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Chris Paul Wants Phoenix to Offer a Contract to Carmelo Anthony

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Should the Lakers re-sign Carmelo Anthony?

The Phoenix Suns are possibly looking to add another future hall of famer to their roster. This comes just days after they made the blockbuster trade to create a big-four by bringing in Kevin Durant. The NBA world is still reeling about this new super team especially since Phoenix did not have to give up Ayton, Paul, and Booker. Now, there are reports saying that Phoenix’s star point guard, Chris Paul, wants the organization to extend an offer to one of his best friends and former teammate, Carmelo Anthony. This would be an interesting deal for both sides, but it still remains to be seen whether this will become a reality.

Chris Paul Wants the Suns to Offer Carmelo Anthony a Deal 

The New-Look Phoenix Suns

While the Suns are now the favorites in the Western Conference with the Durant addition, they did give up quite a bit of depth to make the trade happen. Phoenix is still favored at +450 odds to win the NBA Finals, only behind the Boston Celtics to win this year’s championship per BetOnline. However, the Suns did give up a couple of solid 3 and D wings Jae Crowder and Mikal Bridges in the trade. As a result, the Suns are having to look toward the buyout market and free agency to fill the extra roster spots left on their roster.

They have already made one move by signing Terrence Ross who negotiated a buyout with the Orlando Magic. Anthony on this Suns’ roster does make sense from an offensive standpoint. However, it does not solve any potential defensive issues that could arise in Crowder and Bridges’ absence. Paul very well could be coming from a friendship standpoint, but the fact remains that he is a future hall of famer for a reason. Whatever he has to suggest, the front office should take into careful consideration.

Carmelo Anthony’s Career and Potential Impact on the Suns 

As alluded to already, Melo would be instant offense for the Suns bench. After all, he is a career 22.5 point per game scorer and is a 10-time All-Star. His best days are behind him, but he can still make an impact for a contender. Not to mention, the Suns would arguably give him the best chance at the one thing he wants that is missing from his NBA resume, a NBA championship. There were spurts last season with the Los Angeles Lakers where Anthony proved he still had something left in the proverbial basketball tank. Last season, he tallied 13.3 points, 4.2 total rebounds, and a three-point shooting percentage of 37.5 percent.

Despite his possible positive effect on the offensive end, it would make sense why the Suns would want to look elsewhere to fill their roster spot. Anthony has never been a great defensive stopper and that is what the Phoenix Suns may look for on the free agent market. Regardless, Chris Paul’s word carries heavy weight. As a result, the Phoenix Suns will most likely consider bringing in the one-time scoring champion to add some depth to their roster.