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French Roulette is the oldest roulette game, born in France. It also boasts one of the lowest house edges of any casino game, including the popular American and European roulette variations. Another notable difference is the layout of the numbers on the French version of the roulette wheel.

On this page, we’ll help novice and experienced roulette players learn tips and strategies for the game. Plus, we highlight the best French roulette online casinos and how to navigate around the board.

Best Roulette Online Casinos

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Best Roulette Online Casinos

Currently, it is difficult to find online casinos offering French roulette, but the game is slowly expanding. Below is a list of the best roulette online casinos for other variations covering American, European, and live roulette: 

  1. Las Atlantis – Best casino site for playing roulette online
  2. Wild Casino – Has eight roulette games to play
  3. Bovada – Enjoy five roulette games for real money
  4. MyBookie Casino – Offers VIP European roulette game
  5. El Royale – Play live roulette games
  6. BetOnline – $3,000 casino welcome bonus available
  7. Everygame – Live roulette games on offer
  8. BUSR – $2,500 casino welcome bonus
  9. BetUS – Offers a huge crypto-casino welcome bonus 
  10. Super Slots – Roulette games for real money

Comparing the Best Roulette Casino Sites

French roulette draws a global audience for its unique outside bets and favorable payouts. We put together a French roulette online casino comparison to help you select the right site.

Casino Roulette 


French roulette games Live French roulette Free French roulette Max bet limit Welcome Bonus
Las Atlantis 1 0 0 Varies per game  280% up to $14,000
Wild Casino 8 0 0 Up to $12,500 playing roulette with real money 650% up to $5,000
Bovada 4 0 0 Varies on casino game or sportsbook 300% up to $3,000
MyBookie Casino 4 0 0 $100 for blackjack 150% up to $750
BetOnline 8 0 0 $5,000 100% up to $1,000
BetUS 4 0 0 Depends on casino game or sportsbook 125% up to $3,125

How to Play French Roulette

So, what is French roulette? This version of roulette is a game variation with 37 pockets. The French roulette wheel’s numbers are in white, while the single zero remains green. Here is the essential breakdown to help you craft a winning French roulette strategy:

  1. Wager on the color or number that the ball lands on
  2. Implement outside bets like impair to optimize payouts 
  3. Play under la partage or en prison rules
  4. The French style of roulette’s even money bets are referred as manque and passe

French Roulette Wheel

The stark French roulette difference compared to other roulette games, is the layout of the numbers. Also, the terminology for the low and high numbers have specific names on the French roulette wheel. This elegant roulette version refers to the low numbers, one through 18, as manque, and the high numbers, 19-36, as passe. 

This French variant applies the La Partage rules. A player has a 50% chance of winning through even-money bets if the ball lands on zero.  

French roulette wheel

French Roulette Table

France’s version of the roulette board is based on the European roulette table. The French roulette board contains the words, pair (even), impair (odd), manque (numbers one through 18), passe (numbers 19-36). 

French roulette table

Play Free French Roulette Real Money Games Online

Before setting out to a French roulette online casino for real money, you might consider playing free French roulette. Practicing at the roulette wheel allows gamblers to familiarize themselves with bets like voisins du zero, and orphelins. Another benefit is to learn the payouts of call bets.

Demo roulette games also let players implement strategies like la partage. Practicing at a French roulette casino lets you understand how the croupier turns the wheel. We’ve created a list of where to play free online roulette games:

  • BetOnline – contains eight roulette games
  • Wild Casino – comes with a roulette tournament
  • BetUS – choose among four roulette wheels
  • Bovada – enjoy live dealer roulette games
  • Ignition – hone your even money bets
  • MyB Casino – play many roulette variations
  • Cafe Casino – experiment with column bets playing roulette
  • Las Atlantis – play with live croupiers
  • Red Dog –  modest roulette payouts 
  • Big Spin – win with live dealer roulette

French Roulette Payouts & Types of Bets

This variant of roulette comes with many winning combinations, and winning bets are paid before the next spin. The French roulette odds depend on the type of bets the player makes. Remember, this brand of roulette offers unique even money bets, impacting these roulette odds. 

Bet type Odds Payout
Straight bet (1 number) 2.7% 35 to 1
Split bet (2 numbers) 5.4% 17 to 1
Street bet (3 numbers) 8.1% 11 to 1
Corner bet (4 numbers) 10.5% 8 to 1
Line bet (2 adjacent rows of numbers 16.2% 5 to 1
Column bet (1 column of numbers) 31.6% 2 to 1
Dozen bet (choosing in order: Premier, Moyanne, Derniere) 31.6% 2 to 1
Red/black bet 47.4% 1 to 1
Manque/passe bet 47.4% 1 to 1
Voisins du zero bet 45.9% 8 to 1
Orphelins bet 2.7% 35 to 1 

What is the French Roulette House Edge?

French roulette has a house edge of 1.35%, provided that you make even-money bets. Our team has put together some online French roulette strategy pointers to help get to the 1.35% house edge: 

Best French Roulette Strategies

The art of winning French roulette is deploring the right roulette strategy. Unlike other roulette games, the configuration of the French roulette board allows for exclusive strategies for the French variation. We’ve broken down the vital French roulette techniques to increase payouts.

En Prison 

The En Prison rule comes into effect when the ball lands on the zero division, and you placed even money bets. Utilizing the En Prison technique requires the player to leave their stake on the French roulette board. The main benefit for implying the En Prison rule, is driving the house edge to 1.35%.

