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Out Of Bounds

Out of Bounds: Farewell Chauncey Billups!

Out of Bounds remembers and honors Chauncey Billups… Jeremy Lin terrifies at a wax museum… D-Rose is back and there’s nothing opponents can do about it.



The Funny, Stupid Thing of the Day

Lakers guard Jeremy Lin has shown to have quite the sense of humor this summer, so you know he had to have some fun with fans at Madame Tussauds Wax Museum in San Francisco. Lin does a good job of scaring the pants off some unsuspecting viewers.

Farewell Chauncey Billups!


After a very successful 17-year career, point guard Chauncey Billups finally decided to hang them up today. We’ll miss the never-ending confidence, passing ability and, of course, the clutch shots. Here’s some of the best highlights from Billups’ career as we say good-bye to Mr. Big Shot.

Welllll, let me start by saying that I usually don't get too emotional when it comes to former opponents or even teammates, but this one is a lil different! I was blessed and fortunate to be born with an amazing big brother who everyone knows already. But early in my career when I began to have what they call "NBA family", I was blessed with another big brother! In a league that's filled with fierce competition and unfortunately at times jealousy, a veteran guard took me under his wing and told me and showed me what it means to be a professional and to ALWAYS help the next guy coming up behind you. One of the highlights of my career was the night that I found out I would get to play along side of Chaunce! I could go on and on talkin about this guy but I'll end by saying THANK YOU BIG SHOT!!! And I would love to be there whenever the Hall of Fame Ceremony is! #MrBigShot #1 #ParkHill #Bbbbbbillups #MuchLove

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They may have been fierce competitors through the years and only had limited time together as teammates, but Clippers guard Chris Paul had to pay some respect to one of his mentors and best friends as he steps away from the game.

Dunks of the Day


With the way Slovenia was playing defense, Team USA and James Harden could have done a number of different things to get some points. He unselfishly chooses to reward his big man Kenneth Faried for running the floor and finishes the slam with aggression.

Wow, pro dunker Desmond “Problem Child” Faulcon showed why nobody should jump on him twice. These young men made foolish decisions to challenge Desmond and he taught them a valuable lesson.

Play of the Day


Derrick Rose, folks. Four Slovenian defenders means nothing to D-Rose coming down the lane.

Cheerleaders of the Day

There’s so many beautiful about Los Angeles, but by the look of these Clippers cheerleaders we may have to put them at the top.

Tweet of the Day

#NBAPokemon is the new Twitter hashtag that NBA teams are jumping on. The Mavericks nailed it with the help of their newest addition Chandler Parsons.

Instagram of the Day

Lakers forward Nick Young doesn’t need his game shoes or even shorts to ball, so you know he would jump at the opportunity to get in some run with some local kids on the courts of New York City. No effort needed, Young will still get buckets.

Kicks of the Day


Rapper Wale knows some people, which explains why he is able to rock the LeBron 12’s before them even drop. Must be nice to be on top of the world.

Swag of the Day

Once a dream, soon to be reality.

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Don’t judge Timberwolves forward Andrew Wiggins just for his crazy draft day tux, he knows how to keep it simple and classy as well.

Kyle Cape-Lindelin is based out of Portland, OR covering the NBA while being one of the newsline editors and contributor to "Out of Bounds."

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