Rudy Gobert blames the NBA saying ‘It’s just so obvious’ the league is conspiring against Wolves as part of their playoff agenda

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Before their latest clash against Phoenix, the Timberwolves were enjoying one of their best runs of the present season after beating their last four rivals and demonstrating their clear desire to keep climb over Golden State to the sixth spot of the Western Conference standings.

However, on Wednesday they were up against a squad motivated by the return of their superstar Kevin Durant, as Minnesota were finally overcome by a strong Suns performance that earned them a 107-100 victory over Rudy Gobert’s team.

The Wolves center was so frustrated by the end of the contest, that he decided that the officials should take the blame for their loss. The french athlete went all the way to say that the league is conspiring against his squad and clearly favoring other teams.

“It’s bulls–t. Bulls–t. It’s really not fair,” the center said about the officiating. “Every night. I’ve been in this league for 10 years and I try to always give the benefit of the doubt, but it’s hard for me to think [the officials] are not trying to help [the Suns] win tonight. It’s hard for me to think they didn’t try to help the Warriors win the other night, or the Sacramento Kings the other night.

“It’s just so obvious,” Gobert ranted on. “As a basketball player that’s been in this league for so long, it’s disrespectful, and it sucks, to be honest. We work so hard to be in a position to compete with the best, and we just get manipulated into those situations where it just impacts the game for the other team too much. They know how to do it. They do it a lot of different ways. Tonight was another way of doing it.”

Not all Gobert said makes sense, as the Kings aren’t a big-market franchise

Well, we can’t really defend what the Wolves player is saying because not all of it makes sense. First of all, Sacramento is a relatively small franchise, so this big-market agenda doesn’t really apply to them. After his explosiva rant, the french man tried to relax and understand the NBA as a business.

“But it’s all good,” he said. “We understand that it’s also a business. Unfortunately. It’s sad, but it’s good also. It’s really good. But it’s true. We understand that we’re not the biggest of the markets, and we’re a team that … I think you want to see [Kevin Durant] in the playoffs, Steph [Curry] in the playoffs, you want to see LeBron in the playoffs. The Timberwolves are not there yet. We got to keep putting our head down, keep playing through that, and it’s frustrating for sure, especially for me.”

Take a look at last night’s highlights as Phoenix beat the Minnesota squad by seven points:

There is some truth to what the big man said about last night’s clash with Phoenix, as the Arizona side recieved 27 free throw calls to Minnesota’s 12. Nevertheless, this is no true evidence of disparity, because if you see the match then you’d realize the Suns were much more aggresive offensively throughout the match.

Also, just last week Phoenix coach Monty Williams got fined $20,000 for being outspoken against the referees and saying his team got robbed against the Lakers. His claim was that Los Angeles recieved more free throws than his squad.

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