Magic star Jonathan Isaac to launch ‘Anti-Woke’ clothing brand UNITUS in August

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UNITUS Jonathan Isaac pic

Jonathan Isaac has been extremely unlucky when it comes to injury history in the NBA. He only played 11 games last season and suffered a torn left adductor muscle which required surgery. The 25-year-old missed two full NBA seasons due to a torn ACL. Now, Isaac is set to launch ‘Anti-Woke’ clothing brand UNITUS in August. 

He first made headlines back in 2020 as the first NBA player to stand for the national anthem without a Black Lives Matter shirt on. Isaac did not believe that wearing the shirt did not correlate hand in hand with supporting Black lives. That is why he’s launching his own clothing brand with his own unique perspective.

Isaac said UNITUS is a sports and appeal company and he loves the freedom he has. He mentioned how big-time companies look to attack and undermine Christian values, conservative values, and other things of that nature. The freedom is now in his hands to change that with his own clothing brand.

Jonathan Isaac to launch ‘Anti-Woke’ clothing brand UNITUS in August

Isaac has even bigger aspirations for UNITUS beyond a clothing brand. Down the line, he wants to be able to sign athletes across all different sports. He plans to “create a real infrastructure of people who are in the sports world”. The goal is to create a brand that parents will want to spend their hard-earned money on for their children and themselves.

Building the image and brand of UNITUS can help make that happen. Isaac wants to get away from “woke culture” in all aspects of life. Especially sports and fashion culture. Two things that Isaac cares about deeply. He wants to bring people together under the tenants of “God and country”.

His brand UNIUS is set to launch in August 2023.