NBA Rumors Chat With Steve Kyler 12/19/16

Steve_Kyler_Chat_InsidersBasketball Insiders Publisher Steve Kyler will hold his weekly chat at 11:00am EST on Mondays. Drop in your questions regarding NBA trades, the NBA Draft, roster moves or questions about your team.

  1. Bret Stuter

    Thanks for the opportunity to ask NBA questions Steve.
    Much of the focus on the Philadelphia 76ers has been on the center situation, and rookies in general. But the 76ers have several players with expiring contracts.
    Despite plenty of NBA draft help in 2017, do you believe the 76ers will try to re-sign some of their players in free agency? If so, who and for how much?

    • Steve Kyler

      Welcome in everyone. Christmas is just around the corner and it becomes a downhill race from there. Lots of things to get to, so let’s get after it. One small request. If you want ask multiple things, please put them in a single question. Dropping 9 questions separately means all of your questions may not get addressed.

      Keep in mind that this is the first full season the new front office has had with this group. They are very much evaluating what works and is worth keeping and what’s not. Money will play a factor as the 76ers want to get competitive quickly, so it is better to pay it to a roster guy or a more established veteran?

      The core of the team is Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons at this point. I think everyone else is a big maybe.

  2. Rick in Seattle

    We are past December 15, and trade rumors have been quieter than I expected. Are most teams still in the assessment phase, or are there some quiet negotiations going on that we aren’t hearing about?

    While we see the occasional trade rumors about Monroe or Faried, who on Beer’s list really have the greatest chance of being traded this season?

    • Steve Kyler

      Keep in mind most teams wanted to see what the new labor deal looked like before making decisions.

      Now that teams know what the financial landscape is going to be it’s easier to factor that into the process.

      The other part is we still have 11 teams in the East that are basically one game out of the postseason, many playing .500 basketball. In the West, the gap is widening, but still most of the conference is within 3 games of a chair.

      I know as fans we tend to get impatient for change, but keep in mind teams spend 4-5 months assembling their roster, almost two months in pre-camp and training camp, so there is a big commitment to what you see as a roster today. Most teams want to try and make all that work, pan out.

      We’re starting to hear more trade chatter, but it pretty rare to see deals a lot of deals in December.

  3. CeltsSince08

    Hi Steve. The Celtics need rebounding and an interior presence. I know you’ve said the Celtics have moved on from Noel, but what about a guy like Bogut? Could they trade for him, and what would Dallas want in return (assuming they don’t buy him out)? Thanks!

    • Steve Kyler

      Bogut is owed $11 million, that’s a tough number to trade without sending out a big salary. Not sold Bogut fits where the Celtics want to go and there is the prevailing thought that he’ll take a buyout if he’s still on the roster after the trade deadline. So if you are Boston, why give up a meaningful guy, when you could make get Bogut in March for the minimum?

  4. ERIC


    • Steve Kyler

      Yo! Lay of the cap lock key.

      The is a blanket statement on the Lakers. They look at the marketplace constantly, but as a team they are trying to build a good solid culture for the young guys and they are extremely reluctant to mess with that.

      Its possible Nick is traded, but having talked to teams about Nick Young specifically, he does not have a lot of fans. It’s more likely than not he plays out his deal in LA, mostly because there is no market for him and the Lakers don’t see open to trade or changes.

  5. Bob

    What do you think the Celtics will do? Trade for a big? Or shooter?

    • Steve Kyler

      The Celtics are not looking for a minor deal. They want a big-time deal. So, unless that happens, this is likely the team you’re going to see. They value the guys they have and things are starting to click.

  6. Raphael de Aguiar Brandão

    Hi Sir.
    I know how chemistry is very important in a team but I and many of Lakers fans here in our community in Brazi are worried about the length and the value of Timofey Mozgov’s contract.

    He is a good player and he is making a good job with a good rim protection, consistent mid range shoot and pick ‘n roll ofense. I think that Mo should have a important presence in the locker room but In my humble opinion it doesnt worth 16M and 4 years to a 30 years old player that return from a serious injury. Sometimes he turn off in the middle of the game.

    Do you think that is there any chance the Lakers trade Timmo this season or next to reduce the cap?? Bogut seems unsatisfied in Dallas and he has only 1 year contract. It would be great for Lakers because they would have free space to sign a FA next year, including one more year to Bogut. Dallas otherwise would receive a similar player with Mozgov acquisition. Noel seems to has a desire to leave Sixers, but Sixers has to many frontcourt players, it could be made a three teams trade with another team that could bring a backcourt player for the deal. Noel has potential and here in Brazil he is one of the most desired players to fit our roster. And now he was squeezed out of the rotation.