A croupier places a maker on the entire even money bets provided that the ball lands on the zero. Then, the bet remains in place during the next spin. The En Prison rule works specifically for the outside bets, red/black or odd/even, but not for column bets. 

La Partage 

La Partage strategy operates similarly to the En Prison rule, and many French roulette boards implement it automatically. If the ball lands on the zero, all the online gambler’s bets are split into two, with half of the player’s original bet returned. La Partage method also brings the French roulette house edge down to a manageable 1.35%.

Like the En Prison rule, La Partage only works for outside bets. Using La Partage on column bets and single number bets incurs losses if the zero enters on the French roulette wheel. Some online casinos feature La Partage with French roulette gold.

The Martingale

The Martingale rule also applies to French roulette ca. This strategy requires a table that allows low betting options, and high betting options if online gamblers wager the maximum. The Martingale supports even money bets. 

If you win using the Martingale, players place the same bet on the next spin. Should the first spin incur a loss, the Martingale method demands doubling the bet on the next spin. If you win, deduct the winning amount and leave it on the French roulette board.   

The next spin after a win should have the identical bet of the prior winning spin. The Reverse Martingale strategy implores doubling bets on the next spin only if you win. Also, the player maintains the same betting options until they win when using the Reverse Martingale rule. 

The D’Alembert Strategy 

The D’Alembert technique operates similarly to the Martingale method. This negative progression strategy encourages online gamblers to begin with small even money bets. When you lose, add only one to the prior bet for the next spin. And when you win, take away one from the subsequent bet before the next spin. 

The Reverse D’Alembert rule means increasing bets after winning, and reducing bets after losing. More risk is involved when using the Reverse D’Alembert method, but on the flip side, more rewards lurk. The mathematician from France, Jean-Baptiste le Rond D’Alembert, is credited for creating the D’Alembert.    

The Fibonacci French Roulette Strategy 

Italian mathematician, Leonardo Fibonacci, is celebrated for developing the Fibonacci strategy for roulette games. The Fibonacci way is a complex French roulette strategy, because it requires a sequence of numbers. The first numbers in the sequence are the same, while the others are different. 

The Fibonacci maneuver begins with two small even money bets. If you lose, use the same number sequence on the next spin. When you win, players should go back by two places in the sequence. The result of this sequence is used on the next spin. 

Top 5 Tips How to Win French Roulette

Because French Roulette offers an enticing 1.35% house edge, there are many ways to go about turning the wheel. Our team breaks down the top five tips for improving your French roulette odds and payouts. 

1. Begin by Playing Free French Roulette

Whether you’re making column bets or call bets, playing French roulette for real money costs. If you are a beginner at a French roulette casino, practicing has many benefits. The first of which is to become familiar with this unique roulette wheel. 

Not playing for real money right away, affords the player the luxury of testing out individually a French roulette strategy. Also, online gamblers better understand the French roulette board and the unique betting options such as manque and impair. 

2. Understand French Roulette’s Rules

While French roulette operates similarly to European roulette, there are slight differences.  Demo rounds help you to better understand whether or not to use a positive progressive system, or a negative progression technique.  

Also, taking the time to understand French roulette’s rules aids you in learning how French roulette odds work for real money play. Online gamblers also pick up the nuances of the croupier, especially in live dealer play. 

3. Play One Betting Option at a Time    

Nothing prevents players from switching up French roulette betting options. It is advisable that you settle on a preferred betting option when playing at a French roulette real money casino.  That way, you can mitigate the risks of losing your bankroll, while maximizing the potential for payouts.  

French roulette contains the same betting options as other roulette games, but it offers exclusive betting options. Choosing a bet system like the voisins du zero, helps to understand the fundamental French roulette difference from European roulette. 

4. Know When to Quit 

There is no foolproof strategy for French roulette. Risk is always involved with betting options. If your wins have increased your bankroll, perhaps it is time to quit the game. Likewise, if your losses mount, you might want to reduce the size of your bets. 

Before playing French roulette, it is wise to know what your limit is. That way, you can control spending, and mitigate risky betting options. Losing enough roulette games might be a sign of switching up your French roulette strategy. 

5. Cement your Understanding of French Roulette’s Odds & Payouts 

French roulette can be a rewarding game with the right bankroll and strategy. Likewise, this roulette game can seem frustrating at first if you don’t properly understand the payouts. It utilizes several betting options. It is wise to familiarize yourself with the French roulette odds for every betting option. 

With the proper roulette game bet, online gamblers can settle on their betting system to increase their winning odds. And if you combine the discipline of a set bankroll limit, players might last longer playing the game, leading to consistent payouts. 

What’s the Difference between American, European and French Roulette?

All three roulette games operate in a similar fashion, but there are slight differences. American roulette has a double zero, while French and European roulette only has a single zero. The configuration of the numbers is the main French roulette difference compared to European roulette.

French roulette American roulette European roulette
Pockets 37 38 37
Zeroes Double zero Single zero Double zero
House Edge 1.35% 5.26% 2.7%

More on Roulette…

Roulette games give you an equal probability that the ball lands on a winning number. Depending on the online casino, you can play roulette games with a live dealer.  These same online casinos might have roulette variants. 

Best French Roulette Real Money Online Casino

Las Atlantis offers the highest welcome bonus to aid your roulette game experience and provides European roulette games in its live studio. 

In the live dealer mode, Las Atlantis members can also enjoy several other roulette games, including American roulette. If you’re ready to jump into the rewarding roulette action at Las Atlantis, you can do so by clicking the link below.   

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