NBA Rumors Chat With Steve Kyler 2/24/14

Basketball Insiders Publisher Steve Kyler will hold his weekly chat at 10:30am EST on Mondays. Drop in your questions regarding NBA trades, the NBA Draft, roster moves or questions about your team.

  1. @republicknicks

    Who will the Knicks sign for the 2 vacant spots

    • Steve Kyler

      Welcome in everyone. I hope the week has been good to you. Lots to get to so I will do my best to get to as many of them as I can, but before I get there let me first handle some business. If you did not buy our first Digital Magazine, we really need your support on the next one. We made the commitment not to run annoying or intrusive ads but the trade off was we needed you to buy our product. If you didn’t get what the Digital Magazine was all about — here is a FREE look at the entire issue. We have to pay our guys, no one is going to do the kind of work we do for free, nor should anyone expect them too. So either we run annoying ads or you support us by buying our products. Your support tells us what we should do, so take a look at the Deadline issue and make sure to buy the Draft issue when it is released in June. OK business out of the way. On to the chat…

      I don’t think they have that settled yet. There was talk of maybe adding Ike Diogu from the D-League, but my guess is they will wait and see what is there in terms of free agents and call ups. If the Knicks concede the season they are more likely to use them on young guys in the D-League and tie up their rights for summer. If they are going to try and prove to Carmelo that they want to win this year they may get after guys like Ben Gordon or Danny Granger if they get bought out.

      The first wave of buy-out guys start clearing this week, so we’ll see whats there. They need another point guard pretty badly.

  2. Deven

    Hey Steve. I’ve been participating in these chats for the past couple of years now not just with you, but with the other staff of Hoopsworld/Basketball Insiders and there’s one thing I’ve always wanted to know (I should asked this question a long time ago when I first heard about you guys): Why do we have to include our email in the chats?

    • Steve Kyler

      We really do not use that data for anything other than validation and spam filtering, its simply something thats part of the chat tool. On the back end of our tool we don;t see a lot of information, but this is a line we do, so when it looks like a bogus question its one of the things we can see before answering.

  3. Deven

    Steve. Don’t let anybody tell you that you guys aren’t fast enough when it comes to breaking news right away, like Woj of Yahoo! did on trade deadline day. You guys are still the best basketball website in the world!

    • Steve Kyler

      I don’t ever get caught up on that. We are really comfortable with who and what we are in the grand scheme of things. But thanks for the support and encouragement. Its appreciated.

  4. Deven

    Jason Collins finally found a team. Do you think he’ll make a big impact with the Nets?

    • Steve Kyler

      On the floor… No. He is a role player thats going to give them 10-15 minutes a night. Keep in mind he’s 35 and has not played in almost a year. I think he helps them off the bench, but he is not a game changer for them.

  5. Deven

    What made the Heat start Greg Oden, a guy who had been out of the league for 4 and half years? I was surprised by that move.

    • Steve Kyler

      I am not. They have been bringing Greg along slowly. They want him to get comfortable and confident for the post-season. They also need to see what he can really give them before they “lock the roster”. I would say this was more of a barometer game than anything permanent, at some point you have to see where he’s at.

  6. williams

    can kyrie irving sign a 1 year deal with another team in 2015 and if he does will the cavs match

    • Steve Kyler

      No… If the Cavs issue a maximum qualifying offer, then any offer sheet must be for at least three seasons. The Cavs would match that. Kyrie has the option of taking the Cavs one-year qualifying offer and hitting unrestricted free agency the following year.

  7. Kevin

    For the last week I have taken note of your twitter coverage, and was was very disappointed to see the lakers were pretty much the only team followed by your site. I know many of the other teams have twitter accounts to get news out about their franchises to their fans, so what will it take to get the new site here to actually cover ALL the NBA teams, rather than suck up only to the LA market?

    • Steve Kyler

      I would say thats not true… I would say we covered the Knicks more heavily than the Lakers last week. That said the Lakers dominated deadline day everywhere because they are the Lakers and they made attempts to make moves.

      As for covering all the teams, I think we do that better than anyone else out there. But if you think we’re “sucking up” to the Lakers, you can always choose not to come here.

  8. James

    Steve, I haven’t seen the terms on Big Baby’s release. Did the Magic save any cap room next year (not that I think they’ll use it this summer) or are they paying out the full guaranteed amount for next year? Also, they didn’t stretch it did they?

    • Steve Kyler

      No savings. No stretch, 100% cap hit next season at $6.6 million. They tried to find a trade partner and simply found no interest.

  9. Mark

    Hey, Steve,

    Who do you see chasing Beno Udrih after is is bought out and who might be the leading candidate to land him?

    • Steve Kyler

      The Spurs are the team I hear mentioned the most. I know Washington tried to sign him this summer, but with the arrival of Andre Miller that’s not nearly the pressing need it was.