    The 2018 Free agency will have to many good centers DeMarcus Cousins, Brook Lopez, Enes Kanter ( not a good defender but an ofensive weapon), Nurkic, the very talented Nikola Jokic, Joel Embiid, DeAndre Jordan. With so many good options do you think the Lakers could make something with Mozgov to clean CAP space??

    Thanks a lot Sir and sorry for my English.

    Raphael de Aguiar Brandão

    • Steve Kyler

      You should be concerned about the length of both Mozgov and Luol Deng, but that was the cost to land them. Having talked to some teams about how free agency went, a few teams tried to be smart with their money and they never got a second phone conversation. It was really clear early that if you wanted a guy you had to come big or you’d lose him to someone else.

      From the Players side, they too were concerned that the market would dry up so they took the biggest offer made as quickly as they could.

      As for a trade – I am not sure anyone takes the player or the money for all the reasons you mentioned. You have to keep in mind, when you want a guy gone, teams see that stuff too.

      As for Noel to the Lakers – again. I don’t think they’ll disrupt what they have for a guy trying to be a focal point guy. It’s possible. They fit would be very good. He is going to be expensive. The question is do they want that personality in their locker room.

      You can also scratch every one of the names on your center list – it’s doubtful any of them hit free agency.

      I wouldn’t count on anyone helping the Lakers out of the Mozgov deal. They might be able to swap bad money for bad money.

  7. Matthew Nguyen

    Do you see the timberwolves moving ricky rubio or some of the young peices like shabazz or dieng before trade deadline or around draft time next year?

    • Steve Kyler

      I wouldn’t say moving “Rubio” is the only option. It’s possible they move Ricky, but it’s going to be about what they can bring in.

      I think Shabazz, Adreian Payne and Tyus Jones could all be had. It’s going to be hard to move Gorgui Dieng because of how his new contract extension works under the cap.

      Keep in mind, it’s pretty rare that a team is trying to get a specific guy off the roster. It’s usually the other way. They want a specific player, and the cost is a roster player.

      For the Wolves, they want to get some hard-nosed veterans in. If that costs them Rubio, they’d look at it.

  8. Josh Meyer

    Do you see Thibs trading for a veteran in the near future?

    • Steve Kyler

      Scott Layden would be the one making the trade, but I get your point. Keep in mind Thibbs isn’t calling teams drumming up a deal. That’s Scott job. He just approves and gives direction.

      The Wolves are open to deals. This is not where they wanted to be, but at the same time, they are not in panic mode either.

      They’d like to add to the roster, so its about the market producing players that make sense for the Wolves.

  9. Josh Meyer

    How surprised have you been by Minnesota’s slow start?

    • Steve Kyler

      Maybe, but I also think the immediate belief the Wolves were a playoff team in the West was a little misplaced. This is still a very young team that’s never had to run a complex system like Thibbs runs. It takes time to get up to speed.

  10. John

    In resting his big 3 Leu said that the other players were NBA champions as well. But why do they play so much less? If he played them more he could rest his big 3 during these games, by letting them play less minutes. I think he doesn’t have the balls to do so, because LJ wants HIM to do so.

    • Steve Kyler

      Not sure where you are going with the question, but I can tell you most players have this view – if you are going to play me 20 minutes, play me 40 minutes. Less minutes is not rest.

      An off day is huge in terms of real rest and recovery. Players go through the same pre-game process where they play 10 minutes of 40 minutes, so the wear is still there even if you don’t play a bunch of game minutes.

      It’s easy to boil things down to the 48 game minutes, but there is a lot more than goes into a game – morning shootaround, pre-game, the game, and then post-game treatment. If you are designated off, you get to skip most of that.

  11. Kahl

    What are some legitimate moves the Raptors can make this season to maximize their chance at giving Cleveland a run in the ECF?

    • Steve Kyler

      Not sure we are there yet. I do know the Raptors are reluctant to shake up their core, so how can you really improve if the top 4 or 5 guys are off the table.

      They’ll be active, because they always are, but I wouldn’t put the Raptors into a bucket of having to make a trade.

      It’s easy to say the Cavs are the team there in May, but every team is an injury or two away from not being the team you think they are today.

  12. Daryl

    I asked Ben Dowsett this question, and he suggested I ask you for a more definitive answer. This might be common knowledge, but I’ve always wondered–since no team is guaranteed to make the playoffs, do player salaries just cover the regular season? If so, do playoff teams play the postseason for free? I remember reading each playoff team gets some kind of payment, the size of which I think is based on how far they advance. Is that payment equal to what players earn from their contracts, or is it just a little stipend and the playoffs are basically viewed as their own reward? If somebody is just in it for the money, it would seem missing the playoffs would be better for them financially, since you’d have to work less but get the same money. That can’t be right, but I thought maybe you could explain how it works. Thanks.

