After a season-ending loss to the Denver Nuggets in Game 4, LeBron James said ‘I’ve got a lot to think about’

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Lakers LeBron James has a 12-9 series record after Game 1 loss, 12 wins are most in NBA history

The 2023 postseason for the LA Lakers ended with LeBron James’ shot being blocked by Aaron Gordon. James gave his all in Game 4 last night with 40/10/9 in a full 48 minutes. It was a do-or-die game for the Lakers and they fell just short in the end. In last night’s postgame press conference, we saw LeBron James be the most open he’s ever been about returning from basketball. He told the media, “I’ve got a lot to think about”. 

This Western Conference Finals run for the LA Lakers could not have ended on a worse note. Being swept never sits well with any team, especially when a trip to the NBA Finals is on the line. That is why 38-year-old LeBron James said he’s uncertain whether he’ll be with the Lakers next season.

Coming into Game 4 last night, no one in the media was even thinking about LeBron retiring. Now, it’s the biggest news headline, somewhat overshadowing Denver’s Western Conference Finals win.

For the first time ever, we heard LeBron James open up about possible retirement

Over the past few seasons, LeBron has repeatedly expressed a desire to play with his son Bronny in the NBA. He would be eligible for the 2024 NBA Draft, and that would be James’ 22nd season in the league. LeBron set up his contract extension with the Lakers a few years ago with this in mind.

He has two years left on his remaining contract, with the final year being a player option. That gives him the luxury to be able to opt out of his last season to potentially go play with his son. However, that seemed to be the last thing on his mind last night.

James mentioned how he doesn’t know if he wants to continue to play. Reporters asked him to clarify his comments and he said “I got to think about it”. LeBron did deal with multiple injuries this season and he may be debating the wear and tear his body is taking at nearly 40 years old. This will certainly be one of the longest offseasons for James as he has a lot to contemplate.