VIDEO: Anthony Bennett: “Not Focused on Outside Attention”

Former top overall pick Anthony Bennett talks about playing for the Main Red Claws, taking part in the G-League Showcase and playing so close to home at the Hersey Centre in Canada.

Basketball Insiders  •  15 Oct 2021
NBA AM: Three Stories From The G-League

Steve Kyler speaks with three players attempting to make the jump from G-League to big league.

Alan Draper  •  27 Oct 2023
NBA AM: Anthony Bennett Didn’t Pick Himself

Anthony Bennett is one of the modern era’s busts, but he’s not giving up on his dream.

Alan Draper  •  09 Oct 2023
NBA AM: A Day In The NBA’s G-League

Life in the NBA’s G-League isn’t as glamorous as the big leagues, but the focus and attention teams have on the task at hand is still impressive, Steve Kyler spent a day with the Northern Arizona Suns with an All-Access look at a day in the minor NBA leagues.

Alan Draper  •  29 Sep 2023
VIDEO: Xavier Gibson On Playing In The G-League

Lakeland Magic big man Xavier Gibson talks about playing in Japan, getting an opportunity close to home and trying to use it as a springboard to bigger things. 

Basketball Insiders  •  15 Oct 2021