    • Steve Kyler

      Yes, a Player’s contract covers what he is paid for the regular season. There is separate pool of money called the Playoff Pool that’s paid to the teams in the postseason based on where they seed and how far they go.

      Last year’s pool looked like this:

      Accomplishment – Team – Amount
      Top Overall Record – Warriors – $432,632
      Best Record in Conference – Warriors/Cavaliers – $378,553 ea.
      Second-Best Record in Conference – Spurs/Raptors – $304,263 ea.
      Third Best Record in West – Thunder – $227,132
      Third Best Record in East (tie) – HEAT/Hawks/Celtics/Hornets – $56,783 ea.
      Fourth Best Record in West – Clippers – $178,501
      Fourth Best Record in East (tie) – HEAT/Hawks/Celtics/Hornets – $44,625 ea.
      Fifth Best Record in West – Blazers – $148,738
      Fifth Best Record in East (tie) – HEAT/Hawks/Celtics/Hornets – $37,185 ea.
      Sixth Best Record in West (tie) – Mavericks/Grizzlies – $50,724 ea.
      Sixth Best Record in East (tie) – HEAT/Hawks/Celtics/Hornets – $25,362 ea.
      First-Round Teams – Warriors/Spurs/Thunder/Clippers
      Houston Rockets/Cavaliers/Raptors
      Indiana Pacers/Detroit Pistons – $223,864 ea.
      Second-Round Teams – Warriors/Spurs/Thunder/Blazers
      Cavaliers/Raptors/HEAT/Hawks – $266,369 ea.
      Conference Finals – Warriors/Thunder/Cavaliers/Raptors – $440,173 ea.
      Finals Champion – Cavaliers – $2,656,422
      Finals Runner-Up – Warriors – $1,760,210
      Total – $15,000,000

      So, for the Warriors, it worked out like this:

      $432,632 – Top record
      $378,553 – Best conference record
      $223,864 – for the first round
      $266,369 – for the second round
      $440,173 – for the conference finals
      $1,760,210 – for the NBA Finals

      The team then decides how to disperse that, usually it is done in equal shares to not only the players but the coaches.

      The playoff pool is supposed to go up to $20 million this year.

  13. Brian Pham

    Hi Steve,

    I still don’t understand why Magic GM signed Channing Frye for 8M/year and traded away Ryan Anderson(Anderson signed 8+M/year with New Orleans after that)almost for nothing. Please explain…

    • Steve Kyler

      I can’t speak specifically for Rob Hennigan, you’d have to ask him but this is what I know.

      1st – When it was time to decide on Ryan, the team was in total rebuild mode and did not want any long-term money. A decision on Ryan had to be made before they’d made a decision on Dwight Howard. It was a timing issue and the Magic did not think Ryan fit where they wanted to go. We all knew Dwight was gone but the Magic did not know what was coming back at that point. It was also Rob’s first week on the job. Ryan’s deal was July 8, 2012. Dwight was traded August 11, 2012.

      2nd – On Channing, they were looking for a veteran facilitator. One of the things Channing brought was a great passing game and a veteran presence for the young guys. He was also on some of the most efficient offenses in basketball. They did an extensive study and believed he was the X factor everywhere he played.

      It is easy to run those situations together, but they were actually two seasons apart, Frye was signed July 7, 2014, which was Year 2 of the rebuild when they wanted to spend a little money.

  14. Brian Pham

    Hi Steve,

    Any chance Orlando makes any trade from now to the trade deadline to improve the offense? Any good scorer available out there?

    • Steve Kyler

      I think they would like to make some changes, but there just is not a market right now. Teams are sniffing around so maybe something surfaces but what the Magic have to offer might not return what they would to see come in. Watch the Rudy Gay and Arron Afflalo situations in Sacramento.

  15. SammyPwitDaDayOff!!

    Good Morning Mr.Kyler
    After watching my team the Orlando Magic play so inconsistently I can’t tell if it’s the bad lineups or they sincerely can’t score that bad. Not trying to sound harsh but sometimes I feel like I could beat ol Elfrid at a game of horse. What’s your opinion on it? Any rumblings of any specific player we maybe targeting in a trade to spice things up offensively? How do you think the situation could possibly be helped? Thanks for your time. Always good reading your chats

    • Steve Kyler

      I can assure you’d lose in that horse game. I watch him shoot, he’s a much better shooter than he looks in games because of the offense they run.

      I did a game film session for my little guy’s YMCA team, where I pulled games clips from different teams. One of them was Orlando. It is astounding how bad their offense is compared to some other teams. It was glaringly bad in a side to side comparison to say the Hornets, Raptors, Rockets, Warriors and Clippers.

      They have been active in looking at options, but like I just said there is not a market yet. Teams just got the new CBA terms sheet and are processing what that means going forward. There is a log jam of “almost” playoff teams, so not a lot of motivated sellers.

