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Kendrick Perkins owns multimillion-dollar French Bulldog business

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Kendrick Perkins owns multimillion-dollar French Bulldog business Big League Exotics
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Former Boston Celtics champion and ESPN analyst Kendrick Perkins has invested in the French Bulldog business. Though, the sports analyst had help along the way.

Brother-in-law Thomas Alpough convinced Perkins to invest his money and formalize a partnership in a company called Big League Exotics (BLE).

Using his Instagram account, Perkins was asked by Alpough to advertise six puppies priced between $8K-$20K. Within three days, they sold out. Perkins made a grand total of $60K.

Nowadays, BLE is run by Perkins, Alpough, John Shenkir and Dung Nguyen. As of right now, BLE has 42 dogs with values totaling between $4 million-$5 million.

“Originally, Frenchies started, and there were black and white Frenchies,” explains Perkins. “Then, all of a sudden, they started coming out with lilac Frenchies, that were bluish-white, with polka dots and things of that nature.”

“Then you have the Merles [which resemble Dalmatians’ patterns]. But now you have fluffy Frenchies, which are high-dollar. Fluffy Frenchies have fur, different colors, it’s the new wave. Those dogs start out at $100K-$150K.”

Kendrick Perkins takes care of his dogs at Big League Exotics

Not to mention, the ESPN analyst pays close attention to his French Bulldogs’ diets. “We really take care of the dogs. BLE feeds them premium food and takes care of their health.” He also checks to make sure each Frenchie meets vaccination requirements.

“We started developing relationships,” Perkins continued. “I started learning more about the DNA, the color, the structure — the things that people want. And now we’re to the point where we actually have dogs that are in our kennel that are worth $250K-$500K. We even have one that’s worth $1 million.”

Kendrick Perkins owns multimillion-dollar French Bulldog business Big League Exotics

Shown above, the French Bulldog worth about $1 million is named Jay-Z. He is a pink fluffy Frenchie. The dog was purchased from a UK-based breeder named Diego Sanchez.

Perkins calls him the “Godfather of Frenchies.” Sanchez runs Deziner Bullz, alongside business partner Susan Bello.

BLE made $250K off one pink husky French Bulldog

Thus far, BLE’s best sale was for a pink husky Frenchie. It sold for $250K. According to the American Kennel Club, the French Bulldog is one of the most stolen dog breeds in the United States.

Perkins is well aware of that fact. “When you’re dealing with a transaction that large, you can’t trust nobody except someone that’s in your inner circle to deliver that dog,” said the ESPN analyst.

“Because you could drop a person off to the airport with the dog, and that person could make a detour and not even get on the airplane, and change their phone number, and now all of a sudden they’ve done walked away with a $100K dog and everyone takes a loss. The Frenches are hotter than real estate.”

Additionally, Kendrick Perkins’ net worth is an estimated $40 million in 2022. The retired NBA star and ESPN commentator hopes to see Big League Exotics expand in the upcoming future. The business has 36.1K Instagram followers.

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