets. If you act last, you’ll have more opportunities to play aggressively. 

3. Use Your Welcome Bonus

Having the right welcome offer in your corner can make all the difference when playing Omaha poker online. All major poker platforms will offer a match deposit incentive in return for a first-time deposit. These offers can then be redeemed based on rollover and when using the relevant promo code on the depositor’s (or cashiers) page onsite. 

Depending on the operator, welcome offers can be used across all major online poker games and hold the power to enhance your winning streak or boost your bankroll when you need it most. Welcome offers can also be redeemed and withdrawn once the necessary wagering criteria have been met.

Check out BetOnline’s 100% up to a $1,000 welcome bonus to get you started. 

4. Play Anonymous Tables

Playing anonymous tables is a great way to perfect your strategy without being tracked by other players. Anonymous tables will hide your user name and make it difficult for other players to track your movements. 

You can find anonymous poker tables for PLO poker and a range of other titles at platforms like Bovada, BetOnline and The gameplay is identical in every way, with the added benefit of playing incognito. 

5. Know the Rules of the Game

Before wagering on PLO poker or any other table, make sure you understand the rules of the game. This includes the different starting hands and how to utilize them to the fullest, as well as the mechanics of the table, how to formulate winning combinations when to call or raise, and when to cut your losses and fold. 

You can play in demo mode or at an anonymous table as a way to practice. You can also go through poker resources, strategy guides and hand rankings on sites like Bovada to familiarize yourself with the game. Remember to play lower limit tables while your knowledge of the game expands and your strategy improves.  

Playing PLO Poker on Mobile  

Betonline mobile tablet homepage - The best PLO poker sites and strategies

More players than ever are opting to play poker on their mobile devices. The seamless betting experience, fast payouts and convenience of wagering real money on the go keep mobile gaming a top priority for players and platforms alike. 

You’ll find that all the top online poker suites will cater their platform offering to mobile devices. All the best poker software is compatible with Android and iOS devices. Expect fast loading speeds and mobile-optimized navigation when playing from your smartphone. 

You may however have a little trouble changing your bet size if you’re playing from a smaller screen. So keep this in mind, especially if your bet amounts tend to change from hand to hand. You can choose to play PLO poker and other top titles either through the desktop mobile interface or through a downloadable poker app such as Bovada or BetOnline.  

More on poker…

You’ve lit up the PLO poker table and now it’s time to find your next thrill. So what will it be? From no-limit hold ’em and 7-card stud, to Crazy Pineapple, Razz, Pai Gow and much more. Check out all the latest and greatest poker variants, forms and formats, live and electric at selected online poker destinations.

Best PLO Poker Site in the US 

While none of the above poker platforms offers PLO poker all year round, they do pull out the stop in terms of their poker welcome offers, tournaments, bonuses and top-tier titles. After due consideration, our pick for the top poker platform in 2023 goes to BetOnline

Their intuitive poker suite is packed with all manner of leading titles and betting formats including pot-limit, fixed-limit and no-limit play. New players can unlock a 100% up to $1000 poker welcome offer and this, in turn, can be used across a variety of titles and promotions. 



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