  10. Bobbi joe

    What type of offers were the bucks turning down for Ersan ilyasova?

    • Steve Kyler

      I have not talked with them since the trade deadline, but we were told by a few people that moving Ersan was a non-starter mainly because of ownership.

  11. Deven

    When’s the new pick’em game coming out?

    • Steve Kyler

      Next season. Trying to roll out the game with all of the other stuff still in motion did not make a lot of sense.

  12. steppxxxz

    Two thoughts. One, officiating, which is a tedious topic…BUT….the bias toward offense and toward stars and glamour teams has become normalized and its shouldnt and it hurts the league. I dont personally know anyone who is a hoops fan who doesnt complain about the calls KD or harden or even LBJ and Dwight get. Can we please get Adam Silver on this. Second thought..or question. Recent article on this site about western conference contenders. I wonder about two teams..OKC and Houston. Everyone loves OKC and at their best they beat up mediocre teams. But scott brooks was outcoached yesterday by Doc. Clippers arent really a contender i dont think…but where was sefalosha at the end of that game.? Derek Fisher?? Seriously? And McHale in houston. Not a great coach for the playoffs. Houston isnt going to beat anyone with that D, and in the slowed down post season. Your thoughts?

    • Steve Kyler

      On the first topic… Adam Silver talked a lot at All-Star about transparency. He did it in his on the record talk, he did it again in his off the record talk with those of us in the Professional Basketball Writers Association. So being open and clear is an issue he feels strongly about.

      I am friendly with several NBA officials and I believe that there are two fundamental problems — the biggest is that the rules are subjective. Contact is not a foul. Its not. Despite what we all thought was a foul on the play ground, contact is only a foul in select situations or and this is the big gray area – when it impedes athletic progress. If you are Dwight Howard and you power to the basket, me touching you even aggressively is not technically a foul unless I somehow impeded your progress. If you are a 6′ guard thats going to be different than if you are a 7′ center. That is what drives us nuts is that not all contact is called the same way.

      Contact on the perimeter is almost always a foul, however contact in the paint is not – because the rules all but eliminate contact on the perimeter, but absolutely allow it in the paint.

      As for star players… they touch the ball more and they are much harder to guard. Those guys also end up being more crafty. No one baits you into bad contact quite like Kobe Bryant. I explain it this way. Star players get more calls, because the guy guarding them tend to have to foul them to keep up.

      Foul occur where the Refs eye balls are and Refs watch the actions of star player more, because there is more chance for a foul there.

      As for the OKC… stuff. I never get caught up in a regular season game. The Thunder are trying to work Russell Westbrook back into the process and I have no comment on Kevin McHale as a coach 🙂

  13. Mike

    Thoughts on Bryon Mullens value in Philly, will he go back to being a 10/6/2 guy like in CHA?

    • Steve Kyler

      Maybe. He may get a chance to log some big minutes there.

  14. Mike

    Any update on Nene injury and who do you think will be the beneficiary if he misses time? (I thought booker would have been but he didn’t see much time after the injury last night)

    • Steve Kyler

      No update. They were going to do some tests today we should hear something at some point.

  15. Mike

    With Tony Allen back, how do you think the situation plays out in MEM. Are we looking at a full blown timeshare with lee? Who would be the better person to own going forward?

    • Steve Kyler

      From a Fantasy point of view Courtney Lee he is more offensive oriented. I do think you’ll see some sharing of time. 60/40.

  16. Mike

    What’s your take on the Derrick Favors, he hasn’t played in almost 2 weeks and this hip injury has cost him additional time off throughout the year. Will he play again this season?

    • Steve Kyler

      I have not heard anything about Favs shutting it down. That said the Jazz are not playing for anything right now so why risk rushing the guy back.

  17. Jeff

    After the tepid trade deadline action, I didn’t think I’d be so excited about the buyout market. Assuming each of the following are bought out, who do you think the Spurs would be most interested in: Granger, Earl Clark, MWP? The Spurs struck out last year. They canned Stephen Jackson just before the playoffs and signed McGrady too late to help them. I’d be happy with Clark or MWP, the latter to bang on some potential adversaries in the playoffs, the former for his length and untapped potential.

    • Steve Kyler

      I am not sure the Spurs go after either three… I think Beno Udrih or Ben Gordon might fit best.

  18. Gustavo A Thomas

    Heat without Lebron beat Bulls. Maybe Ch Bulls front office can realize now they have nothing to do in playoff this year. In trade deadline they no trade for players to win, they no trade players to tank, they do exactly nothing.can you explain to me what is Ch Bulls plan right now. Thanks you.

    • Steve Kyler

      Not sure why there is a belief that the front office can do anything about the Bulls situation. There is not a guy in the locker room that cares about the draft and there is not a guy on the coaching staff that cares about the draft. They want to play hard and win.