  16. Jayson D

    Would you say the smoothness of getting this CBA done means a lock out in the future with silver and Roberts is very very unlikely?

    • Steve Kyler

      I would say both sides approached this very differently than they did in the past and agreed that reaching a deal smoothly was in everyone best interest.

      The lockouts of the past had more to do with a contracting business than an expanding one.

      It’s like you and your employer. If every time you meet about your job, he was trying to take money away from you, it would be negative. In this situation, there was a lot more money to spend and everyone is getting some.

      We could get to a point where the economics change and things need to be dialed back, but as long as the bar goes up every year we can have labor peace.

      I think cooler heads were involved and I think the circumstances said making a deal early was better than fighting.

  17. Chris

    Hi Steve,

    Do you see any possible trade solutions for the Trailblazers? Crabbe, Leonard, Turner appear to have contracts that greatly exceed what their play makes them worth. Aminu and Davis seem like nice rotation players that aren’t going to move the needle. Plumlee will be a RFA this summer and seems like an excellent backup. It’s unclear how much Vonleh is worth. Obviously Dame isn’t leaving. McCollom has a low salary this year and a ginormous salary next year so I don’t what he can bring back now. That seems to leave Harkless as the only trade chip that could bring something of value back. What do you see happening as we get into trade season? What’s the best Portland could hope for?

    • Steve Kyler

      When the Blazers inked all the deals they did I had an agent tell me, most of those guys won;t be there next year. One of those guys was warned not to buy a house. So we’ll see how many pieces stay long-term.

      The other part was the Blazers had a good run last year and I think management wanted to see who could continue to trend up and maybe who wasn’t the long-term fit. Everyone I have talked to about trades believes Portland moves a guy or two, but who they move is going to be about the return.

      I think Portland gets in on Nerlens Noel, we’ll see what it takes to get something done.

      McCollum because of his extension is a tough deal to move. Crabbe can veto a trade. So it’s not an easy solution.

  18. Kyle

    It seems obvious to me that the Knicks need Rose. Do you think Jackson offers him an extension soon?

    • Steve Kyler

      Maybe, but I don’t think that’s smart until you see where you end up at the end of the season. Unless Rose is willing to do something on a cheaper side to stay. If you are paying that guy a max deal, why not wait and see if he can stay healthy for the post-season.

  19. Joe

    Cavs will likely save their trade assets to acquire a wing player given dunleavy’s and mcrae’s struggles over using them in a trade for a big or a point guard right? Aren’t the cavs more likely to just sign a big and pg that are FA’s given that their backup pg and 4th/5th big won’t play much in the post season anyway.

    • Steve Kyler

      They have no roster spots. If they cut Mo Williams and or Chris Andersen they eat the tax on those dollars and anyone they sign. The smart play is try and trade one of them into cap space for a pick or a young guy and then sign someone. The tax won’t stop them from making a move, but they are trying to avoid wasting resources if they can.

  20. Michal Gric

    Is it true about Tony Allen being on the trading block, if so, what kind of value could the Grizzlies expect?

    • Steve Kyler

      Not what was reported. Tillery reported teams calling about Tony and Grizz are listening. That’s very different than them calling around trying to move Tony.

      As for return? He makes about $5 million. That’s not enough to bring a serious player by himself.

  21. Brandon Payne-Brissette

    What teams doors have the Celtics been knocking on lately, as far as trades go?

    • Steve Kyler

      Have not seen Danny’s phone sheet, but I would imagine, like every team, you call everyone at least once in December.

  22. Jim

    The Pistons are struggling a bit right now. If you could make one trade for them what would it be?

    • Steve Kyler

      Not sure if a trade gets them focused on defense? Maybe that’s your Tony Allen move. Ship out Stanely Johnson get Tony Allen?

      I don’t have anything for you on the Pistons and trades, they are not a team I have heard anything about.

  23. TO

    Who needs to do what to end the 76ers Center fiasco? Yes, there is plenty of blame to go around, but it seems that team and Noel are both working to make things worse. Does Noel being a good soldier for a month playing 1-15 mins a game wherever he is asked and showing that he is healthy improve his value enough to make it easier for the team to move him? And what does Okafor have to do to generate enough return to move him? Don’t see a future with either in Philly.

    • Steve Kyler

      Nerlens needs to play. The longer he sits the less game film he has to justify what he wants this summer. So it is not in his best interest to not force the issue a little. His new agents and the 76ers are working on this.

      I think he’ll be moved, but what is playing out is the result of not addressing before the season started. I know they wanted to see that Joel and Jahlil were healthy, but this was something they saw coming.

      Guys… I am out of time. Thanks for all the questions. Make sure you are following me on Twitter (@stevekylerNBA). See you all next week.