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Out Of Bounds

Out of Bounds: Detroit Dunk Show

The Clippers and Pistons put on a dunk show in Detroit … Chicago painter honors Martin Luther King Jr.



The Stupid, Funny Thing of the Day

So if you were all wondering if LaMarcus Aldridge and Robin Lopez could sing…They definitely can’t. Lopez actually suggesting that the service caused him to sign with the Portland Trail Blazers is so laughable that we actually forget that Aldridge pokes fun at his own trade rumors.

Instagram of the Day

In honor of Martin Luther King Day, check out this sick painting local Chicago artist David Garibaldi auctioned for charity at the Bulls-Lakers game tonight.

Crazy Dunks of the Night

Fourteen dunks by halftime? Is there any defense being played the Clippers or Pistons? Either way, an impressive stat as we get a couple eye candy dunks to feast on tonight.

Can You Say Game Winner?

How did he squeeze that in there? Bulls’ Taj Gibson hit the game winning layup against the Lakers last night with .2 seconds left to leave Kobe Bryant shaking his head. Way to give some happiness to Bulls’ fans, they certainly need it.

Kicks of the Day

Let’s all stare in envy of these sick Air Force One Nike’s that Golden State Warriors’ Andre Iguodala has possession of. Too sweet Dre, too sweet.

Stat Stuffers of the Night

Houston Rockets’ Chandler Parsons: 31 points, 10 rebounds, 7 assists in 126-113 win over the Blazers.

Portland Trail Blazers’ LaMarcus Aldridge: 27 points, 20 rebounds, 3 assists in 126-113 loss to the Rockets.

Charlotte Bobcats’ Al Jefferson: 22 points, 19 rebounds, 7 assists in 100-95 win over the Raptors.

Tweet Of The Day

Kyle Cape-Lindelin is based out of Portland, OR covering the NBA while being one of the newsline editors and contributor to "Out of Bounds."

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