LeBron James remains confident that the Lakers can still go all the way to conquer the NBA championship

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By the end of February’s trade deadline, the Lakers were stuck in the bottom of the Western Conference standings and with little hope of having a run at the postseason. However, coach Darvin Jam made the correct transfer requests and straightened the squad during this second half of the campaign, as now they stand firm in playoff territory.

LeBron James was one player who never accepted the possibility of missing out on the next stage of the season, even though he was sidelined during many games due to an injury in his right foot. As players like Austin Reaves and Anthony Davis took the spotlight in his absence, the team now believes that contending for the championship is a real option.

Most of our recommended sport betting sites concur, as they believe the Los Angeles side possess the 7th best odds (+1200) in the league to conquer the NBA title this year, even more chances than the Clippers, who beat them last night for an eleventh game in a row.

Nevertheless, the journey to the top means the Lakers will have to defeat some very good teams, but for LeBron James whatever happens this week, is simply the way it is. “We just want to put ourselves in a position to be able to compete for a championship,” LeBron told the press.

The superstar admitted that other teams are built better, but they have a special something that can power them to the title. “It’s a journey, and obviously, we don’t have as much chemistry as a lot of other teams that are trying to compete for a championship or have aspirations to win a championship,” he said. “But I like what we’ve been building over the last month or so.”

Undisputed’s Skip Bayless blames LeBron for last night’s defeat vs. Clippers

There’s no doubt the Lakers can play just as well without James, as the team was on a roll as the 38-year-old rushed his comeback from a foot injury to help his squad go deep into the playoffs. However, some part of the press believes his presence is counterproductive to the Los Angeles squad.

The “Undisputed” co-host Skip Bayless, for example, said the athlete had his energy depleted during this Wednesday’s first half of the match against their city rivals. It’s important to mention that the night before, LeBron led his team to an overtime victory over the Utah Jazz.

Take a look at what Bayless had to say about the all-time highest NBA scorer who dropped 33 points last night against the Clippers:

Since we still have no idea if the Los Angeles squad will finish fifth or eighth at the end of regular season, all we know for sure is that they’ll end up facing a tough opponent in the Western Conference’s first rounds.

“It is what it is wherever we end up; that’s where we end up,” James said postgame. “It’s been like four, five seasons in one for us. We don’t have the luxury of saying, ‘This is what we need to do; this is where we’re gonna be.’ Just still continue to play good basketball. We got another game on Friday vs. a very good team, and then we end the season on Sunday vs. Utah. We’ll see what happens; wherever we fall, we’ll be ready to go.”