      The Bulls don’t view themselves as a lottery team. They just don’t. They want to get guys experience and get Derrick Rose back next season and get after it.

  19. Anthony curry

    Hi Steve What is the chance of San Antonio signs either Danny Granger or Metta World Peace thanks

    • Steve Kyler

      I wouldn’t rule it out, but Danny has to agree to a buyout first and that has not happened.

  20. brandon

    Read a rumor the Magic might be interested in Luol Deng in the offseason. have you heard anything?

    • Steve Kyler

      The rumor came from Mitch Lawrence in New York… while I love Mitch as a writer in this case I can tell you thats not at all what the Magic thinking is.

      1st — Luol is a friend. I know him very well and I can tell you he’s not looking at the Magic this summer. He is going to look for his championship ring.

      2nd — The Magic are not going to be big free agent spenders. The next major contract Orlando offers will be to someone on the roster now. They may spend on some value priced veterans to fill in, but they are not going after a major player this summer. Their philosophy is sustainability. Grow talent, keep talent… not buy talent.

      Luo is not their guy.

  21. Larry

    Good morning Steve. I was pleased when Rich Cho decided to make a “small” trade and keep our assets intact. I see no problem with Ridnour fitting the ‘Cats locker room,they’re a tight group that want to win, but I know less about Gary Neal. Will he work to fit in and do you think he’ll work to be a good teammate or does he make Steve Clifford’s job more difficult. Thanks for your time.

    • Steve Kyler

      I think both players will fit better because they will win in Charlotte. Losing turns the best of guys toxic. Especially the way Milwaukee was losing.

  22. May

    Did the talks between the Rockets and Celtics regarding Rajon Rondo ever reach a serious level? Also, is there any truth to the rumor that Dwight Howard did not have interest in playing with Rondo because he is too much like Kobe? If so, that seems to come off a little like he is more interested in having his friend, Chandler Parsons on the team, than actually going after a title. Why would you turn away a four time All-Star, All-NBA defender, NBA champion, and two-time assist leader as a Big?

    • Steve Kyler

      I have not heard any of that about Rondo with regards to Dwight… as for how far the talks went. The Celtics did what you do when you are where they are in the standings – they listened. The Rockets absolutely wanted Rondo, but I am not sure it ever got to the point of being close. Simply deadline due diligence and shopping.

  23. NBA Fan

    What were your thoughts on the Granger/Turner/Allen trade? From my perspective, Granger was struggling to find any rhythm with the Pacers in the second unit. He seemed to have lost his mobility and explosiveness, rendering him as mostly just a three point shooter (and an inefficient one at that). Consequently, I cannot understand how some analysts have evaluated the trade as too risky. If Turner provides any boost off the bench it has to be a plus, right?

    • Steve Kyler

      I have two big concerns about the trade… Evan Turner can be problematic. He can be moody and emotional. If he checks his ego at the door and sees the big picture he could really help Indiana. As for Lavoy Allen, he is another big body, but he is going to have to amp up his work ethic to get minutes.

      As for Granger, word is he stopped working hard and I think that soured those in Indiana that had been so patient with his rehab. Danny has to work at keeping his knee right and when he lets up thats when things become a problem. I don’t think Indiana was willing to risk it given how close they might be to a Final run.

      I can not speak for other analysts. I can say that chemistry is sports is a rare and special thing and when you make changes or introduce so many new pieces — this makes three when you count Bynum — thats a lot of new people who need to buy in immediately and thats risky for a team that had something special going on.

  24. NBA Fan

    IF the Sixers buyout Granger, where do you think the most likely land spot is for him – Clippers, Spurs, Heat, etc. Also, if the Pacers did not think he could help them off the bench, why should another contender expect differently?

    • Steve Kyler

      I do not have a sense of it yet. I do know a number of teams have been doing due diligence on Danny so he’ll have plenty of options.

  25. Mutang

    Now that the TD is over, why wouldn’t Utah buy out RJ? He’s 100% gone this year, a playoff team I’m sure would pick him up, so that would save Utah money. Not only that, but RJ starting is totally keeping the Kanter/Fav frontcourt of the future on hold; we just dont know if it will work at this point (but oh it will!). So going into a stacked draft, I feel like even though Utah will take the bpa, we need to know how good our Core guys are and especially the frontcourt. Not only that, but it’s still holding back Jeremy Evans, and even Alec a bit. Not to mention Gobert…..So why not buy out RJ????

    • Steve Kyler

      Why buy him out? — unless he’ll leave money on the table there is nothing gained but giving away a player. The coaching staff determines the playing time not RJ. I wouldn’t simply write a guy a check to go play somewhere else, not after paying him all season. The only way I’d consider that is if it saved my team money.

      I am sure the subject has been broached. I just can’t see why RJ would leave cash on the table.

      Guys… I am out of time. Thanks for all the questions. Make sure you are following me on Twitter (@stevekylerNBA). See you all next week.